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Author Topic: The Crimbleton Family - Adoptables and Dateables!  (Read 656 times)

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The Crimbleton Family


The Crimbleton Family is a very, very wealthy family native to Argyll, Scotland. Believed to have been descended from the Dukes of Argyll, the Crimbletons take pride in their Scottish heritage and hold an upright standard in society. They are not boisterous Purebloods that announce the wealth of their kin, and most of the money lies in the current Head of the Family, Amarantha Crimbleton.

The majority of their money does come from Scottish Royalty and good land deals that the Crimbletons made during the 1500s with Mary, Queen of Scots. Scooping up vast estates and manors all across Scotland, they made money through farming and renters.

The Crimbletons ARE blood-traitors and they are very proud of it. Their sympathy for Muggles is a loud voice on the Wizengamot, and Amarantha herself wishes to provide a warm, welcoming hand to all Muggles that feel they’ve been prosecuted.

The family itself is open for adoptables, marriages, and storylines. I’d love to grow the Crimbleton Family into something suitable of what it could be. If you’ve questions, please feel free to message me.

Head of Family, Matriarch: Amarantha Crimbleton
Locum Tenens (Substitute Head / Placeholder): Augustina Crimbleton
Direct Heir of Amarantha Crimbleton, Head of Family: Dalton Crimbleton

Note: All images for faceclaims will be up as soon as I get to it, suggested faceclaims, for now, are listed under every possible adoptable.

The Family
The Unmarried

Bea Crimbleton [Daughter of Amarantha’s] [Age: 53] – Amarantha’s eldest child, she is a confident and witty young lady who is reminiscent of Augustina Crimbleton with a slightly heavier dose of sass. Bea does not talk to her mother Amarantha, and she only associates with her brother Benedict for holidays.
[Suggested Faceclaim Julianna Moore]

Benedict Crimbleton [Son of Amarantha’s] [Age: 52] – Amarantha’s middle son is a kindred young man who has a love for his mother Amarantha. Despite his mother’s disapproval of him due to his hatred of his brother Dalton, the two are still close and in good spirits.  Benedict is unmarried.
[Suggested Faceclaim: Brad Pitt]

The "Wholesome" Family

Dalton Crimbleton [Son of Amarantha’s] [Age: 49] – Dalton is an upright, good-willed man who has the best interest of the family in mind. He is Amarantha’s youngest child, and her favorite to be utterly truthful. Her elder children are jealous that he is Heir of the Family and they are not. Murder plots have surrounded the family for decades, with some various members trying to murder Dalton Crimbleton out of vengeance.
[Suggested Faceclaim: Russell Crowe]

Camilla Crimbleton [Wife of Dalton’s] [Age: 48] – She comes from the wealthy Aleto Family, an Italian Pureblood family who saw the Crimbletons as a prime engagement for their daughter Camilla. Camilla is believed to have been slightly forced into a marriage with Dalton, but the two grew to love eachother as the years went on and they had a few children. Their marriage has grown extremely stable.
[Suggested Faceclaim: Julie Andrews]

Benjamin Crimbleton [Son of Dalton + Camilla’s] [Age: 15] – Taken.

Lucretia Crimbleton [Daughter of Dalton + Camilla’s] [Age: 20s] – Taken.

The Sister's Family

Augustina Crimbleton [Sister of Amarantha’s] [Age: 62] – The younger sister of Amarantha, Augustina is regarded as sensible yet entirely too dangerous. Her motives are dark and she shares a reputation for creating elaborate poisons and potions. She is beloved by her sister Amarantha, although the two have never fought, Augustina does have a grudge against her sister.
[Suggested Faceclaim: Julie Andrews]

Gael Crimbleton [Son of Augustina’s] [Age: 28] – Gael is a meek young man. Although on the cusp of thirty, he is still rather naïve and considered a hopeless romantic, destined to never find love. He does love his mother Augustina and her sister, Amarantha quite a bit. She is a dearly beloved member of the Crimbleton household due to his insight on the family’s funds. He is a loving father to his adopted, Muggle-born son, Troy.
[Suggested Faceclaim: Garrett Hedlund]

Troy Crimbleton [Adopted Son of Gael’s] [Age: 10] [Muggleborn] – Troy is a boy scheduled to be attending Hogwarts anyday now. Quiet and timid, he lost both of his parents in the timewarp and was adopted promptly by Gael Crimbleton. Although nervous around most people, he does find joy and comfort in his foster father, Gael.
[Suggested Faceclaim: Alexander Arzu]
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