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Evangeline Arlina

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E L S E W H E R E   C H I L D

Character Name: Evangeline Arlina, goes by Eva

Gender: Female

Age: 10


Parents/Guardians (Are they currently played characters?): 
Amira and Lucas Arlina


Do you plan to have a connection to a particular existing place (for example: the daycare)?
Hogsmeade Children's Home

Do you wish to be approved as a group with any other characters? If so who and for what IC reason?

Please list any other characters you already have at the site:
I used to play Caly O'Hara and co, but I lost access to the account.

Biography: (100 words minimum.)
Eva grew up in a family that was torn apart by cruel circumstance. Her mother was ripped away moments after she was born, and her father blamed her for it, but he didn't abuse her, no. He provided for her needs, but there was no sense of fatherly love. She grew up under the watchful eye of her nanny, a woman named Alison Barker. Alison was a witch, so when Eva began to display her magical tendencies at the age of 1, it was no surprise. The first piece of magic Eva performed was summoning her favourite soft toy, after it being placed somewhere where she couldn't reach.

She didn't inform Lucas but instead raising Eva with love and affection, knowing that she was a witch. Alison brought Eva to trips to Diagon Alley, Hogsmeade and more wizarding places. Eva began to integrate into the wizarding world from a young age and grew up with magic books and magical things. It continued like this until one fateful day. Eva was returning home with Alison when she saw her house that she resided in engulfed in flames.

The four-year-old her cried with sorrow as her father's corpse was discovered. She was bright for her age, and as she saw her father lifeless eyes, she knew what was going on. Despite not being close to her father, he was still her father. She didn't have any more living relatives that they know of, so Alison brought her to Hogsmeade Children's Home.

Alison still visits her on a daily basis, and they were still as close as before. Now 10, Eva glanced at the castle with eager eyes, ready to start her magical adventure.

Reply as your character to the following:

Godric Park.

Overhead, the sky was a crisp blue, for once clear of the ever-pervasive spongy clouds and rain. The sun was a lemony-yellow presence, high in the Eastern sky, and in front of it zipped three broomsticks in a straight line, or something very like one. One... two..... three... the boys passed, their shouts of excitement echoing as they chased the snitch, a tiny shimmer reflecting the sunlight.

Far below was another, much smaller broomstick.

It trugged along the ground, hugging close to it like a sluggish choo choo train and occasionally shuttering in protest. This was because said stick was currently being occupied by a very small girl who was tugging upward on the front of it with all her might, trying to coax it into doing what it had been expressly designed NOT to do.

"John, I said wait up!" The tiny girl squealed, giving the broomstick another tug.

Begrudgingly, it drifted upward a foot, and then sank, depositing the troublesome girl safely on the ground. Janey Hurst was not pleased. In a huff, she hopped off the toy safety broom, grabbing it firmly and thrusting it handle first into the turf.

Her brother was such a beast. He NEVER let her play! She folded her arms, seething blue eyes fixing on another figure nearby.  "You!" She barked, much more sharply than she meant to.

"...Do you want to play?"

Roleplay Response:
'Hogwarts: A History', was clutched tightly between her hands as her eyes skimmed over and over the same paragraph once more. Giving up, she snapped the book shut in annoyance. Leaning on the thick trunk of the spreading oak tree behind her, she slipped the thick volume into her satchel. The simple ponytail seemingly blended into the oak trunk, with the shade almost the same. Her dark green orbs surveyed the sky with curiosity, seeing the easy ease of the older boys zipping through the sky.

The speckle of gold glittered in the sky, sunlight reflecting from it at every angle. She followed the speck of gold, losing it and occasionally spotting it once more. She wondered how it would be, on a broom, so high in a sky, chasing a small, magic ball? She didn't want to be a Seeker, though. Eva rather be a Beater. Which person wouldn't like to take out their anger on a larger metal ball, trying to hit people with it, while still following the rules?

The cry of a small girl, a few years younger than her, dragging a small broom and waving her fist around. A light chuckle and a raised on an eyebrow, Eva reluctantly pushed herself off the ground. She better head back to the Home, perhaps Ali would be there to visit her. If not, she could always visit a bookshop or something.

Her satchel once more over her shoulder, Eva began moving towards the exit. However, the cry of the girl once more rang in her ears, and she spun around. Was the girl asking her to... play? She never really had any friends, and a chance to play was definitely tempting. Weighing the pros and cons of the situations, Eva beamed, bouncing on the balls of her feet excitedly.

"Sure! What do you wanna play?" Eva cocked her head to one side, her brows furrowed in deep thought. "Oh! What about hide and seek?"

How did you find us? magic (I missed you guys!!!!!)

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Welcome back! Accepted!

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