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Lilith Roberts

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Application for Hogwarts School


Name:  Emma Swan-Jones

Birthday:  August 15 1939

Hometown: Cokeworth

Bloodline:  Half-blood

Magical Strength (pick one):  Charms

Magical Weakness (pick one):  Transfiguration

Year (pick two): One or two

Biography:  Growing up in the foster care system, Emma moves from family to family.  At one point, she is adopted and lives with a family, but is returned to the foster system at age three when that family has a biological child.

Emma and some children from her group home visit a movie theater in Minnesota to watch the Disney film, The Sword in the Stone.  In the theater, Emma steals an Apollo candy bar from another person, and as she takes a seat, an usher tells her to not do "it". She begins apologizing for stealing, but he is actually referring to something else, and cautions her against doing things for the right reasons because bad things will happen. He tells her she will have the chance to pull the sword out of the stone one day, but that she must never do it. After giving her the message, he disappears.

Sometime after running away from her group home, Emma begins living on the streets. One night, she rips out pages from a fairy tale book and burns them in a trash can, in an effort to keep warm. As she moves to throw in a page from The Ugly Ducking story, a boy, actually the older Pinocchio, stops her from destroying it. He offers her insight about all fairy tales being about transformation, such as the duckling turning into a swan, but Emma believes the duckling was always a swan without knowing it. The boy explains his view of the duckling having turned into a swan with the power of belief, and that if someone believes in something hard enough, they can change their fate. He uses this to persuade Emma that being on the streets is not the fate she wants that despite running away from her previous home, it doesn't mean she won't find a good one someday. Encouraged by these words, Emma goes to the police for help, and when asked for her last name, she adopts the surname "Swan", to pay homage to the advice she got about the ugly duckling and the power to change by believing in oneself.

Note: This section is optional, and is up to you to complete.

House Request:  Slytherin or Hufflepuff.

Personality:  Emma is a deeply damaged and a very conflicted woman. She is a survivor, and used to being a loner, and therefore a sucker for the underdog. Against her better judgement, she will compromise herself to fight for what is right and to help those in need. She is strong and aggressive, but her brokenness and her emotions are not buried far beneath her tough exterior. Her first reaction to most things is anger, but she has spent her life trying to manage her temper. She is both rash and calculated, and is forced to deal with her instincts to protect her child, a child she believes she is not capable of mothering. In the simplest form, Emma is a list of contrasting qualities; She is hard and soft; she is intense and easy going; she is strong and vulnerable; she is safe and dangerous; she is logical and impulsive. Emma used to be mistrustful, due to the fact that Lily, her first and only best friend lied to Emma about her being in a group home, she does not like being lied to, when she found out from her parents, that she was born with the potential for darkness, and they put her darkness in Maleficent's daughter, she was hurt by what her parents had done, but most of all she was angry, when Snow White and Prince Charming refuse to take responsibility for their actions, instead they tried to justify their actions, this enraged her, as Emma became cold towards them, despite her cold demeanor she is a forgiving person.

Appearance:  Emma is slender, fair-skinned, has wavy, blonde hair, hazel eyes and a flower tattoo on her wrist.

Please reply to one of the Sample Roleplays below.  Emma was shocked at the look of the dungeons.  She had never seen the dungeons before, except for Potions class.  It was creepy but she had to get used to it.  She did not want to be kicked out of her house but she remained calm.  She approached the main corridor and the air was so damp that she could hardly stand it.  She tiptoed so quietly so nobody could hear her.  She knew she was not alone.  She could not believe that she was stood up!  She was only eleven.  If she used that big brain of hers, she would not be there right now.  The dungeons was the home where a student died 25 years ago.  All of a sudden, Emma heard a thump.  She thought it was her heart racing.  Hello.  Anyone out there. whispered Emma.  She did it again, thinking of her chivalry.  Her echo made her shriek loudly as she found out that it was actually her heartbeat.


Please list any characters you have on the site (current and previous):  not applicable.

How did you find us?:  google.

* Ella Galanis

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Hi Emma, welcome to the site!

Your application's coming along nicely, there's just a few things we'll need you to edit before we can get you accepted.

Firstly, your character seems to be very much based off Emma Swan from Once Upon A Time. While it's great to draw inspiration from your favourite characters, we ask that characters on this site are your original creations. As per the character creation guidelines:

Please do not take names or characters directly from other books, series or movies and apply as them here. Also do not apply as a celebrity or real person. We are a roleplaying site interested in your original characters, not reinterpretations of pre-existing and copyrighted ones.

This means that you'll first need to change Emma's name to something original that is less closely associated with the character from Once Upon A Time. To do this, please submit a helpdesk ticket requesting what you would like your name to be changed to, and an administrator will be able to help you. You'll also need to rewrite your biography and personality sections to remove any elements that are taken from/related to Once Upon A Time, including all references to fairytale characters.

Secondly, you mention that Emma has a flower tattoo on her wrist. Again, as per the character creation guidelines:

In addition, neither tattoos nor excessive scarring are typically permitted.

At eleven years old, it's probably very unlikely that Emma would have a tattoo! Please could you either remove this from your description of her appearance, or explain how she might have come to have that tattoo and what (if any) meaning there is behind it.

Finally, your RP sample requires just a little editing. In your post, it sounds like you're rewriting Evangeline's post from Emma's point of view, rather than replying to Evangeline. Instead of writing a post that places Emma in Evangeline's position, please could you try to write a post that responds to Evangeline's post instead. If you're unsure how to go about this, you can always take a look at some of our sample applications to see how others have responded to RP samples.

Once you've made the required changes, please repost your entire revised application below, and we'll be more than happy to take another look. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to PM myself or another administrator. Thanks!

* Anneka Ivanova

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Applications are now closed, but if you PM me your revised application within 48 hours of this post, we can still get you accepted.
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