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Author Topic: The Archer Family  (Read 717 times)

Tiana Archer

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Hello all, new character but old user here. Tiana has two lovable brothers that are younger than her. PM me with any questions or if one of them tickles your fancy. Also will their parents as well.


Family Comes First

The Archers are a small pureblood family that resides in a muggle community in East Essex. Known by most other pureblood families as blood traitors, the family has a fondness for muggles, and aren't above interacting with those that have found out that their children are muggleborn witches/wizards. Though they aren't wealthy, the Archers find that the love of ones family is all the riches that a person needs.


David Archer
27 December 1907 | FC: Michael Jai White | Hufflepuff | Healer | Pureblood | Age 46

Head Honcho of the family. Growing up, Dave was a kid who rarely ever got what he wanted, but always had what he needed. He is known as nothing less than a hardworking individual, who's kindness knows no bounds. The gentle giant lives his dream as healer at St. Mungo's (the department he's part of is up for the adopter to choose.)

Loretta Archer
 8 February 1908 | FC: Erika Alexander | Slytherin | Age 45 | Accidental Magic Reversal Squad | Pureblood

  The Family's bread, and butter (or 'my sweet roll' as Dave always calls her). Well known for her elegance, and immense problem solving skills, Lo has always taken pleasure in being a wondrous site to behold when magic goes awry. She has a tendency of saying things out of line at times, a trait she has passed to her youngest son.

Branden Archer
12 November, 1935 | FC: Trevor Jackson | Homeschooled | Squib | Designer | Age 18

The Archer's most precious squiby, a word he absolutely hates. Branden -or Brando as he also likes to be called after his favorite muggle actor's name, is the middle child in the Archer family. Growing up in a family of witches and wizards led to a sort of disappointing childhood for him, never receiving a Hogwarts letter like her older sister, never to experience his own exploits there and tell stories like her sister. This burden of his was explained to his parents who laughed. They told Brandon that because of who he was, it made him the most unique out of all of his family, for he could completely immerse himself in both the muggle and wizarding world with no risk of exposing magic. Brandon was the only one in his family to attend an muggle school when he would've been attending Hogwarts, it was after his first year at a muggle school that he developed an unconditional love for fashion. From the complexity of elegant dresses to the sharp attire of real gentlemen, he loved it all. It is because of this love, Brandon can be a little materialistic, losing his temper over his little brother changing the color of his designer hat he got for Christmas. Brandon's life ambition is to become a power house designer, making only the best clothes for the classiest of tastes, be it for magical, or muggle folk.

Samuel Archer
7 August, 1942 | FC: Alex Hibbert | house: adopters choice | Age 12 | Pureblood

 The family loud-mouth precious gift from above. Sammy is the youngest out of Tia's immediate family, and it's because of this that the Archers spoil him (with the exception of his brother). He can be a sweet boy, yes, but when he has a tantrum it can get very explosive. When Sammy was 8 he discovered he could be a wizard when he tricked his brother by changing the color of his favorite hat so he wouldn't be able to find it -kind of by accident but Sammy was looking for any way to mess with his brother so accident had a silver lining. Even though he can be a brat at times, Sammy can be kind and considerate at times, picking flowers for his mother or Tia, his older sister, at sporadic moments. They'll sometimes have weeds in them because he usually can't tell the difference. Samuel currently is now a second year at Hogwarts with his his friend Raj, who he basically sees as his twin brother. Samuel's dream job is to one day be a player for a professional Quidditch team.

rules for adoptions

Because this is Tiana's immediate family, I would prefer that anyone interested in adopting a character to be active on the site for at least 1 IC term (3 months OOC). If you have an idea for aunts, uncles, or cousins please don't hesitate to PM Tiana with the details (or Peter if you feel like it)

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