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Ariel Rivera

    (02/12/2015 at 21:47)
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So, I absolutely love the current German takeover plot and I was wondering how I could get more involved.

Viola Ross

    (02/12/2015 at 21:57)
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Hey Ariel! I've got a number of options for you, hang tight!

  • The Hexenreich! As an active member of the site, you're entitled to play a member of the Hexenreich - the wizarding collective that has now taken over Britain. The vast majority are adult characters of German or French ancestry. PM Viola Ross if you're interested!
  • The Resistance movement! An underground group made up of former MOD soldiers and disgruntled civilians, the Resistance aims to take back Wizarding Britain and put a stop to the Hexenreich occupation. Resistance members participate in missions designed to undermine the rule of the Hexenreich. If you have a character who would be a good fit, please PM Aries Paladin!
  • Hogwarts interrogations! If you have a student you'd like to be bullied, interrogated, or otherwise terrorized by the Hexenreich while at school, please PM Aries Paladin!
  • Personal plots! We are always eager to hear about any personal plots that might tie into our larger plot. Whether you just want a Hexenreich character to make an appearance or have information the Resistance would be interested in, please feel free to reach out to any staff member!

I hope that helps!
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