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Author Topic: hot to the touch — the outcasts  (Read 534 times)

Sébastien Lesauvage

    (28/08/2018 at 14:39)
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A group of pariahs forced together by circumstance, more than real friendship. The world turned their backs on them, and they couldn’t care less. Been a tightly-knit circle since Sébastien brought them all together during their fifth year. Like to pretend they're all just using each other, though they care a lot more than they let on. Since graduation, they've all gone their separate paths, but not once did it cross their minds to drift apart.

So what? It doesn't mean anything.

ok so while their ages are set (since they were all slytherins and in the same year) names, fcs, etc, are subject to change—just run it by me first! please only ask to play one of them if you've been on hoggies for at least 1 term. if you're interested in any of these chars, or want to add an existing one to the group, send a pm to sébastien lesauvage.

sébastien lesauvage
kyle mobus. pureblood. taken.

youngest of the lesauvage brothers. forgotten and resentful because of it. finally moved out of the family home following his graduation. loving the freedom.

julius tennison
charles de vilmorin. halfblood. open.

the result of an unsavoury affair between a reputable pureblood and a muggle man. couldn't care less about the circumstances of his birth, never fails to hold his head high.

abel rojas
alvaro puyol. pureblood. open.

bit a brat, to be honest. prone to violent outbursts, definitely needs to learn to control his temper. would fight for his friends with his life, but don't tell them that.

tristan mayes
eliott margueron. muggleborn. open.

Mocked for his blood status, before Séb and his group took him under their wing. Why? Well, Séb says it was only to piss his prejudiced parents off.
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trading our worn out hearts now for

colder parts
will we end up dancing alone?