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Having a hard time getting into old account then having a hard time registering


HSNet Guest:
Hi there!

My name is Elisabeth aka Liz and I've been an on-again, off-again RP-er here under many aliases, most recently Marnie Ennes, Aea Mullins, Edith McCullough, et al.  Part of the problem is that when I try to log in under ANY of my old accounts, it tells me I cannot log into a sub-account.  Then I tried to log into one I thought *might* be the parent and it told me the account had been deleted.

So I tried to register a brand new account, start afresh and all that jazz, and it's asking for a secret phrase.  I've combed through everything and see no mention of a secret phrase.  I know that was something that was done in the past but is it something you guys are still doing?  Obviously people are finding it if they are registering it, either that or the registration page hates me... possible with my luck, lol.

I'd like to start a new account, just be rid of the old one as I think the parent was deleted and I don't want to have someone try to sort that mess out.  I do plan to purchase a subscription plan to support the site.

Sooo... can someone help me out with this confusing stuff?  And please tell me I'm just blind and this secret phrase thing isn't the site out to confuse and befuddle me, lol. 

Thanks bunches!
Elisabeth aka Liz

Marina Lamont:
Hi Liz,

You'll find the secret phrase by reading through the registration agreement on the page preceding the one where you enter your account details. Once you have a new account set up, you can also submit a helpdesk ticket and we'll be happy to help you recover your old account!

Hope this helps!

Suki Kaboyashi:
Ha!  So it turns out that I AM blind!  I read through that but it must not have registered in my brain because I hadn't come up with my username yet.

Thank you very, very much for your help.  It is most appreciated!


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