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Newt Fortescue

    (20/02/2016 at 21:38)
Because I cannot code to save my life, I have decided to simply comprise a list of characters that are adoptable, for if anyone would like to take a go at this family! So here is to it. There will be a list of characters I have thought of; Family History and Background will be added later.

Main Branch

Hortensia Fortescue. Born 1864; 82 Years of Age. Widowed. Ill with Dragonpox. NPC.
FC: Dame Maggie Smith

Douglas Fortescue. Born 1862; 84 Years of Age. Deceased.
FC: Donald Sutherland

Cedric Fortescue. Born 1894; 52 Years of Age. Head of Family. Open.
Born to Hortensia and Douglas Fortescue, he was the eldest child of eight children they would go on to have. In his youth, he attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (sorted into Ravenclaw) and met his future wife; the French beauty, Madeleine Beaumont. They were married at the age of twenty-one. Between this time, and that of their first child (that would arrive three years later), tensions with the now widowed Hortensia had grown, and the couple made the permanent decision to move to France, where Madeleine was heiress to the Beaumont fortune.
Suggested FC: Jon Kortajerena

Madeleine Fortescue. Born 1895; 52 Years of Age. Lady of The Family. Open
Madeleine was born in the early hours of a mid-winters January day, Madeleine was born to Monsieur Hugo Beaumont and his wife, Madame Alphonsine. She was their only daughter and youngest child, having only two other boys, in which Madeleine was rather close. Instead of the traditional Beauxbatons Academy, she was accepted to Hogwarts, where she was sorted into the gallant house of Gryffindor. At first she was put off by the outgoing nature of Cedric, but eventually fell for the Boy in Blue and Bronze. They married and had seven children.
Suggested FC: Cate Blanchett

Quentin Fortescue. Born 1918; 28 Years of Age. Heir To The Headship. Open.
Suggested FC: Francois Arnaud

Aubrey Richardson. Born 1918; 28 Years of Age. Engaged to Quentin. Pregnant. Open
Suggested FC: Gemma Arterton

Grace Fortescue. Born 1920; 26 Years of Age. Published Author. Open.
Suggested FC: Laura Haddock

Rosamund Fortescue. Born 1921; 25 Years of Age. Secretary to French Minister. Open.
Suggested FC: Lily James

Tobias Fortescue. Born 1924; 21 Years of Age. [Insert Career Here]. Open.
Suggested FC: Alexander Ferrario

Newt Fortescue. Born 1928; 18 Years of Age. Apprentice at The Ministry. Taken.
FC: Simon Van Meervenne

Atticus Fortescue. Born 1930; 16 Years of Age. Student at Durmstrang. Open.
Suggested FC: Baptiste Radufe

Lily Fortescue. Born 1930; 16 Years of Age. Student at Durmstrang. Open.
Suggested FC: Chloe Grace Moretz

I've done a quick family tree. All children of Hortensia and Douglas have at least three children themselves.


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