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♱     CANNOT      BE
♱     NOR           MAN
DYNASTY     The Dashkov family has made their wealth in the business of exports and precious gemstones and pride themselves on their long standing affluence. An exacting dynasty, they groom their children to be ones of discipline, sharp acumen in business, and of intelligence. True superiority is bred and further cultivated in the classroom. Expected of the Dashkov heirs is nothing less than mere performance, but rather magnificence. They are one of the Old Families of the Caucasus region with strong Russian ties that run as deep and as dark as the ground water. Yet from their more soiled roots they emerge to the sun as ravenous for the light light as light as the finest diamonds. Provided after a bit of well do polishing.

SOCIETY     An influential family with clean ties with the Borovsky family both in business and in society, they maintain a genial public relation, though kept to the extent of a business handshake.

Current Dashkov Line
Volosei Ermolai Dashkov
Anzheliyya Shervashidze Dashkov


Izias Dashkov
Gemini III1924
Camelia Dashkov
Aries III1926
Cancer II1931
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THE borovsky FAMILY.

And do not fear those who kill
the body but cannot kill the soul.
Rather fear him who can destroy
both soul and body in Hell.

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heir and successor to the Dashkov endeavor
Eldest son to Volosei Ermolai Dashkov and Anzheliyya (née Shervashidze) Dashkov. He is as rapier in his sense of humor as he is in his aspiring business sense and as with the fencing sword. He is everything a young man of promise ought to be and with all the intention of making good on that promise. Accomplished at Durmstrang, the young heir, despite his charm and cache of wealth Izias kept himself to the periphery rather than the center of school politics, lacking the requisite penchant for arrogance or sadism. Before finishing his education, the invasion of his family home at Novorossiysk by the invading German scourge, engaged him in its defense and more importantly the family assets. The coastal city now liberated, Izias has returned to the pressures of business under the burdens of both war and expectation as his family maintains hope that his tendency towards the cavalier does not lead him towards unfavorable ends.
FACE CLAIM: Francisco Lachowski to come...

please answer the following in-character in your adoption request.
1. What do you most value in your friends?
2. What trait do you most deplore in yourself? In others?
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