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E L S E W H E R E   C H I L D

Character Name:
Moira Duncan




William Duncan (NPC), Geillis + Kenneth Duncan (NPC)

Inverness, Scotland
Beauxbatons Acadamy - During School

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Jamie Duncan, Cadogan Cadwallader


"How... tedious."

Moira always spoke under her breath. Words laced with enough spite she could brew a living-death draught. Aiden, her older (if only by a year or so) had gotten into another tiff with Jamie, another of her dimwitted brothers. being the absolute youngest in her family had only proven one thing.

That her family would be better off as muggles. If she were the only witch in her family things would be better. It would be her, smothered and adored by father. Not Jamie, not Geillis and definitely not Aiden. Moira knew that being the youngest would mean in time she would need to crush her siblings all the way to the top. To earn the biggest prize she would fight, claw and scheme her way all the way into success.

The unfortunate circumstance of her life was that she had been born last. So it was now always her to be addressed last, to be treated as if she were last in the hearts of her family. The tale had gone that one stormy night, mother had walked in on fathers newly inherited inn, stayed a few days and shortly after fell deeply and undeniably in love with Moira's father, William. A muggle of all things. Mother, as far as she was aware was what people called 'Pure Blooded', someone to be respected without needing to do anything. It had been an utter shame that she had settled for her father.

Even now, Moira could remember how superior her magic manifesting had been in comparison to her good-for-nothing snot-nosed brother, Aiden. Eloquently and without fault, she had turned a rose into a thistle. Only to brandish it as a weapon during one of the 'cowpat' pillow pranks her brothers had begun to practice. Aiden had never been as skilled and he would never match up to her intelligence.

As to be expected, her letter for Hogwarts came, in the same manner, Aiden's and Jamie's before it had. If it had not been for her sister, she would have had to go to the same second-rate school that her brothers did. Geillis had spoken against it. A smile spread across the girl's lips at the memory. She was the most bearable of her family.

But now, father had fallen ill, and school had been put on hold as the family decided what needed to be done. This was all a bother, it was all in the way of her path to success.


Roleplay Response:
The curious eyes of a child were often filled with wonder. Wonder at the world around them even at the best of times. Wonder at the nonmagical, and even more so now at the magical.

Jamie, her older, idiot brother had suggested they come to this park. To meet and socialise with other young witches and wizards. The drab coloring of the fence, the worn-out playset and the noise over everything sounded sharp in her ears. Not even the fruity weather could brighten this girls destination to irritation. Nothing seemed to have made a difference.

The boys at this park, like her brothers, were just as annoying Loudly playing, chasing some stupid golden ball which to her understanding was called a 'golden glitch'. The prized ball in the silly game on brooms. Moira's arms could not cross her chest tighter. The air in her lungs trapped tight beneath her sour expression and tiny rib cage.

"John, I said wait up!"

Momentarily her attention was stolen, captured by someone elses drama. The broom ride did not last long. A small spark of interest igniting in her chest before she, like this young girl, huffed and blew away her interest with a grumpy breath.  Moira could not even hear the crunch of gravel towards her. Moira's simmering brooding gone on too long before she were torn back to reality by a boisterous bark.

"YOU!" The tiny girl screeched.  Moira turned her head, glaring daggers. "...Do you want to play?"

It was a pity. Moira turned up her nose. Wandered towards her brother's side and snidely replied. Family, could be convenient sometimes. Especially if it saved her the inconvenience of meeting someone new.  "No." the 'leave me alone' afterward, was heavily implied.

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