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Author Topic: O'Brien-Razi Family | Adoptables  (Read 358 times)

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The recently growing family of Maeve O'Brien and Jabari Razi have a few characters that need adopting. for the moment, many of them have names, ages, and FC's, but the rest will be up to the player.

To Adopt: Please PM Ashling O'Brien or Basil Razi.

Please note that more adoptable children will be added to this page as they become available in game. All ages are current as of the 1957-58Term.

The O'Brien-Razi Children:

Findlay - claimed
Age: 13
FC: Hansol Vernon Chwe
Notes: Elder of a set of twins, by 4 minutes. Name means "bright."

Kieran - claimed
Age: 13
FC: Hansol Vernon Chwe
Notes: Younger of a set of twins. Name means "Dark"

Age: 11
FC: Suzaka Nakamoto
Notes: Garnet was born near the end of the year, likely in November or December.

Age: 11
FC: Johnathan Ke Quan
Notes: Born approximately 9 months after Garnet. He is the only one of his family with a Chinese name out of respect for his grandmother on Jabari's side of the family. Use this as you see fit.

Age: 9
FC: Undetermined

Age: 8
FC: Undetermined

Orla - pending
Age: 6
FC: Undetermined
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