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Author Topic: The Aetherius || Shop Permit  (Read 165 times)

Tessa Anderssen

    (12/09/2018 at 12:44)
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Shop name: The Aetherius
Shop Type: Pagan witchcraft shop/Psychic centre + PI Office
Location: Diagon Alley
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Short Description (50 words max): The leading supplier of tarot cards, herbs, crystals, and all the materials needed for traditional witchcraft. The top floor doubles as a place for psychic readings, and a PI office.
Long Description (200 words min): The Aetherius is situated roughly along the middle of Diagon Alley, set between two other shops. The building is tall and thin, extending several metres above the other shops in Diagon Alley, with multiple windows set in the white-washed façade. An aluminium pentacle hangs between the two sloping sides of the gable, at the very top of the building's façade.

A perpetually-burning bushel of white sage hangs over the entrance,  and cleanses any entering witch or wizard. The interior itself is well-lit; the exposed brick walls and high white-painted ceilings bounce the sunlight around the space and create a bright, welcoming interior. The floor is in a state of organised chaos, with numerous surfaces placed haphazardly around the space and covered in items. There is a corner dedicated to crystals of all colours, shapes and sizes; one wall is completely covered in various dreamcatchers and other spiritual symbols. Different decks of tarot cards find their home on a bookshelf in the corner, and in front of the window lies a display case full of bushels of herbs. But this is only a sliver of the items that The Aetherius stocks.

At the very back of the room, a wrought-iron spiral staircase ascends to the top floor of the building, where the floor is curiously empty, save for a rectangular table with several sets of chairs. This room is dimly lit, and a single oil burner distributes the scent of peppermint around the room. This is where Tessa conducts her medium-sessions; where she communes with spirits and reads tarot, amongst other services someone might require.

A small office is set off to the side, partitioned off by a set of wooden panels, and this space serves as Tessa's office-- the place where she keeps files on her cases and findings. Anyone who has not been given permission by Tessa to enter will not be able to find the entrance.

What purpose will this shop serve other than selling things and being the home of your character? Why would people want to RP there just for fun?

When I conceptualised the Aetherius, I wanted to provide a place where traditional/ritual witchcraft supplies could be bought as no such place existed on the site as of yet. I also conceptualised the shop as a place where Tessa could conduct various psychic readings and continue her work as a PI, opening the avenue for thread opportunities.

I think the shop might be a fun place for characters to get lost in, especially if they're into ritualistic witchcraft, and I'd love to explore this avenue of magic more with other characters. The Social Reconstruction Committee and/or Hogwarts Students might find worth in the apprenticeships that Tessa's willing to offer; and there will most likely be a close line of communication between the Auror Department at the Ministry of Magic and Tessa (given her PI work).
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* Calypso Ross

    (14/09/2018 at 14:16)
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