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Claudie Locksley

    (22/10/2017 at 21:38)
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You must have applied as an Elsewhere character before completing this permit.

Shop name: The Yellow Door
Shop Type: Cafe/Bakery
Location: Hogsmeade
Subforum? Unfortunately, no!

Short Description (50 words max): Charmingly snuggled in the middle of Hogsmeade village, The Yellow Door is a local favourite. A cozy building that greets every customer like a warm hug. Serving homemade goodies, sandwiches, and soup. A dozen pots of coffee and different teas constantly brew behind the counter, filling the air with a delicious scent. Welcome to your home away from home!
Long Description (200 words min): The second child and home to Mrs. Agatha Lane Locksley*, The Yellow Door is the perfect place for villagers and visitors to come for a tasty bite to eat and a hot cup of something. Upon entering the deceivingly small cottage with its signature sunflower yellow door, guests are shocked to find a large tea room awaiting them. White-painted woods and sunny patterns cover the interior of the cafe. Small pots of various yellow and white flowers adorn each table. Books line shelves along most walls, free for anyone to enjoy if they so desire. The entire environment is homey and comforting. Agatha has run the cafe for the last twenty-two years of her life. She is often seen chatting with regular customers, small fluffs of flour always appearing on her hands. Many wonder why the baking tastes so delicious. The secret is the love and work Agatha, a quiet Squib, puts into every handmade item. She spends hours tirelessly putting treats together - though she operates with a charmed oven that makes the baking time significantly shorter. Her daughter, Claudie, has manned the front desk and most of the shop since she was seven-years-old. There isn't a tea or coffee bean that Claudie isn't an expert on pairing with a specific delicacy. She can be found reading one of her many novels at the front counter, or intently listening to anyone who needs a friendly ear. Guests can enjoy a range of sandwiches - the most popular being a chicken Caesar club on soft pretzel - with a delicious homemade soup. Or, for lighter meetings, deliciously gigantic scones are paired with clotted cream, jam, and a steaming cup of hot tea.

What purpose will this shop serve other than selling things and being the home of your character? Why would people want to RP there just for fun? It's a cafe in Hogsmeade, which would provide a great spot for any gossiping students, first-date couples, or old friends meeting up for a quick lunch!

* Calypso Ross

    (12/11/2017 at 14:50)
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Accepted! Added to the shop roster and the Hogsmeade marketplace directory!

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