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Agnes Ogden

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THE OGDEN FAMILY hails from Savannah, Georgia, in the United States.  Long ago a proud and wealthy family of English lineage and gifted in magic, the family name, like its members, has fallen in station.  At best they are now considered working class, and in honesty, impoverished.  Members of the Ogden family are sprinkled throughout the Greater Savannah Area, and the ones we focus on in this particular instance called the South Side home, but now reside just outside of Bantry, County Cork, Ireland.*

Those of the children that are at Hogwarts are there only because of a generous scholarship and transferred in the 1948-1949 term where applicable.

STERLING - Not for Adoption
DADDY, 44: Though born with magic, Sterling has given up its use.  During the War, there was much more money to be made in the ship yards, building for the U.S. Navy.  Once the War was over, the shipyard jobs dried up.  With the amount of money he was able to save, he followed a tip from a coworker and bought a farm in Ireland, moving his family there to find their fortune.  In its absence, he’s found the bottle.
Suggested Faceclaim:  Matt Berninger
KEYWORDS: Abrasive, hard-working, unaffectionate

ABIGAIL - Not for Adoption
MOMMA, 42: A true lady of her time, Abigail has never worked a day outside of the home, where she works days and nights.  She has always kept things at home in order, and even when the whole family was living in a two bedroom apartment in the city, the place was spotless.  Fading as she ages prematurely, and her health was adversely effected by the birth of FLORA, the youngest child.  Relies heavily on the elder siblings to look after the younger ones, particularly reliant on IDA.  Deals poorly with conflict.  Comes from a difficult background and has never grown past it.
Suggest Faceclaim:  Gillian Anderson
KEYWORDS: Detached, damaged, traditional

IDA - Taken
THE ELDEST SISTER, 25:  Married rich to get out of the family and was unceremoniously divorced when she said she wanted to move with the family; moved with family and her own two children afterward.  Driven by duty and guilt.  Has two young children, ages 6 and 5 (currently up to the discretion of the person who adopts her).  AGNES’S favorite.  Resides on the same land as the rest of her family, but has her own cottage.
Suggested Faceclaim:  Agnes Obel
KEYWORDS: dutiful, calm, steadfast

RHETT - Taken
THE ELDEST BROTHER, 22:  Favored in the family as the first boy and a great hope.  Somewhat of a second in command to STERLING.  Fancies himself a lady’s man.  Has his own cottage on the family property but frequents the main homestead to keep things in order.
Suggested Faceclaim:  Dan Stevens
KEYWORDS: cocky, settled, unambitious

OPAL - Open
A SISTER, 21:  Married.  May have stayed in Savannah and is out of favor with the family if so, if not, is in Bantry.  Otherwise a blank slate.
Suggested Faceclaim:  Jolie Holland

A SISTER, 19: Another blank slate.
Suggested Faceclaim: Saoirse Ronan

JOYCELYNN - Taken & At Hogwarts (Seventh Year, Likely Ravenclaw)
A SISTER, 17: Joycelynn has the good sense to realize that her education is the way out of her circumstances, so she takes school fairly seriously.  Actively tries to distance herself from the rest of the family.  Favors hard magics like Charms and Potions. 
Suggested Faceclaim:  Lindsay Hansen
KEYWORDS: determined, serious, prideful

TENNESSEE - Taken & At Hogwarts (Sixth Year, Likely Gryffindor)
THE YOUNGEST BROTHER, 16: Favored as a boy in the family and gets away with not doing as many chores around the farm because of it.  Like to tease the younger girls.  A bit of a prankster.  Not very serious.  A Quidditch enthusiast and probably player.  A baseball fan.  Has a potty mouth.
Suggested Faceclaim: Max Barczak
KEYWORDS: rowdy, spirited, mischievous

AGNES - Taken & At Hogwarts (Fifth/Fourth Year, Unknown House)
A SISTER, 15: This is me.
KEYWORDS:  Romantic, introspective, candid

FLORA - Open & At Hogwarts (Incoming First Year, Any House)
THE BABY SISTER, 11: Clearly an accident.  Favored about as heavily as the boys, and a clear favorite of father STERLING, who dotes on her.  Mostly just a victim of her circumstance, but does like to make a little trouble.
Suggested Faceclaim: Elle Fanning
KEYWORDS: impressionable, bashful, agitator

I AM LOOKING FOR people to play primarily the school-age Ogdens, but all which are noted are playable.

PLEASE NOTE:  These characters are through the looking glass of Agnes, or are heavily colored by how she sees them.  Changes within reason are acceptable, especially for motivation, and I am willing to substitute really good character concepts.  Let’s discuss.

*Other Ogdens can be played outside of the South Side/Bantry Family.  Contact me for information.
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