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Leona Hesse

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Application for Hogwarts School



Leona Hesse


September 15th, 1936


Berlin, Germany



Magical Strength (pick one):


Magical Weakness (pick one):


Year (pick two):

Year 1 or year 2.


Being born at the heart of Nazi Germany, Leona's childhood was filled with propaganda marches and vigorous shouts of undying loyalty towards the one they would call "Führer"- none of which she really understood at the time. Her mother had been an English teacher and a prolific writer before the Nazis took over Germany, and she would always say that every one of her books had been a great success, but Leona never saw her write a single word. All she did now was housework, and her eyes never seemed to shine quite as bright as everyone else's. Later, Leona understood that censorship and the regime's general disdain towards writers had been the reason why her mother was forced to abandon all of her passions.

Her father had been more of an absent figure in her life. He would leave early in the morning and return late at night, or even days later. Leona never thought much about it, since she had been told that her father was busy with work. They told her not to ask, so she didn't. Much later she would find out that her father had been a member of the infamous Waffen-SS. One morning in 1944, her father left and never returned. Later that day, her mother seemed to have sprung back to life as she told Leona that they have to pack their bags and leave immediately - her father had been murdered in a Russian attack, and now they were also looking for his family.

The next few years could hardly be called a childhood in Leona's case. Running from one abandoned house to another, hiding in basements, in attics, under bridges and in sewers, always running away from the unknown. And one night, as she witnessed the murder of someone she knew - one of her classmates' mother - she finally understood that her life was in danger. By eavesdropping on random conversations on the streets of Berlin, she learned what her father's occupation was all about - merciless torture and murder. They called the SS "monsters". Her father had been a monster, taking innocent lives at the command of the now-deceased leader.

If the darkness would conceal her identity at night, during the day, she would be completely exposed. Because of this, she often had to dress as a boy and go by the name of "Leon" - a habit which she still frequently indulges in today. Her most prized possession is the hat she wore when she disguised herself as Leon - a simple, brown beret.

After the war, the incessant bombing of Germany left Leona and her mother with no other option than to flee the country altogether. Now, the two hope to start a new and better life, without the fear of death breathing down their necks.


House Request:

Because of her sly nature and because she is intelligent, ambitious and cunning, Slytherin would be a good fit for Leona.


If one word could describe Leona, it would be "sly". Being forced to sneak around and tell clever lies in order to survive, Leona has become somewhat of an expert in deceit. Still, she doesn't use her skills for evil or to harm anyone that is innocent. Mostly, she just does it "because it's fun". Although she seems rather laid-back on the outside, she is easily irritated when things don't go her way or when she is criticized. Her anger towards her father and everything he has done constantly boils inside of her, but she keeps a straight face. One day, she plans on avenging the innocent lives taken by the monstrous Waffen-SS, the organization her father was a part of.


Leona's height is a bit shorter than average, and the three years of eating scraps and leftovers have left her skinnier than she used to be. She has short, black hair, like her mother, and bright blue eyes, like her father. Other than that, there is nothing out of the ordinary about her appearance. Because she had to remain hidden in order to survive, it was crucial for her not to stand out in any way.


Option 1:

Leona decided to take a late-night stroll around the dungeons. She wasn't sleepy and there wasn't much else to do, so maybe she could find something fun to endeavor in  around the dark corridors of the school. As she was walking, she could hear small, soft footsteps coming in her direction. At last, she thought, someone to scare! She hid around the corner and waited for the stranger to appear. As the small girl showed herself, Leona shouted:


She immediately started laughing, proud of the success of her plan. Calming down, she started feeling a bit bad for the young girl. She didn't know why she always had this compulsion to scare people. And the fact that they sometimes got angry at her only gave her more incentive to continue. Maybe she was evil like Papa, she thought. No, no, her and Papa had nothing in common. Nothing at all. Just these bright blue eyes that looked so pure, but always reminded her of horror and bloodshed. Shrugging off these thoughts, Leona addressed the girl once more.

"Looking for ghosts? Well, I'm not one yet, though I may look like one." She giggled, taking a look at her skinny arms and legs. "Anyway, name's Leona. Leona Hesse. I'm a Slytherin, as you can see. Sorry for scaring you, I didn't mean to. I mean I did, but, you know... Anyway, nice to meet you."

She held out her hand, hoping the young girl would forgive her and shake it. She really didn't want to hurt anyone. She was just trying to have fun. She was really awfully bored. Well, she thought, anything is better than where she came from. She smiled at the girl, waiting for her response.


Hello! My name is Ioana, I'm 21 and I'm from Romania. I'm in my last year of college, studying English and German Language and Literature, but I'm also really into Psychology (more so than foreign languages, but for various reasons, I didn't get to study Psychology in college - probably my biggest regret). Growing up, there was nothing more exciting that getting the *brand new* Harry Potter novel for Christmas or for my birthday, so it's only natural for such a passion to persist into (young) adulthood. :D

I'm terribly rusty when it comes to anything RP-related. The last time I was active on an RP forum/site was somewhere back in 2009-2010. Part of the reason why I'm here is the fact that I would love to improve my RP and creative writing skills, since both were things I loved doing as a teenager, but for which I haven't had time these past years. Anyway, I'm here to learn and improve, so I'm looking forward to receiving your feedback!

Please list any characters you have on the site (current and previous):


How did you find us?:

Random Google search for RP forums.

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Dear Miss Hesse,

We are delighted to inform you that your application to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry has been accepted. Term will begin on May 1st, 2016. Currently, students have gathered at Camp Loki; your admission is joint for both the school and Camp Loki, and we cordially invite you to spend your summer there if you so wish. Should you choose, you may also visit our Elsewhere board via the Floo Network to purchase school supplies.

We look forward to seeing you at the School.


Aries Paladin
Resistance Leader