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Author Topic: Survivors and Remnants | The Egneus Family  (Read 671 times)

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The Ancient and Noble Family Egneus

The Egneus Family is almost extinct, formerly based in Australia. The Australian Wizarding community is very different to Britain possessing no wandlore until very recently (during muggle colonisation in late 1700s). Many aboriginal muggles were vaguely aware of the magic as it was so heavily engraved in the culture despite several hundred years of secrecy. Young magic users are taught by elders via personal training, and all but the most venerable are still considered juniors.

In the early 1900s (and at many other periods during history) the Australian muggle government committed terrible crimes against the Australian aboriginal peoples. Their policies nearly wiped out the magical community along with their other innocent victims, and many wizards were forced to take refuge elsewhere or go underground.

The Liu family (from whom the children's maternal grandmother comes) are descendants of chinese wizards who travelled to australia during the Australian gold rush in the 1800s.
Both the Liu and the Egneus family have been pureblood for untold generations.

After the tragic accidental death in early June 1947, the Egneus children have become the legal wards of Orion Greenwood, their maternal grandfather.

Characters up for grabs. I'm not fussy if you choose to change things, but PM me first as it may conflict with preexisting canon.

Kiah Egneus
Face claim: Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman
Born: Late 1936
Details: Kiah is a born leader/bully and has to be the center of attention. She shows incredible magical potential but is very self-conscious about her appearance and the pressure placed on her as the 'golden child'. Currently attending a private magical school in Ireland.
In the wake of her parents death, Kiah has supported her family thoroughly. She dislikes her bitter old grandfather and refuses to acknowledge him. Might fit well into Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff, starting in 47-48 term.

Pengana Egneus
Face Claim: Willow Smith
Born: Early 1934 (triplet)
Details: She is loyal to her friends, while being very logical and observant person. She views people and situations very black and white and does not care what other people think of her. She has been excluded by Rou and Jianyu, her other two triplets, and coldly dismisses their taunts. Currently studying at Blackhill Woods School of Magic.
Accepts the death of her parents better than any of her siblings.
Might fit well into Ravenclaw starting in '49-'50 term.

Rou Egneus
Face claim: Sydney Mikayla
Born: Early 1934 (triplet)
Details: She is easily influenced by and very close to Jianyu, one of her other triplets. Dislikes Pengana, who she sees as aloof and judgemental. Quick to anger and slow to magic, Rou is something of an embarrassment to her parents and knows it. Currently studying at Blackhill Woods School of Magic.
Is oddly quiet on the subject of her feelings about her parents.
Might fit well into Gryffindor starting in '49-'50 term.

Jianyu Egneus
Face Claim: Tyrel Jackson Williams
Born: Early 1934 (triplet)
Details: Strongly suspected of being a squib, Jianyu is youngest Egneus child (only by a few moments, but Kiah likes to remind him). He makes up for almost complete lack of ability with incredible intelligence. His social abilities are lacking, and he relies on Rou for many interactions. Currently studying at Blackhill Woods School of Magic.
Like Kiah, resents their grandfather. Jianyu believes Orion intends to replace their parents.
Might fit well into Ravenclaw starting in '49-'50 term.

Along with these characters, various others may exist in the home country (unknown to any of the above children). This includes school-aged cousins of the children and well as uncles, aunts, and other extended family. By Australian law, in most cases the senior-most member of the family inherits. Therefore an older Egneus may wish to claim the head-of-family position before Elias comes of age.

PM me with ideas or to pick out a character!
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