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Author Topic: ☾devillier adoptables [with bonus del Castillos] || franco-hispanic purebloods  (Read 1295 times)

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del Castillo

Recent History

The Devilliers are a bunch who, while not especially esteemed in wizarding high society, are notably affluent and enjoy their comfortable place amongst the upper middle class. The late patriarch Félix Henri Devillier was a native of Marseilles, France and attended the prestigious all-boys school the Académie les Hommes des Beaux-Arts Magiques. In 1921, at the age of nineteen and as a result of his academic dedication, Félix moved to Britain upon accepting an opportunity to study abroad and intern at the Ministry of Magic- a choice that wrought both pride and dismay unto his parents, who did not want to be so far from their only child. It was there that he met his future wife, Ana María del Castillo, and the pair would go on to start a family of their own in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.

When Britian declared war on Germany in 1939, it sounded the beginning of the end for Félix, Ana, and their children. Félix had just contracted a severe case of tuberculosis and was placed in bed rest at a muggle hospital after St. Mungos tried and failed to absolve him of his disease. In 1941, the hospital in which Félix was being treated was destroyed in the Blitz attacks of London- his name was not amongst the survivors. As a result, Ana relocated her distraught family to Charing Cross, where they could be closer to her parents.

As the Second World War progressively worsened, so did life at home. In spite of their closeness, all three of the Devillier children were hardened by the desolation they witnessed around them in their day to day life. In 1944, they were amongst the minors evacuated in the final wave to the West Country, where they stayed with muggle children in a group home. Ana had insisted that they would be safer there, even if they had to live as non-wizards.

1945 marked a new chapter in their lives. With the closing of the war, the children were allowed to return both to their home and to Hogwarts. William and Adrien graduated soon afterwards and Adelaide began her time at the school, and is currently still enrolled.

Ana María hails from Spain with mixed Caribbean ancestry. Through her elder brother Javier the Devilliers have five cousins, four of whom are also in attendance at Hogwarts. If one were to follow Spanish naming customs, the Devillier children would tack del Castillo onto their names, thus becoming the Devillier del Castillos.

Motto: Je luis imperceau.

Physical Traits:
Dark hair, light eyes, fair skin.

Languages: English predominantly, with French on the Devillier side of the family and Spanish on the del Castillo side of the family.

House Leanings: Because there were no Hogwarts students on either side of the family prior to the current generation, there are no proper house leanings, though the family as a whole tends to exhibit traits common in Gryffindor and Hufflepuff.

Affiliation: While both sides of the family are almost entirely elitist-oriented, there have been members who are pro-muggle. They are unanimously anti-Hexenriech.

Devillier Adoptables


William Luca Devilier

20 - Pureblood - Lawful Neutral - Hufflepuff 45'
Rule-abiding, charming, eloquent, and generally well-behaved; the ideal student. Firstborn to Félix and Ana, he took on the role of the protector during the war years and reluctantly established himself as the man of the house after his father's passing. Currently unemployed but interested in finding a job at the ministry to follow in his late father's footsteps. William is close to both his baby sister Adelaide and elder cousin Esmeralda, while his relationship with his only brother is strained.

Suggested FC: Sean O'Pry


Adrien Eugene Devillier

18 - Pureblood - Chaotic Neutral - Gryffindor 47'
Good-natured, bitter, hopeless romantic, reckless- a total rebel without a cause persona. Secondborn to Félix and Ana, Adrien has a middle child complex. Out of the three siblings, he took their father's death the worst and has never truly recovered from it. Harbors a bit of envy and animosity towards his elder brother and refuses to acknowledge him as the man of the family.

Suggested FC: River Viiperi

Adelaide Antoinette Devillier

11 - Pureblood - Neutral Good - ???
Introverted, bookworm, deep thinker, melancholy- the girl at the back of the class that nobody really notices. Has always been the baby of the family and her potential as a witch is often overlooked by both her relatives and her peers. She is usually very lonely, but makes no effort to speak to others for fear of being hurt. Idolizes both of her brothers and wishes they would get along. Is usually found dragging the shadow of her exuberant cousin Ignacio.

FC is Astrid Berges-Frisbey.

del Castillo Adoptables


Esmeralda Elisa del Castillo

22 - Pureblood - Lawful Good - ???
Eldest daughter of Javier Míguel del Castillo and his wife Sofía. Personality and background up to player. She didn't graduate from Hogwarts because she instead attended a wizarding school in Spain before her family relocated to Britain. Currently works as a multilingual reporter for the Daily Prophet. Has the thickest accent out of the del Castillo children. Best friends with her cousin William, whom she is trying to persuade into becoming a reporter.

Suggested FC is Alejandra Alonso.


Helena Pilar del Castillo

17 - Pureblood - Lawful Neutral - Gryffindor or Hufflepuff
Second child and youngest daughter of Javier and Sofía. Personality and background up to player, but I can imagine her being more spoiled as the younger girl. Likely vain but not malicious, and very boy-oriented.

Suggested FC is Adelaide Kane.


Ignacio Guillermo del Castillo

15 - Pureblood - Chaotic Good - Gryffindor or Hufflepuff
Firstborn son, third child to Javier and Sofía. Personality and background up to player, however, I idealize him as the cheeriest and rowdiest of the del Castillos. Can often be found attempting to coax his cousin Adelaide out of her shell.

Suggested FC is Darren Criss.


Ivan Sergi del Castillo

13 - Pureblood - True Neutral - Slytherin
Fourth child to Javier and Sofía. Personality and background are negotiable but in theory, Ivan is the black sheep of his brood and comes packed with a bite worse than his bark. He also speaks the worst Spanglish of the five. Gets along swimmingly with his cousin Adrien.

Suggested FC is Ethan Dolan.


Christian Antonio del Castillo

12 - Pureblood - Neutral Good - Hufflepuff
Javier and Sofía's last child. Personality and background are negotiable but in theory, Christian is the yin to Ivan's yang, serving as his opposite and balancing out his brother's streak of villainy. Soft spoken and compassionate, he is easy to get along with and has a very soothing persona.

Suggested FC is Cameron Dallas.

If interested in adopting one of my babies, please feel free to message me or inquire below! <3 We can make arrangements for original characters as well.
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