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Application for Hogwarts School


Name:Oswald A. Viggano

Birthday: Dec. 26, 1938

Hometown: London


Magical Strength (pick one):

Magical Weakness (pick one):

Year (pick two): 2nd or 3rd

There was not a lot of things that made Oswald angry. There were not a lot of people that he found issues with either, considering he distanced himself away from them. His family was all he needed when it came to making connections and relationships. He had plenty of cousins on both sides of his family, and then of course he had his brother and sister. No need to look for other company.

Of course family also made you angry.

Nicholas could make him angry by coloring in his books. It had been a tantrum as he had shouted out all the words he could, some not even making sense and then crying because his brother was crying. That of course had only happened once. Oswald learned to hide the books he didn’t want his brother touching after that. Tiril also made him angry, but it was easier to let it go. She was only two.

His mother…

He really could not be angry at her. He wanted to at times, but he couldn’t. So when he could not be angry at her, he was angry at his father. It was easier to be angry at him considering he always acted the same way when anyone was angry at him. Smiling and shrugging it off as something of no consequence. It was aggravating, and it was even more aggravating when his father ignored the glare he was currently giving him.

It meant he would have to speak.

“You lied.”

The motion of the spoon in his father’s hand paused at that accusation. It was less than a second but he could see his father’s face twitch with annoyance before the spoon continued its original path. Mouth opening and removing the ice cream that had been on it before setting it back down in the bowl, “Define, lie.”

“You said I could have a snake.”

Hazel eyes blinked at him. Only making his scowl more prominent as his father just smiled and shook his head, “I said we’d consider it.” By we, Oswald knew it was only his father that made that decision. If he had gone with his mother he would have a snake resting on his shoulders by now and it would not be an issue. His father had foreseen that possibility though. Which is why he had volunteered himself to go with Oswald for most of his school supplies while his mother went and took Nicholas and Tiril for a playdate.

“Lie of omission.”

Frank gave a chuckle, “Peanut…If you want to be a barrister you’ll have to do better than that. You made an assumption that was wrong. Circumstantial doesn’t hold up in court.”

Oswald gave a scoff, glaring now at the ice cream that was slowly melting in the bowl. The argument was not over. He was not going to let it be over, considering he was determined to get a snake. He was going to Hogwarts, that meant he had to have someone he could talk to, and read with, and wouldn’t mind if he didn’t talk. There was not much he was looking forward to when it came to going to hogwarts. He was not allowed to bring his own broom as a first year, and then different houses was annoying. What happened if he got sorted into one house and his brother got sorted into another? There was also the expectation of him being sorted into Slytherin. He did not think it would be that bad, but what if he wasn’t? Would his parents think less of him?

He took a deep breath, determined not to throw a tantrum in the middle of the street. He was the oldest. He had to set an example, and even then his father was not going to react to it. At least not how he wanted him to react. To see his father embarrassed would have been pleasant, but public tantrums did not affect Frank that way. It was aggravating that no matter what he did, his father seemed to know how to react to make him feel like he was in the wrong. It was not that he hated his father, but he just wanted his father, FOR ONCE, to act like a predictable adult.

“I want a reason.” He deserved a reason. His father was not completely unreasonable. He was able to get things he wanted by coming to compromise. He just needed to learn what his father wanted of him, and then he would figure out a way that would make the snake the answer. He was creative enough to figure out how to get out of a few playdates his parents had set up, and to avoid summer camp this term. He could creatively figure out an argument here.

His father looked thoughtful. Hazel eyes taking a moment to simply study Oswald and his current body language. The spoon filled with another taste of ice cream lifted up but dropped after a moment as he sighed, “Oswald, you need to socialize with people.”

His nose crinkled at that response. His brows furrowing as he looked confused and then incredulous that the only reason why he couldn’t have a snake was because he didn’t socialize. He opened his mouth ready to interject before snapping it shut as his father gave him a look that basically shot that argument down. His father was an Auror. It was almost impossible to lie to him, which is why he had to have a creative argument, or a lie that was amusing enough so that his father will let it pass.

“A snake will help me socialize.” His hands clasped the edge of the table as he latched onto that idea. “It’s simple. They are curious, I talk about the snake. I tell them it’s a Lichanura trivirgata, or a rosy boa. Then inform them of her name and I can show them how to hold her correctly and what she likes to eat and then we can sit and read and play with the snake and…” The unimpressed look his father was giving was telling Oswald that he was not falling for this. Oswald was not going to talk to anyone about the snake. It was rare he said more than one syllable words to people that were not family. Even though he had been doing research on the type of snake he wanted for the entire year, and could answer any question posed to him about the snake he wanted he really was not interested in sharing that information with just anyone. If they wanted to learn about it they could do what he did and read.

The scowl returned as he crossed his arms over his chest watching his father take a few more bites of his ice cream.

“... I don’t want to socialize. You can’t make me.” It was petulant, and a step in the wrong direction but he could not see any way he could win at the moment.

“No… I can’t. But you need to learn how to socialize and talk to people.”

Oswald could argue that there really was no point in doing that. Their family was rich with enough connections in which he could survive without needing to get a job that required socializing. Even then his goal was simply to be a proofreader or a writer of fiction. A ghostwriter even. He didn’t mind talking to ghosts so much, they were easier to get rid of compared to people.

“Look… We both know you only got three options. One is complain to your mother, two is being stubborn or... “

Oswald gave a growl as he groaned out the third option, “Make a deal…”

Complaining to his mother was the first option, but it was unlikely she would say yes when his father said no. She could probably convince Frank to let him have a pet, but it would take a few days and even then if he mentioned it, it would simply add unnecessary drama on a day she had been looking forward to. She was practically giddy at the idea of going with Oswald to get his wand. It had been awhile since he had seen her like that, since Sammie died. That would be unfair to her.

Then of course he could be stubborn.

Waiting it out until next year when he could figure out how to get his mother to go shopping with him rather than his father. He would have to plan quite a bit for that, and even then if it did not work he would have to wait another year for it to happen.

“What are the terms?”

Frank beamed at him, which just made Oswald grimace in response. “Don’t look so happy.” He realized his mistake as his father raised a brow and the beaming smile turned into a smirk.

“Disrespect before negotiation, not a really smart move. I was going to go easy on you but now...”

He scrunched his eyes closed before taking a deep breath and sitting up, Hands clasped in front of him as he steeled himself. “Terms.”

Frank nodded his head, “I want three names. Descriptions, general likes and dislikes, along with some photographic proof of you actually socializing with them.”

He blinked eyes drifting off as he figured he could probably fake that pretty easily. Getting information shouldn’t be too hard. Neither would pictures.

“And then… You need to invite classmates to your birthday party.”

“Party?” That was not what he wanted. He blinked tilting his head and furrowing his brows, “Define party.”

That may be a problem.

“Peanut… You know what a party is. At least ten names for invitations, and four for sure guests that you don’t bribe. You do this, then you can have a snake.”

 Note to self, stop being disrespectful to his father before terms.


Oswald looked at the melted ice cream in front of him before looking at the empty bowl his father had. Situations playing in his head as he tried to figure out the best possible solution to the problem that had been given to him. At a party he would be expected to socialize, and most likely his mother and father would invite more than just the ten names. Bribery was his first option of course, but his father probably would sabotage that somehow. He’d have to coach people through some questions his father may ask in an interrogation.

He pressed his lips together before clearing his throat, “One birthday party?”

Frank tilted his head nodding his head to one side and then the other before nodding his head, “Okay, but you need to go to summer camp then.”

He opened his mouth and then sighed. He would get his snake in the summer. Once he got the snake there was no need to continue with the agreement. All terms would be met. His father waited for another beat or two before offering out his hand for Oswald to shake.

He either agreed or he didn’t get a snake.

So he reached across and nodded his head, “Deal.”

He could do this. He knew he could do this. He wanted his snake.

Note: This section is optional, and is up to you to complete.

Personality: An analytical day-dreamer, Oswald will find himself lost in his thoughts a lot of the time. He is very organized and a varacious reader, reading everything he can on a subject before moving onto another when his curiosity is satisfied. His attention usuallyu in a book or a journal which he writes down observations or random thoughts. Most of the time people assume he is not paying attention, but if forced to interact or snapped out of his thoughts he can give a quick and snarky response. He's not all that fond of socializing considering that he thinks most people his age are not interesting or smart enough to be considered worth his time, and those that are older usually treat him like a child.


Oswald had headed to the potions classroom in an attempt to acquire a book on the development and research behind the use of potions that could possibly help in social situations. He knew of course that there was already a liquid of sorts used to help create bonds and forge friendships, but gigglejuice and that sort was not allowed at his age. It also smelled terrible, made you sick, and caused people to act like idiots. Which was not what he wanted at all.

His search had come up somewhat successful. A book held in his arms as he dribbled a rubber ball down the hallway as he walked. Focusing on hand eye coordination, he was practicing for quidditch so that he would not be immediately put on the bench. If he showed enough promise he would have a better chance to be out flying than sitting on the sidelines jealous of the opportunity given to others and not himself. Alternating between one to three bounces, he found himself stopping as a small voice seemed to echo down the hallway.

The ball squeezed in his hand he stood there debating if he should walk back to the classroom or continue forward. He could attempt conversation. He did have a transaction he had to honor. He should at least see who had made it down here, along with puzzle out why she wanted to talk to Birch.

Of what he understood Ghosts generally stuck to where they died. Especially if it was violently. Though they could move between places that were familiar to them. Was it possible for Emma Birch to be down here? He furrowed his brows as he sifted through what information he did know about ghosts. Then blinked as the echoing of the girl's timid voice broke him out of his thoughts.

"No. You're doing it wrong."

That is if she really wanted to talk to Birch, the best way to do it would be to try a seance or to actually summon a spirit. He walked into the girl's eyeline blinking with green eyes at her. Attempting to gain what knowledge he could simply by looking at her appearance.

"If you want to talk to her I can show you a book with the proper procedure," He frowned as he took a deep breath, "But if not. Then shut up and leave." There was no reason the dead should be disturbed for a prank.



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Dear Mr. Viggano,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Term begins 1 September 2017. Currently, students have gathered at Camp Loki, and we encourage you to spend your summer there. Should you choose, you may also visit our Elsewhere board via the Floo Network to visit or purchase school supplies.

Yours sincerely,

Ella Galanis
Head of Ravenclaw
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