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Ava Adair

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Healer Gang

This group of friends and strangers live together in an old house in central Wizarding London, getting on some of the time and trying not to kill each other most of the time.


Hobb Foxtail

Preferred FC: Not assigned

•25 years old
•Work: St. Mungos
•Ravenclaw 1937
•Octarines big brother
•Addicted to Coffee
•Good cook
•Doesn’t like arguments
•Heavy sleeper
•Hero complex
•Owns 2 cats
•Complains a lot
•Oldest sibling
•Allergic to dogs
•Hates paperwork
•Not a morning person
•Will sleep through fifteen alarms
•Protective of little sister(s)


Octarine Foxtail

Preferred FC: Sarah Bolger

•23 years old
•Work: St. Mungos
•Ravenclaw 1939
•Likes to drink
•Doesn’t take nothing from nobody
•Lives for her work
•Bookworm (has a little library in her room)
•Horrible cook (do not let near stove)
•Bad at housework (bit of a slob)
•A little forgetful
•Good at her job
•Sucks at dating
•Afraid of spiders (phobic)


Nelly Tompson

Preferred FC: Jayne Wisener

•23 – probably
•British? I mean she has the accent.
•? – 1939 – ish
•Rambles a lot
•Lost all memory about a year ago
•Likes chocolate
•And tea
•Go with the flow attitude
•Never freaks out
•Tries new stuff all the time to see if she likes it/remembers it
•Loves cats
•Morning person
•Kind hearted


Emogen Nixon

Preferred FC:Clive Standen

•24 years old
•St. Mungos
•Slytherin 1938
•Likes tea
•Perpetually annoyed at the world in general
•Hates cats
•Loves dogs
•Ex prefect
•Father of 2 year old boy (see below)


Michael Nixon

Preferred FC: Not assigned

•2 years old
•Likes storybooks
•Likes to doodle (on walls)
•Loves his daddy
•Mother died at birth

Face claims and personalities are flexible. Message Ava Adair if interested.
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