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Author Topic: ♛ the mccormick family ♛ [wip]  (Read 945 times)

Nina McCormick

    (30/04/2016 at 15:03)
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this is still hugely a work in progress so sorry about that!

Still, for any information or to adopt a character, please PM myself for characters in the first box and Zoella Mertz for any in the second!

Family tree!


a pureblood, a muggleborn and three halfbloods!
All the writing goes here, ugh, so much writing.

andrew mccormick

forty-nine && hufflepuff '17 ('53 pre-timewarp) && muggleborn
Andrew James McCormick
Born 22nd November 1898 (1934).
Works in a dead-end job at the Ministry in Muggle Relations, v. stressed since magical barriers have fallen!
Literally batman.
Married to Claudine, father of Annabelle, Samuel and Nina.

FC: Ben Affleck / NPC

claudine mccormick

forty-nine && beauxbatons '17 ('53 pre-timewarp) && pureblood
Claudine Amelie McCormick nee Roux
Born 3rd June 1899 (1935).
Magical Psychologist!
Pureblood but her family hate her.
Married to Andrew, mother of Annabelle, Samuel and Nina.

FC: Alicia Coppola / NPC

annabelle mccormick

twenty-four && slytherin '42 && halfblood
Annabelle Claudine McCormick
Born 31st May 1924 (1960 pre-timewarp)
Journalist for the Daily Prophet, loves gossip more than anything else.
Daughter of Andrew and Claudine.

FC: Jenna Coleman / adopted but abandoned :c

samuel mccormick

sixteen && gryffindor '50 && halfblood
Samuel "Sam" Andrew McCormick
Born 7th July 1932 (1968 pre-timewarp)
Wants to be a quidditch player because it's the only thing he's good at
Son of Andrew and Claudine

FC: Dylan Everett / open

nina mccormick

thirteen && gryffindor '54 && halfblood
Nina Rosalyn McCormick
Born 16th September 1935 (1971 pre-timewarp)
Second year
Lil baby
Daughter of Claudine and Andrew

FC: Maia Mitchell / all mine!


muggleborn brothers.
All the writing goes here, ugh, so much writing.

finlay mccormick

thirty && ravenclaw '36 && muggleborn
Finlay Thomas McCormick
Born ??
Auror, formerly a member of Merlin's Order of Defence and Former Sergeant of the muggle military.
Lost his memory in a battle at Tchaikovsky.

FC: Matthew Daddario / taken

bailey mccormick

twenty-seven && slytherin '38  && muggleborn
Bailey James McCormick
Born 6th January 1921 (1957).
Is sometimes dating or engaged to Serena Rose
Sometimes isn't

FC: Nathaniel Buzolic / taken


twenty-five && muggleborn
Born 24th October 1924 (1960 pre-timewarp)
Coming soon! PM Zoella Mertz (or any of her alts) for details c:


louis mccormick

twenty-three && ravenclaw '42 && muggleborn
Louis Nicholas McCormick
Born 12th August 1925
Quidditch player - beater for the Falmouth Falcons

FC: Tyler Posey / open

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* Zoella Mertz

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Yay! <3

The fam is up :D
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* Serena McCormick

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*Stomps foot* Can I go on the family tree now? :)

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