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Author Topic: Nox Ales Pub & Brewery | the Argabrights  (Read 700 times)

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Nox Ales Pub & Brewery | the Argabrights
[[under construction]]

From 1653 until 1908, Nox Ales Brewery was operated by a long line of witch alewives who will sadly remain unknown to history. The men who have helped perpetuate the line have been varied and many from the scholars and travelers, magical and muggle alike, who have passed through the old pub.

Nox Ales is run out of Oxford, and owns and operates three pubs across the UK. They are known for their sweetness, particularly their Gilded Gander scotch ale and Starling summer shandy.

In 1908, the only heir of the charm of alewives  left to take take over his mother's duties was Calvin Argabright. He and his wife, a former barmaid disowned by her family, have since passed, and their sons are now responsible for the brew. There is talk of a bad stroke of luck for Argabright blood since the men have taken over. Not a one has had things easy. Though they are part of a long, nameless, ephemeral family made of good company, good conversation, healthy variety, and endless laughter, they have a difficult time carrying on the ways of the matriarchs.

The Argabrights find communication among each other to be quite challenging, and in order to find any common ground, their relationships are based on the games they used to play as children. They often enjoyed trying to get each other into trouble with their parents, but gave the victim a chance to save themselves by shouting "Fly away, Mr. [Insert Nickname Here]!" They called each other after birds, as a homage to the nameless owl herald of the pub. Their childhood nicknames are often used as aliases.

Julian Argabright (alias: Mr. Finch)
'i've seen more spine in jellyfish'
fc: Matthew McFadyen
The oldest son of Coronis (nee Märchen) and Calvin Argabright (the first man to operate the brewery when his older sister died of flu). Fearful of falling in love with seer Yvadne Bains, Julian was obliged to marry her muggle sister instead. They had one son, Michael Icarus Argabright, before the time warp. When his wife disappeared, he left his son with Yvadne (who he considered the child's real mother) and left the magical world completely to become a clerk at a local bank. He is masquerading as a solicitor named James Finch at Nick's demand that he pay for his son's education, and has been seeing to Yvadne's care now that he's had her institutionalized at St. Mungo's. Sends his son as many magical items as he can without it seeming suspicious, as if to correct the errors of his being.
Read a workshop by this unreliable narrator here.

Nicolas Argabright (alias: Mr. Crane)
'a goal without a plan is just a wish'
CONFIDENT & SLY // Slytherin '28
fc: ? ? ?
Nick is the second son, and believes he should have been the first to inherit the company - he's calling it a company, not "the brew" as its always been - because Julian is a worthless squib. Currently, he handles accounts and acquisitions, and can be considered to operate Nox Ales. He still resents Julian for taking over and making the brand suffer under his incompetence. His goal is to distribute Nox Ales brews internationally, and gain recognition for bringing the brand out of the dark ages. This dream is on the backburner currently, as his daughter Nell has just passed away from a fatal illness at the age of five.

Garrett Argabright (alias: Mr. Peacock)
'laughter is brightest where food is best'
GREGARIOUS & TALENTED // Hufflepuff '33
fc: T. R. Knight
Garrett is the youngest, and lives at the London establishment of Nox Ales Pub & Brewery. He'll clap you on the shoulder or give you the shirt off his back if you look like you need it. Garrett turns no one away from his tables unless they aren't playing nice, and will make you anything to eat whether or not he's got it on the menu. He isn't the most skilled of bartenders, but the man can really cook, despite the leg braces that have prevented him from speed his entire life. His cooking skill has made the London storefront well known as a gastropub where the brew is used as much as an ingredient than as a drink. You will need a reservation to get in.

You're welcome to associate yourself with the pub or any of the boys. 'Cept Finch.
Please PM Icarus Argabright if interested in any of these, or if you'd like to help open the London/Diagon Alley Nox Ales!
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