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A proud family from the first nation of free slaves, the Belizaire family flourishes best by blending the many strengths of their diverse roots. It is in their native Haiti that they drew deeply from those roots and rose tall, growing in influence and wealth but not arrogance or sin.

Within their circle of influence, the matrilineal line is paramount, and above that the family of the Mambo. Upon the occasion of marriage, sons of outside families adopt the Belizaire name of their wife whilst sons of Belizaire blood pass the name to their children. In this way the Belizaire female line is preserved and the tradition of the Mambo is strengthened both in blood and in name.

The Belizaire do not ascribe to those fears of ‘dilution’ or ‘purity’ of magical blood. For the Great Creator made all and is therefore in degrees divine. And so it has been passed down in the generations, that just as the Mother created the world and guides her children and her creation, so does the Mambo for her fanmi in all its relation and descent.

san yo pa dwe kite
spoiled blood must be let


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— You may request to play an unlisted Belizaire.
— They may be born in Haiti, England, or France.
— They mainly speak Haitian Creole/French and/or English.
— They all adopt the Vodou faith, though their strength
    and dedication to this may slightly vary. 

— If changing a listed character's FC, ask beforehand.
— A list of faceclaim suggestions are available.
— Faceclaims MUST be of the African diaspora.

— Always PM Séverine Belizaire when interested in playing
    a Belizaire family member, no matter who it is.
— To ensure you are active, we kindly request that you've been on hs.net for at least one ooc year before asking to play anyone from the ruling matriarchal line.

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Those in the matriarchal line hold the highest positions of power and influence within the family, but one must remember that with power comes great responsibility. They help to assist the Mambo in protecting the family as well as their Vodou faith, and the adults often dedicate their time to being mentors and teachers to the younger generation that too must learn the faith, their traditions, and their trade to ensure the family's survival.

Onyeka Adiya Belizaire is the Matriarch and Mambo of the Belizaire family. She is in her mid-fifties and resides in a large wooden cottage hand built by her late husband in the forests of Somerset, not far from the family temple.

She is stern but fair and a devout pacifist. Loves nature.

FC: Eartha Kitt. NPC.


Named after the native bird of Haiti, Trogon Cottage is situated on the outskirts of the forest that houses the Belizaire Temple, allowing the mambo's first born and her family to carry out their duties with ease.

Inhabitants:   ESPÉRANCE NADIYO (mother)
                          Francillion Anodi (Father)
                          Pharah Ophazi
                          Toussaint Laurent
                          Victoire Ezne Belizaire
                          Lilou FRANCESKA

                          A BAT (VICTOIRE)
                          2 GOATS (LILOU)

Espérance Nadiyo, 38, first in line

Espérance is first in line to become the family mambo and is highly praised by the community. Her intuition is impressive as well as her generosity, often making her the light their family turns to in times of darkness. She feels most herself when surrounded by nature and carries with her an exceptional moral compass.

FC: Yasmin Warsame. NPC.
Francillion Anodi, 41

Francillion (nee. Ironsi) is Espérance's husband and is a humble herbologist and specialise in the cultivation of crops. He was born in Nigeria and is quiet, introspective, and his wife’s greatest supporter as well as a devoted father figure to his own children as well as their cousins. He is happiest at home working the fields and forests, often sending relatives to sell their crops in near by markets.

FC: Ger Duany. NPC.
Pharah Ophazi, age 14

Pharah is a Slytherin at Hogwarts and second in line, behind her Mother Espérance, to become Mambo. Like her mother, she has an exceptional moral compass, but often follows her head valuing logic and rationale rather than her heart. Her greatest fear is not being able to fill the shoes and continue the legacy her mother will leave behind.

FC: Riley Montana. Reserved.
Toussaint Laurent, age 12

Toussaint is a Gryffindor at Hogwarts School and Espérance’s oldest son. He is closest to his cousin Cupidot and spends more time at his aunt Séverine’s home than his own. This resulted in a proud little boy with great ambition, but also encouraged a more devious, selfish side to him which morally conflicts him. He has several thread snakes as pets, all named after flowers.

FC: Adonis Bosso. Taken.
Victoire Eznet, age 9

Victoire is third in line behind her mother and older sister. She exhibits her mother's best traits, her generosity in particular, and she isn't concerned about becoming the family mambo. She knows she can preserve and protect their faith and family without a position of power. She will be a Ravenclaw at Hogwarts, and often finds herself coming home with injured animals she nurses back to health.

FC: Tami Williams. Open.
Lilou Franceska, age 7

Lilou is fourth in line and very aware of the fact she'll never get to be or do the things her mother and grandmother can - at least to the same extent. She is mischievous and envious of how people linger on their every word, and at the moment romantices the position as if it's comparable to that of princesses in fairytales. She will be a Slytherin and in her free time likes to practice traditional dance.

FC: Malaika Firth. Open.


Situated near Watchet, Somerset, Hemlock House sits on a river within a town and consists of three floors - each of course charmed to appear larger - and one of being solely utilised for Séverine's work in potioneering and expertise in poisons.

Inhabitants:   Séverine Victoire (Mother)
                          Cupidot Thierry
                          Juliette Fabienne
                          Lovelie Zaïre
                          Bebe Mercidieu

 Family Pets:   Rhino Iguana (Séverine)
                         Stick Insect (Cupidot)

Séverine Victoire, 36, fifth in line

Séverine is a fiercely independant woman that is known for her scathing stare and quick tongue. She particularly enjoys playing devil's advocate to irritate her older sister. She is a devoted and loving mother, and despite also being somewhat of a romantic she is yet to find a man worthy of being called husband due to high standards and the upmost respect for her family and culture. She is a master potioneer and specialises in rare poisons, often being employed by law enforcement.

FC: Naomi Campbell. Taken.
Cupidot Thierry, Age 11

Cupidot is a Slytherin at Hogwarts school and is Séverine's oldest child. Much to everyone's dismay, he takes after his mother a little too much. He is fiercely independant and outspoken, and he often butts heads with his family, including his mother, which results in a slap across the skull. He has inherited his family's talent for potions and possesses a particular interest in entimology.

FC: Daje Badour. Taken.
Juliette Fabienne, age 10

Juliette is Séverine's oldest daughter. She's ultra competitive with her eldest brother and regularly fights others on the best way to accomplish things. She always sides with her mother and is incredibly judgmental. Her handwriting is  incredibly neat and she keeps her belongings tidy and precise. Many people find her to be difficult to be around, except for those with the most backbone to withstand her prickly side. She will be a Slytherin at Hogwarts.

FC: Jourdan Dunn. Open.
Lovelie Zaïre, age 8

Lovelie is incredibly sarcastic and sharp tongued, often bickering with her two eldest siblings. Once she begins talking, she can dicatate for hours on her opinions, much to the annoyance of her family members. She takes on a usually frank tone which lacks any pretention to grace or tact. She collecting wildflowers and pressing them in notebooks. Her bedroom wall is filled with frames of her favorites. She will be a Slytherin at Hogwarts.

FC: Aya Jones. Reserved.
Bebe Mercidieu, age 2

Aside from her rhinosaurus iguana, little Bebe is his mother's pride and joy. He is a happy toddler, and finds particular amusement in watching his siblings get smacked up the head whenever they step out of line. He will grow to be a gentle giant and will be sorted into Hufflepuff at Hogwarts.

FC: Undecided. Closed.


Situated near Bridgwater, Somerset, Mercidieu Jr. and his family live in an apartment that he personally converted into 2 floors. He is the furthest from their mother, the mambo, wanting to achieve great personal success without abandoning family responsibilities.

Inhabitants:   Mercidieu Jr.  (Father)
                          Jozamine Éloise (Mother)
                          Vilsaint Claude
                          Dieubelle Serès

 Family Pets:   Ashy-Faced Owl (family)

Mercidieu Junior, 35, Cursebreaker

Growing up, Mercidieu and his dominant personality was often at odds with his father until his untimely death, as a result of a Vodou curse, when Mercidieu was just 15. This is what inspired his career in curses and cursebreaking. Despite the matriarchal hierarchy of his family, Mercidieu was generally flippant towards many of the women in his life until his mother put down her foot – struggling even then to assert himself. He is gregarious, loves attention, and taking the lead. He was (at least for a time, perhaps still) a womanzier.

FC: Tyson Beckford. Open.
Jozamine Éloise, 33, Nurse

Jozamine met Mercidieu working as a nurse for a cursed patient at St. Mungos, and has since remained one of the only women to command his attention and respect with little effort. Despite wholeheartedly converting to Vodou, she remains the one in law yet to gain the respect of the Mambo. Jozamine can be as cruel as she is loving, with how she treats others being almost solely dependant on how people treat her.

Suggested FC: Antonia Thomas. Open.
Vilsaint Claude, age 12

Vilsaint is the oldest of Mercidieu's two children and the apple of his eye, however Vilsaint is silently resentful of his father's attention and expectations. He embraces the influence the Belizaire women, and has grown into an empathetic boy that cherishes every moment he gets with his grandmother. It is with her he is gaining a particularly impressive talent in cooking. He is a Ravenclaw at Hogwarts.

FC: Reece King. Open.
Dieubelle Serès, age 9

Little Dieubelle, despite being so small, has an abnormal abundance of energy. With her brother away at Hogwarts most of the year, she can often be found with her cousins during the day whilst their parents are at work, climbing trees and trying to escape from familial duties. She will be a Gryffindor at Hogwarts.

FC: Melodie Monrose. Open.

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