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Author Topic: CAIUS + (FAMILY?)  (Read 746 times)

Caius Thorne

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Hi, guys! So, I've been toying with an idea for Caius' plot development, and I've been wanting to act on what I've been referencing in his previous posts about his absent mum and stuff, and mostly I think it'll be fun to have him interact with more people hah. Right, then.

Once upon a time
Brief history:

In his bio, his mum Briony (Pureblood, surname negotiable) was supposedly from a high-profile wizarding family and when she visited a friend in Kent, she had a fling with a muggle named Hector.  After 2 weeks of being head-over-heels with the rugged woodsman, she realised how family was more important to her and decided to go back to where she belonged (probably off to marry some pureblood dude) not realising she was pregnant with Caius??! This unplanned pregnancy was obviously covered up by her family and uh, instead of taking baby Caius in, they sent him back to his father; like, we don't want no half-muggle baby pls. >.>

Anyway, time warp happened and took Daddy Thorne away leaving Caius to rot in an orphanage. No contact from mum (who has her own family by now) until he was 13. She wants reconcile with him which explains the buttload of Howlers and letters Caius has been receiving... and this summer, just before camp starts, he's grudgingly meeting her (and her family) at last!

I think you know where I'm going here. I have no template for faces or backgrounds because I'm literally just inserting Caius in your family tree/plot lol. So yeah, if you have an existing family that'll probably fit into Caius' purposefully vague story, let me know! I'd love to discuss and plan things with you. Names are subject to change if this thing is a go! c:


   1. Has interacted briefly with Ulyanovs, and since the player has not been around for a while, I'm willing to work around this.
   2. We can work with Caius' maternal side, too.
   3. Suggestion are welcome.

TL;DR: Stepfamily needed, preferably high-profile & existing, step-siblings are a definite plus Send me a PM if you're interested or have any concerns. Thanks for reading!
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