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The Autumns family originated in France. They were a pureblood family until Amelia Autumns married a muggle man, Jace. Jace owned a muggle bookstore and Amelia was a housewife- they lived in a small house with one dog, but they were happy. They had four children in this order: Zacharias (36), Zander (33), Vienna (26), and the twins, Audrey and Franklin. (If they both were alive, they would be 20, but Audrey was born six minutes before him)

They lived an average life until Jace got lost in the timewrap totally abandoned them. They relocated to London, England. Things were fine until, just years later, Zach, Zander, and Franklin went on a march without their blood badges, protesting. All were killed.

… On that happy note, let's get to the…


Amelia Autumns, don't even think she'll tell you how old she is, pureblood, open
"So no one told you life was gonna be this way, eh, chump?"
Suggested Faceclaim: Joan Rivers

Amelia, in one word, is stressed. In other words, she think she's about to explode if she has to deal with another teenage girl problem or listen to another pair of twins argue. She thought she was over with such things when Audrey moved out of the house, but sadly, she was mistaken, for she also is the guardian of four children. Amelia's smart and ambitious, so she's more than positive she'll make it through. She's a bit of a sadistic, however, and she shoots people down whenever she can. But she is wise, so she's always a good place to get cold, hard, yet helpful advice. Though she seems unafraid, the death of her boys has left Amelia scared, and she fears Vienna, Audrey, and her grand children are next. This leads to her constantly begging her girls to move in with her, showing she still has lots of motherly instinct left.

Vienna Autumns, 26, halfblood, open
Suggested Faceclaim: Hilary Duff
"Oh my god... you're really an idiot, aren't you?"
Vienna, growing up, was the daughter everyone wanted but just couldn't have. She was close to her mother and let her flaunt her around- easily her favorite. Once intelligent, delicate, and kind, the now mother of two (both born of one-night stands with men she can't remember) has blossomed beautifully into a young woman. Picking up on the bad habits around her, she's always calculating and sarcastic, eager to prove herself whenever she can, and don't get me started on how competitive she is. Vienna still has a heart of gold and a backbone made of play-dough, however, and finds herself giving in to other's plans regularly. She has the height of manners, and finds herself scoffing at her little sister whenever she can.

Audrey Autumns, 20, halfblood, taken
Suggested Faceclaim: Kellie Pickler
"Is this legal? What a stupid question... of course this isn't legal."

Audrey is Amelia's designated wild child. She doesn't care for rules or conformity... all she really wants to do is have fun. And, well, let's just say Audrey has never been a good girl. (Amelia always expected Audrey to get pregnant first) She's highly sarcastic, and, well, honest raw emotions, quite frankly, scare her.  She has a fiery temper, however, and she snaps easily.

Adria Autumns, 3, halfblood, open
Suggested Faceclaim: Mia Talerico
"Please, mama!"
Adria is Vienna's little baby, and Adria understands that if she bats her eyes enough she can get whatever she wants. Sweet as sugar most of the time, but don't worry, this rose has thorns. She absolutely adores her auntie Audrey and has picked up on some of her habits, including her instance to get everything she wants and her need for fun.

Luka Autumns, 5, halfblood,open
Luka's pretty much a blank slate.

Wendy Autumns, 16, halfblood, open
Suggested faceclaim: Sarah Hyland
"GRANDMA! My boyfriend is such a turd, you won't believe what he did..."
Wendy is Zach's oldest daughter, and currently in the care of Amelia. Her mother couldn't take care of her four children, saying they looked too much like him, so she gave custody to Amelia. Wendy is basically your stereotypical teenage girl. She talks nonstop and is a flirt, often getting a new boyfriend every week. She is a little naive, but she can be surprisingly cunning sometimes. All in all, Wendy has a heart of gold and tries to help whenever she can.

Mikayla "Mikki" Autumns, 14, halfblood, open
Suggested Faceclaim: Elizabeth Gillies
"I, uh, smell like onions! I don't know why I just said that
Mikki is Wendy's younger sister. Much less social, the girl would rather read a book than have a conversation with someone. She's nervous and timid, often shown biting her lip. The real reason Mikki is so quiet is because she has a secret- she's attracted to women and fears if she tells someone Amelia will get rid of her.

Howard and Owen Autumns, 11, halfblood, open
Suggested Faceclaims: Cole and Dylan Sprouse
"Danger is my middle name... I just spell it B-R-A-N-D-O-N."
These twins love to cause trouble. Think... Fred and George, now make them younger and adorable and blond. That's them. Howard charming and daring, whereas Owen is more awkward and bookish and gets dragged into his brother's hi jinks.

Alexandria "Alexa" Autumns, 13, halfblood, open
Suggested Faceclaim: Bridgette Mendler
"Shut up and listen to me."
Alexa is Zander's youngest and only daughter. Her mother didn't want her because she was a squib, so she was sent to live with Amelia. The thought that someone would get rid of her has made the young girl moody and sassy, she rarely listens to a thing anyone says.

So, if you want to adopt an Autumns, just pm me at Audrey Autumns, Anastasia Belyakov, or Ruby Lazuli and we can work it out. Pretty much everything is adjustable.