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*note: scroll down on the images for more information!

Rebels without a cause, as some would say. But to the Lesauvage boys, any reason would be one worth enough to stir the pot. A once proud family, descending from a line of French nobles, the Lesauvage family is amongst the purest in Paris at the time, known for its arranged marriages and linage. No muggleborn or halfbloods are admitted into the family ranks, and it is quite the scandal when a member of the family has relationships with either one. Those committed to their inferior loved ones are often disowned unless they are quick to break off any ties. Bastard children are accepted but are made to understand their role in the family is not one amongst higher ranking.

Shoot me a PM if you are interested in adopting any of these characters, faceclaims are flexible as long as the boys have darker hair with light eyes. 

pureblood | sixteen | taken | pedro aurelian

Dashiell Lesauvage is the bastard son of Kristof and a muggle woman, Dash struggles with some serious identity issues. He's heavily disliked by Claude, and grew up colder than he should have, thriving on the process of shredding arguments and beliefs of others simply because he considers it mere fun and games. He seeks validation in mental sparing and cultivating his ego with sarcasm and wit, preferring such methods rather than taking a physical approach in hurting another. Given more independence as a child, Dash was well aware of the jealousy the other boys bore for him and bluntly pushed at any buttons that would irk the two pure blooded boys. He especially used his relationship with Alice to aggravate Bo, even if his feelings didn't reciprocate how she felt for him. However, his insensitive behavior towards the others has gained the boy quite the nasty reputation and unlike Bo, doesn't hold the admiration of his peers. Shadowed by loneliness, Dash keeps to himself at times, struggling to understand what his place is within the world. But for the time being, he's quite comfortable in playing the devils advocate...

pureblood | sixteen | taken | lucas mirambaud

Beauregard Lesauvage is a true protagonist, and the eldest legitimate son of Claude and Kristof Lesauvage. Bo nearly radiates authenticity, concern and selflessness, unafraid to stand up and speak when he deems something needs to be said. A true knight in shining armor, he stands ready to take on the position as family head, primed and groomed as a young heir. A probable Gryffindor, Bo is fearless yet struggles to make the hard decisions that are vital to his future and struggles with a sort of fluctuating self esteem, constantly building himself up to tear everything down brick by brick. His relationship with Dash, however, has always bordered on fleeting. Jealous of the love his father harbors for his bastard brother, Bo repeatedly feels the need to validate himself in front of Dashr, one he would never consider as an equal. Beauregard sees himself as the responsible individual watching over his peers and takes on the strain that goes with keeping the other boys in place. Popular and well known, he sits upon his own thrown among plenty of friends and admirers both in class and on the Quidditch pitch.

pureblood | fifteen | taken | cole sprouse

Sebastian Lesauvage is grasping at the edge of a ruthless level of rationality. Sebastian uses his drive, determination and sharp mind to achieve what he wants, whenever he wants it. The youngest of the three brothers, Bas overwhelms the more timid and sensitive individuals with a sort of demand to be heard and admired. Because of his unwavering charismatic personality, Bas tends to lead those around him rather than fall into his own clique. However due to this stubbornness and tendency to dominate, Bas can be intimidating and disliked very easily. However, he probably wouldn't care either way. Possessing a tolerant attitude towards his brothers, Bas sees himself becoming heir, surpassing both of his elders by merely climbing his way up to the top, and he'd probably be able to do it one day.

pureblood | fifteen | open | Scarlet Leithold

Alice Labelle is the ward to the Lesauvage family. Alice grew up with all three boys in her life and heart. Due to the financial instability of her family, Alice was offered up as a suitable pure blood match to either Beauregard or Sebastian when the children matured and were ready for marriage. However, as a child, she favored Dashiell and spent more time tottering after the sardonic male than playing nice with the others. Enjoying the company of books and fine arts, Alice is gentle yet fierce when it comes to those that would oppose her or her family members, blood or not. Pursued by Bo, Alice faces a tough decision as her feelings for Dash hasn't yet vanished completely. However to honor her family and the people that gave her a roof over her head, she understands what could never be.

coded by rin hunter.
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