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Author Topic: Elicio Usage Question  (Read 414 times)

Oliver Razi

    (06/02/2016 at 17:08)
As my characters C/S levels are getting higher I’m realizing that I’m a bit confused on the rules for the use of Elicio.  Naturally conjuring up actual spirits/divine powers/etc is a high level activity that I suspect most Hogwarts students aren’t capable of and rarely comes up in role plays.  I’m asking this here as I suspect I’m not the only one confused about this spell.

Elicio + entity ("I conjure up [a spirit/divine power/etc]")

Basic concept assumption:  I'm assuming this can only conjure up spirits that have not passed on to the other side.  As once they pass to the other side that turns into divination rules.

In my reading of the rules I’m interpreting this to follow the High-Level Summoning rules.
  • Low -> means one can summon the spirits of a pet earthworm.  Maybe a valued pet snake…
  • Medium -> means one can summon the spirit of any animal that can’t speak
Then I read the High-Level Conjuring Rules
  • Intelligent-> I’m guessing this is where the summoning of spirit/divine power/etc comes into play (naturally with a request for admin permission)
  • Intelligent-> A hypothetical human ghost that is next to you but trying to hide itself would count as this (aka you might be able to see/interact with it with divi levels but in order to make it visible to all you'd need these type of levels)
Is this a correct interpretation of the rules?  I ask this for two reasons:
  • Oliver is developing high levels and would try to summon the spirit of his beloved pet rat Ziva as having a spirit rat following him about would be fun (I’m guessing S11 before I can pull this stunt).
  • I plan to develop a character that is very strong in C/S with a high level of ghost interaction.


Note: Made some edits about 1.5 hrs after initial post with some added thoughts based on talking with Adam's player...
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