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Phoenix Starr

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Application for Hogwarts School


Name: Phoenix Starr

Birthday: 08.08.1940

Hometown: Cumbria, England


Magical Strength (pick one):
Conjuring & Summoning

Magical Weakness (pick one):

Year (pick two): Fifth/Fourth

Born in 1940 to Valkor and Phoebe Starr, Pheonix was the second of two daughters. Her half sister Fallon (born from Valkor Starr's first marriage) was different to Nix in several ways, she was a mean, bitter, selfish and most importantly, a squib born with no inheritance to their shared father's magical abilities whatsoever. The two sisters never saw eye to eye, and although Phoenix tried to put there differences aside for the families sake, it never lasted. As they grew older and Nix started to show her abilities her sisters envy grew bigger and her resentment grew like wildfire in her sisters eyes.

Nix and her family live in a small cottage between the thick forest in Cumbria nearby the Lake District. Phoenix loves her home, or rather the wildlife that surround it, often choosing to spend her free time there and use it as a means of escape when things with Fallon became too difficult. With Her Mother being a Nature Photographer and her Father, a Magizoologist they were often away working for their professions, visiting foreign countries in search of exciting new creatures and beasts to study. Unfortunately for Phoenix that often meant Aunt Augrey was there to belittle and embarrass in their place. 

When Nix was younger, she saw her fathers abilities as a curse. Something that made her different and because of it she was exiled and punished for it by her sister and aunt. But growing up surrounded by her own at Hogwarts she quickly became nothing short of fierce and confident - natures true wild child - She finally stood up to her sister last summer and now about to enter her fifth year at Hogwarts she is on her game and ready to swing a bat. Phoenix truly has become a force to be reckoned with and all those that cross her should beware.

Note: This section is optional, and is up to you to complete.

House Request: Gryffindor

Phoenix is Adventurous, back home she loves to swim in the lake, fish and climb trees. Much like her Mother, Nix likes to take photos and write stories, she also shares her Fathers keen interest in animals and creatures of all kind, But her favourite thing to do it to discover new things and meet new people.

Nix has developed fighter's spirit from her sisters bullying. she'll fight anyone. she'll fight you. she'll fight your dog. she'll fight even herself. if that doesn't interest you—which it should, by the way, or else Phoenix will seriously consider fighting you—then something must be very wrong.

But despite Nix's readiness to fight anything and anyone, she's still a good person!! like, she makes these amazing lemon cookies. and she'll go on adventures too (so as long as she's the leader, but hush hush!) and maybe if you're super duper incredibly nice, she might even.... maybe become.... your FRIEND!?!?

(and then you'll teach her how to finally cartwheel and then she'll be in your debt forever and we'll all live happily ever after)

She is slightly dramatic at times and she isn't the brightest, but her imagination and cheery outlook on life more than makes up for her lack of academia. She is foolhardy and boisterious and wants to do all the things, and a few broken bones aren’t going to stop her. not for long, at least, because when she got a leg cast she couldn’t do anything except whack people with her crutches. she will do things without thinking and say things without a care. consequences don’t exist when it comes to miss Starr (unless you’re a teacher or her mom, because those people scare her to bits.)

despite all these traits, Phoenix is glad to say she isn't mean or anything. in everything she does, she means well, and if you become her friend, you have a nuisance friend for life. c:

Appearance: Nix and the rest of the Starr's are a bit bohemian and wild looking but still very beautiful. Nix takes some pride in her appearance but is not overly groomed. A brush through the hair a few times a week is usually enough to suffice. She likes to be unique so she doesn't really tend to follow fashion in either the muggle or the wizarding world. She is a bit of a hippy/free spirit type of girl.

Nix and the rest of the Starr's are a bit bohemian and wild looking but still very beautiful. Nix takes some pride in her appearance but is not overly groomed. She has her mothers eyes which are a light shade of emerald and distinctive.

Note: This section is only for students who have been previously played at Hogwarts. Please see here for more information about Castle Dropouts levels/how many levels you are eligible to claim.

Link to your last levels request (if you never posted one, link to your last accepted student application): Application

Number of New Levels Requested: +6

New Levels Request:C5D2T3S5

How your character kept up with their studies: Phoenix continued her studies at Hogwarts. Although she has struggled academically more than most students she has put in extra time at the library to study and keep up with her grades so she did not fall behind.

You come across one of these posts on the site. Please select one & reply as your character. Remember, you can only roleplay your own character's actions, not Evangeline's or Hugh's.

Option I:

Phoenix was brave and she wanted to prove that to her new housemates. The dungeons at first didn't seem all that scary to Nix, but that changed once she was informed at the sorting ceremony that a girls ghost hung around down there. Firstly, what sort of school let people die? (Perhaps her sister was better of as she was), and secondly, why was she even hanging around the dungeons of all places? There were so much nicer places in the castle, if she was a ghost she would haunt the grounds or the rooftops or somewhere more scenic than somewhere made of cold bricks. It smelt like rancid old farts down there for Marlins sake!

Silly ghost.

She walked slow, one foot before the next, her hands clenched into two tight fists at her side, ready to pounce. Before long another shadow appeared at the end of the corridor. Was this the ghost girl she had been told about?

It called out a name and her hands shot up before her face. Emma Birch? Was that the girls name?

"Come out Birch!! I'm ready for yah!" She called running fast down the hall arms swinging before crashing into another student.

It appeared she was not the only student that had been sent on a wild ghost chase.

"Im so sorry. I thought you was the ghost girl!"


Please list any characters you have  on the site (current and previous):

How did you find us?:
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Hi, Phoenix, welcome back!

Your application looks great -- I just wanted to let you know that you're actually entitled to 8 levels, not 6 like you requested (2 per term for 1951-52, 52-53, 53-54, and 54-55). You also only added 5 levels, instead of 6, to your original requested levels.

Your current levels are C2D2T2S4, and you can add the extra 8 levels anywhere you like, as long as they remain balanced (lowest level at least half of highest level). Feel free to message me if you have any questions about this!

No need to repost your whole application, if you could just post below with your requested levels for the new term, we can get you accepted ASAP.

(Your app title is still listed as a WIP -- it looks complete to me now, but if that's not the case and you are still working on it, please let me know! You'll need to repost your complete application below when you finish it.)
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Phoenix Starr

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Thank you. I did realize after I sent the application that I could claim 8 and thought I would be able to edit hence the WIP, but if you thinks its good as it is then I'm happy with the rest :)

Requested Levels: C6D3T4S5
I burst into flames

but I rise from the ashes