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Shop name: The Sinner's House
Shop Type: Part night club, part ilegal trading center
Location: Hogsmeade / Diagon Alley / Knockturn Alley / London
Subforum? Waiting for validation of the ticket in the helpdesk

Short Description (50 words max): Good liquor and good music are the soul of this establishment. Regardless of any kind of wicked transiction happening behind the most closed doors.
Long Description (200 words min): Newly opened, The Sinner's House is a classy,wizards-only vintage night-club located in a well-placed neighborhood of London. The attractions vary, and the doors are always open to those who have the talent. Liquor is a specialty of the house, but some other substances are also possible - if you know how to speak to the right person and, most importantly, if you have the right amount. Because here there is only one law: money.
On the outside
It is a red brick building with two floors, in which only the last have windows. The entrance is a large door of gilded steel and black glass - and above it a mahogany carved sign: "Welcome to the Sinner's House".
The Ground Floor - A large retangular room, the walls of the same red-brick from the outside and the floor being of a light wood. The lighting is low, with the exception of the stage- that is to the right side of the entrance. A semi-circular platform, surrounded by black velvet curtains and with a background of a golden panel.
In the middle of the room are scattered tables - all of a dark wood and surrounded by the same style of black leather sofa.
At the other end, to the left of the entrance, is the bar. Also in semi-circular format, in front of the huge liquor rack. The counter is the same type of wood as the tables.
On each side of the bar, there are spiral-shaped staircases, which give access to a higher level - where only the most influential guests, so to speak, can enter.
The second Floor The second floor can only be accessed through a outside staircase backwards at the building. It is divided into two areas: The apartment, where the owner lives and The Office, where all the financial part - legal or not - is maintained.

What purpose will this shop serve other than selling things and being the home of your character? Why would people want to RP there just for fun?Night-life possiblities. Love thread, hate thread, sob thread or whatever else please the player - with the addition that the description is for a range type of characters, instead of pointing for a single, pre-definite class. Not a glenteman night-club/brothel and not a family-friendly pub. A rather shy character that need to wind up? Easy to fit. Bold, wild character that want to have fun? Too. An artist looking for a gig? The same. Not to say that, unlike Diagon Alley or Knockturn Alley, the London board is empty in terms of this kind of establishment. Like the wizarding-life happened only at that two places plus Hogwarts. The workers at the Ministery, St. Mungo's, The Kingsley, the residents of London... All of them have to get out of London to some kind of night-fun?Yes i know about the flu and the Clubs in the residential board, and yet its a bit restritive - specially the last one. That would be a most easy option, where you don't have to had any attachments or specific traits.
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