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The Jakandes are a wealthy family of Purebloods, thriving in upstate New York. They are new money, descended from escaped slaves who fled North. Gahiji Jakande, a member of the family's first free generation, was a renowned potion maker who sold his potions for a small fortune. He eventually opened shops all around the United States, and taught trusted and talented employees his secret tips.

He has since died, but his wife and three children still live lavishly with their fortune. Orsolya was their new leader, and she made sure they were the classiest people around, as she didn't want to have a reputation as flashy new money. She made sure the whole family lived together so she could keep an eye on her grand children. Now that she's considering a move to England, will she tear the family apart?

Name: Orsolya Jakande
Suggested fc: Phylicia Rashad
Age: 72
Information: Orsolya looks young for her age and knows it. With the help of potions, she's as young as ever. With a larger than life personality, Orsolya wants everyone to know she's in charge. She can be controlling, but thats because she thinks she knows whats best for everyone. Orsolya doesn't dislike muggles, muggleborns and halfbloods, but she wants to keep them out of the family to protect their social standing. She's fierce and wonderful.
Availability: Available

Name: Albert "Al" Jakande
Suggested fc: Chadwick Boseman
Age: 43
Information: Al seemed to have inherited his father's potion skills. He is quite angry he didn't inherit the business, but he works as a loyal employee. What people don't know is that he is fed up with his crazy family, and is trying to take over the business. Needing skill to advance, he is very hardworking, as nothing us handed to him. He loves his wife and children more than anything. Al is smart and resilient. He is Orsolya's son.
Availability: Available

Name: Zahara Jakande
Suggested fc: Naomie Harris
Age: 40
Information: Beautiful and charming, Zahara's marriage to Al couldn't have pleased Orsolya more. What she didn't know is that Zahara is stubborn and opinionated. She will never back down, and is almost always right. Though she is a tiger, she's very loving towards her kids, though they do not want to cross her. Zahara looks young and has the energy of someone half her age. The only thing that changed about her through the years is that she gained grace. She's the lioness to Al's lion and she always speaks whats on her mind. She is Al's wife.
Availability: Available

Name: Sekayi Jakande
Suggested fc: John Boyega
Age: 20
Information: Sekayi is very passionate about his beliefs, and would risk his life for them. He is a mix of intelligent and stubborn, making him a hard person to debate with. He can get into a fight with anyone over his views, and often has trouble fitting into the family. Sekayi is best at Transfiguration, and is hopeless in Divination. He is a handful. Will he be the cause of his own destruction? He is Al and Zahara's son.
Availability: Available

Name: Akins Jakande
Suggested fc: Jackson Hale
Age: 18
Information: Akins is the family member they often forget about. He is known to be troublesome and has some quite rebellious behavior. From the first Charms class, it was clear he was skilled in that area of magic. He used his skills for pranks that made everyone around him miserable. Akins pretty much hates his family, and will try his best to torture them. He is Al and Zahara's son.
Availability: Available

Name: Amadi Jakande
Suggested fc: Amandla Stenberg
Age: 15
Information: Amadi is the sweetheart of the family. She has a knack for herbology, and is quite good with magical creatures. Being the youngest, she is expected to behave childish, and so she acts younger around her family. Amadi can be quite inquisitive, especially when her young mind can't understand the injustices of the world. The whole family adores her, though she sometimes annoys Akins. Amadi is truly a great young girl, who will grow up to be a wonderful witch. She is Al and Zahara's daughter.
Availability: Available

Name: Alison Jakande
Suggested fc: Taraji P Henderson
Age: 40
Information: Alison is a singer who takes after her father. She is reserved and has a strong passion for her line of work. Alison likes sculpting, and using her hands to create works of art. Every action is planned out, and she thinks before she speaks. People assume she's shy, but thats because she puts thought into every response. Alison is ruthless to those who cross her, and she is quite spoiled. She is Orsolya's daughter.
Availability: Available

Name: Safiya Jakande
Suggested fc: Melodie Monrose
Age: 19
Information: Safiya grew up without a father, as her's had died before she was born. She had her uncles, but she always missed her father. Instead of making this known, she was always silent about her feeling. No one knew her emotions, as Safiya refused to tell anyone. She was almost always silent, and very ladylike. She never had trouble making friends, as people flocked to her. She was terrible at Quidditch, but she was an amazing student. The whole family was extremely proud of her. She is Alison's daughter.
Availability: Available

Name: Sadie Jakande-Kennedy
Suggested fc: Sophie Okenedo
Age: 47
Information: Sadie often gets annoyed with her mother. She is very relaxed and free spirit. Sadie often has her head stuck in the clouds, and she's always coming up with ideas. Sadie likes to invent. She is very good at running a business and Divination. Those two normally don't mix, but Sadie is a free spirit who also stays grounded and sane. Her father didn't care that she was a girl, she was the oldest so she inherited the business. She is very loving towards her family. Sadie is Orsolya's daughter.

Name: Carter Kennedy
Suggested fc: Jerome Flynn
Age: 50
Information: More than anything, Carter wants to be an accepted member of the family. He grew up in an orphanage, so Orsolya is the only mother he ever had, and he wants to be like a son to her. The family already loves him, but he still goes out of his way to serve them. Carter always gives the best gift and helps the kids with homework. He helps his wife run the family business, and is exceptional at Charms. Like his wife, he is a Pureblood, but he comes from a poor background. Carter is Sadie's husband.
Availability: Available

Name: Cecilia "Cece" Kennedy
Suggested fc: Samantha Archibald
Age: 22
Information: Cece is very social. She loves to talk and meet new people. Cece can be selfish and stubborn, but she will occasionally do something really nice. She had a lot of friends at Hogwarts, and is close with her whole family. However, she fights with Orsolya a lot, even though she loves her very dearly. Cece is entertaining and funny, and often uses her knack for charms in her jokes. She is Carter and Sadie's daughter.
Availability: Taken

So just PM me if you want one of these people. They're all Purebloood, and feel free to ask any questions.