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Pax Fellwater

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HI GUYS! I have a whole heap of cousins for my local Rav allstar, Pax, and he would really like some of them to join him for antics at the castle! Unfortunately, I am not a coding person, so I have THIS LINK TO A PADLET of Pax's close family for FC and visual references. Down below, I've just listed the cousins that are available for adoption with some relevant information on them. PM me if you are interested in taking one of these babies!

FIRST: A little history on the Fellwaters just for your reference.

Orion and Clementine Fellwater (Pax's grandparents) had four daughters: Magda, Diane, Sheila, and Fiona (Pax's mom) who are all very close. Orion died years ago, leaving Clementine the iron-fisted matriarch over her brood of daughters and their families. Magda married a wizard named Atlas Nettlebed who she later divorced. Diane married a muggle farmer named Henry Foxe. Magda and Fiona lived on the Foxe farm during the worst of the war, but Sheila and her family remained in London, though they visited often. Shiela married into an old pureblood family, and is less "accepted" into the clan as the rest.

Also, all FCs and personal character details are soft and free to be changed.

Come take a look at the charries and maybe you can be the one to give them a forever home!

Maia Nettlebed
Kind. Nuturing. Nosy
Suggested FC: Alana Champion

The eldest of four sisters, Maia exemplifies responsibility and family values. She is growing to be the glue that keeps the family close together. Looks up to Valerie and is looked up to by the rest.
Claimed (Willa)

Vega Nettlebed
Dependable. Loyal. Stubborn
Suggested FC: Abby Bush

The steadfast right-hand to her sister, Vega understands and is unafraid of a little hard work. Always trying to impress the ones she cares about, from family to crushes to favorite teachers, she is amenable to almost everyone, but cross her and its hard to come off her list.
Claimed (Caly)

Nashira Nettlebed
Tough. Tomboy. Gobstones Enthusiast
Suggested FC: Clare Crawford

When you're in the middle of a bunch of sisters, you have to learn you're never going to get the attention you want. Nashira has figured exactly who she is and how to make herself happy. Feels like a black sheep among her cousins.
Claimed (Rina)

Rana Nettlebed
Timid. Introspective. Ditsy
Suggested FC: Lilliana Ketchman

With so many sisters to take care of everything for her, Rana has little need of responsbility...or opinions. She tends to go with the flow and gets along with mostly everyone, mainly because any kind of cruelty is lost on her. She and Pax are close.
Claimed (Calypso O'Hara)

Alba Foxe
Tenacious. Resourceful. Pushy
Suggested FC: Charlotte Lawrence

Claimed (Gwen)

Artemis Foxe
Smart. Patient. Destructive
Suggested FC: Peyton List

Claimed (Syl)

Apollo Foxe
Quiet. Creative. Tactile
Suggested FC: Spencer List

Claimed (Cait)

Valerie Oldacre
Ethereal. Mercurial. Selfish
Suggested FC: Mckenna Hellam

The eldest of the Cousins, Valerie is a young adult and her own person. She's a contrarian by nature, likes odd artsy things, and tends to grow bored with the social ties of her family. She is close with her cousin Maia, though.
Claimed (Milla)

Daniel Oldacre
Ambitious. Elitist. Resourceful
Suggested FC: Ben Reichert

Claimed (Shay)

Bethany Oldacre
Delicate. Bookish. Observant
Suggested FC: Liliya

Beth is a loner. While she doesn't mind people, she just can't seem to relate to them. She feels like she was born too late to share the bond her older siblings do, but she's okay with that.
Claimed (Effy)
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