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Author Topic: The Three Brothers of Wales | The Hughes Boys (And Girl)  (Read 706 times)

Rory Hughes

    (31/08/2015 at 09:20)

From Knowledge, Courage.

The Hughes are pureblood family originating in Wales. Several of their lines have been corrupted through marriage (such as it has been with these lovely boys here).

The main family has been around since after the Glorious Revolution of 1688, when William Hughes (of a pureblood family himself), was granted a tract of land in southern Wales by King William and Queen Mary for his outstanding service to their cause.

Here, William built his family from the ground, trying to keep the lines clean and pure. And here the family has stayed. There are now only a few members left from only one branch and a large majority of this branch is not pure anymore.

What is Left of the Family

Late 20's | Halfblood | Eldest Son | Trait | Trait | Trait
FC: James Hampson (Suggested)

*Personality, story, and whatnot can be added!

Around 26 | Halfblood | Middle Son | Trait | Trait | Trait
FC: Callum Ball (Suggested)

*Personality, story, and whatnot can be added!

24 | Halfblood | Middle Son | Dapper | Intelligent | Hot-headed
FC: Sebastian Brice

Rory is the youngest of the Hughes brothers. He was raised, along with his brothers and cousin, by his strict uncle. While attending Hogwarts, Rory was rebellious student but as a Ravenclaw still managed to receive top marks in his classes and be on the house quidditch team. After graduation, Rory was accepted into the Imperical College London, but gave up his spot to travel around the world. He later went back to England and became a part time astronomer, part time sales clerk.

Mid 40's-Early 50's | Pureblood | Uncle | Strict | Elitist | Tyrannous
FC: None chosen

*Personality, story, and whatnot can be added! For this one, the personality should match the traits above.

Early 20's | Pureblood | Cousin | Elitist | Spoiled | Vain
FC: Sigrid Agren (Suggested)

*Personality, story, and whatnot can be added! For this one, the personality should match the traits above.

Please post here or PM me or Lyra Spencer to adopt one of these lovely faces!