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You must have applied as an Elsewhere character before completing this permit.

Shop name: MUSPELL
Shop Type: The location is a bookstore. The business is a combination of a bookstore, library and bookfinding business. Its primary role is Marcus offering to find rare books for customers, as long as he gets to copy them and keep the copy.
Location: Knockturn Alley
Subforum? Yes please!

Short Description (50 words max): Lost a book? Want a book? Wish there was a book? Muspell has it, finds it, brings it.
Long Description (200 words min):

Muspell is not a very inviting place. There are no windows pointing out to the street - well, except the one on the front door (painted in olive green), which provides a minimum insight for the overly curious. All that can be seen from here is, however, not very interesting (see the next paragraph). Most of the time the shop looks closed down, and most of the time it is. Muspell has no set opening hours - it opens whenever the owner is present, and whenever the owner feels like opening it. This means, among other things, opening in the middle of the night and in early morning before anyone (beside Altair himself) are actually awake.

Once you enter, the first thing you meet is not the actual shop, but a tiny hallway. Clothing articles hang on the walls, most of them jackets and cloaks of various sorts. On the floor are shoes, and on the wall a small handwritten note asking that others remove their shoes before entering. At this point it looks like customers are entering someone's home. When they arrive through the next door (deep blue) though -

The main room of the store is much larger than you'd expect from the outside. Along all sides are bookshelves full of books. Some of them (like the Hogwarts staircases) move, and customers may find themselves getting trapped (although only rarely). The titles are diverse, and there is no limit to the variation of topics. Some books are stored away and only taken out by request.

Not all books are for sale. Some can be borrowed. Speak to the owner for clarification. All books carry protection spells that means they cannot be passed through the blue and the green door without permission. Either way, any kind of book can be ordered, including books that are not yet there. Altair finds book from any location in the world, on request, as long as the customer can pay, and as long as he gets to read it. The time it takes to complete a request can take anything from a day to a year, depending on factors such as travel distance, spell protections, and general risk. Prices vary accordingly, and may rise at unforseen difficulty. If you cannot pay, the book remains at Muspell.

The floor is covered in a dark grey wall-to-wall carpet. The room is sparsely lit, but can be fully lit on Altair's command. Workstations are scattered about. In the middle of the floor is a glass desk. There is nothing fancy on display, although the room looks elegant enough - the fancy is brought out on request.

This is, however, only the part of the shop visible to visitors.

The secrets rooms -

- remain secret. To everyone.

Also - try not to get on Altair's bad side.

What purpose will this shop serve other than selling things and being the home of your character? Why would people want to RP there just for fun? Well, Marcus might take on special cases of teaching, but contact building is among its major purposes. It could become a meeting place for "people like Marcus" whatever that means. Also a place for him to gather his books. It is needed.

Edit: Eh, is it okay if Marcus sets up the shop under the alias of Mr. Anansi? He's probably under the radar of Hexenreich due to former MoD stuff and would love not to attract too much attention (which is why he wants to stay in the shadows of Knockturn rather than to set up something in Diagon Alley). The business is also likely to borderline to illegal activity (there's a bit of dark stuff in there for instance). Mr. Altair (Anansi) takes full responsibility! I'm sure he'll be happy (read: annoyed) to deal with the consequences.
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