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Author Topic: Lundgrens->Swedish Elites  (Read 1021 times)

Ava Adair

    (17/08/2015 at 14:44)
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The Lundgrens are an old Swedish wizarding family who recently relocated to London because of the war.
The family have a long history of not-so-legal business practice's, though in recent years they've tried to get a better reputation for themselves - apparently dealing with mafias makes people trust you a lot less.
The Lundgrens value their blood status, though to them social connections and family name are more important.

Agneta Lundgren (available)
Preferred FC: Sarah Catharine Paulson
Age: 42

Agneta is the perfect picture of high society; which is just as well, since she grew up in it. She met her husband Adam at a fundraiser her family was holding, and the rest is history. Though she is strict and a perfectionist, she cares deeply for her family and always makes them her top priority. After the move to London she wasted no time at all in charming her way up the social ladder, though sometimes the different culture leaves her at a loss.

Adam Lundgren (Taken!)
Preferred FC: Gary Oldman
Age: 49

As the patriarch of the Lundgren family, Adam came from a long line of wizards. He values his family name highly and will not take kindly to anyone who tries to step in the way of something he wants.
As a businessman, he owns several businesses back in Sweden and Europe, not all of them strictly legal.
He is very strict, with what could be described as a heart of stone. He is not above manipulation and outright lying if it gets him what he wants.

Markus Lundgren (Taken!)

Preferred FC: Dave Franco
Age: 22

The oldest of the Lundgren children, Markus had been the black sheep since day one. Though he got on with his sibling most of the time, he was constantly at odds with his parents and after a big argument his father finally had had enough and tossed him out of the family not a week after the move to England.

Elin Lundgren (taken)

FC: India Eisley
Age: 18

Now the family heir since her elder bother left, Elin suddenly found herself under a lot of pressure. Though she inherited her mothers ability to charm most people, she takes after her father, she is often referred to as 'the ice queen' by the staff, and for good reason.

Nik Lundgren (Available)

Preferred FC: Logan Lerman
Age: 14

Nik is not exactly the sociable type. He prefers to observe than participate, though if the need arises he has inherited his mothers charm just like his older sister. He likes to keep up an air of 'coolness' and prefers to himself as a bad boy, though he is insecure about his place in the family. He gets on great with the younger twins, but is constantly at odds with Elin.

Hanalise Lundgren (Taken)

FC: Madeleine McGraw
Age: 6

The older of the two twins, Hana is shy and timid, preferring to stay with people she knows instead of going out to meet new ones. She loves to be read to, and will do just about anything if there are sweets involved. Since she isn't very good at the English language yet, she prefers to stay quiet instead of speaking most of the time.

Freja Lundgren (Taken)

FC: Madeleine McGraw
Age: 6

Freja is the youngest of the Lundgren children, though she is also the most outgoing and social of the children. While her twin is quiet and shy, Freja is loud and outgoing. Though like her sister she has not completely grasped the English language yet, it doesn't stop her from trying to befriend anyone she sees.

Contact Elin Lundgren or Ava Adair if you'd like to adopt one.
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Hanalise Lundgren

    (17/08/2015 at 14:45)
Come and join the family <3

Update: Two family members left!
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Ava Adair

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Lundgrens - extended family

Since the most of main branch of the family is taken, I decided to add some more extended family.

Hersten Lundgren
FC: Undecided,    Age: 42

Adam's younger brother, Hersten always felt like he was only second best, making him very competitive. While his older brother dealt with all kinds of illegal trades and politics, Hersten got into the forbidden magical items trade. Though he tries to be the exact opposite of his brother, he also possesses the 'work first family second' mentality. He is a proud and bold man and wont hesitate to show it. Though he does come off as rude, deep down he does truly care about his family, even if he doesn't show it.

Camilla Lundgren
FC: Undecided    Age: 37

Camilla can be summed up in three words; generous, reckless and spontaneous. She was always a rebel, so her parents thought it best to find her someone that would calm her down a bit. They thought Hersten would be a good choice (they were wrong). Camilla is just as lively as ever, though she did ease up on the flirting a bit.

Benjamin Lundgren
FC: Undecided,    Age: 13

Much to his fathers disappointment, Benjamin is uncoordinated and built more like a dancer than an athlete. But for what he lacks in muscle he makes up for with his mind. Benjamin is what some call "a brilliant prodigy" and others call "an evil genius"
He loves his books and his projects, but getting him outside and making him socialize is near impossible. Though he can speak multiple languages, he is horrible at social interaction.

Sonja Lundgren
FC: Lily Chee    Age: 10
available taken!

Sonja takes after her mother, much to Camillas delight. While Hersten tries to get Sonja to act like a proper young lady, Camilla encourages her daughter to stand out and rebel against authority. Sonja just loves to be against anything old fashioned, believing that a life of adventure and excitement is the path for her.
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