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Author Topic: Are you my daddy? | Baby daddy wanted (11 year old fling? Or old romance fine)  (Read 669 times)

Alysiana Edwina Wynovain

    (16/04/2017 at 01:33)
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Aly is trying to find out who her father was/is.

Penelope Wynovain, Aly's mother had her 11 years ago and since then has refused to own up to who the father was, due to "reasons".

These reasons could be anything. Im open to anything really. The only stipulation is that a certain activity ending with a child, had to have taken place, even once, around 12 years ago.

Could be an interesting RP arc to explore later on? Or now? Perhaps you have a guy who is now married, but might have played the field earlier in life and never knew he had a kid? Or someone that Penelope decided she didnt love and was never told? Or maybe she told him and he didn't want anything to do with it?

Simply....looking for potential baby daddies. Reply here or PM me on Aly if interested! <3 xx

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