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Gregory Noble

    (05/03/2015 at 00:56)

manners. maketh. man


There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.
               - Ernest Hemingway

We are not a family in which you are given the title of your birthright—we are a family in which that right must be earned.
Unlike most families with an ancient name, whose prestigious birth dripped with wealth and opportunity, we were a family Founded, not born. With ideals set forth by William Horman, the name Noble wrote itself into history on the eve of June 1st, 1520—Founded by three men of moderate wealth, extraordinary intellect, and, well, noble intention.
Richard Noble, first of the name, took this motto and selected a creed of gentlemen to uphold it’s meaning.  A proper man had no need to promote his wealth and grandeur. He found respect a common place, he followed etiquette, manners passed down and he lived by morals. A proper man had no silver tongue, but a steel back, his word a signature and his suit the only armor he would ever need.
A proper man spoke true, and lived only by the strength his action.


Gregory Noble

    (05/03/2015 at 00:56)

code of a


  • Manners. Maketh. Man.
  • Pride in Self. Above all Else.
  • Courage in truth. Honor in word.

Pistol or Pen?

While the Noble family works on a path straying from conventional, they are strict in their moral code. Working on a simple system of trust, all they do is based on three codes. Should you uphold the righteous morals and strength of character, it is an easy feat to remain a Noble.
Yet, should you break that in which has been entrusted to you, there is no second chance. Mercy is not shown to those less worthy, to those found guilty of such appalling negligence.  It is the risk run by those who take the Noble name and make the choice to betray it—a choice between a pistol or a pen. Neither punishment less severe: to choose pistol is to choose death, and to take up the pen is to have your existence struck from of the Noble line. Death is absolute, but in life you linger with shame. For a Noble man, a pistol is often the preferred choice.

This is a family built of trusting one another and expecting them to uphold their principals. This means, if you decide to adopt, and your character breaks the code or goes against the family, there will be consequences which are not limited to removing their privilege of using the Noble name.

Gregory Noble

    (05/03/2015 at 00:56)

Meet the


Main Family

Elliot Noble | 39 | Halfblood | TAKEN 
FC: Colin Firth
Uptight, stern, loving.

Charlotte Noble | 35 | Halfblood | TAKEN 
FC: Candice Swanepoel

Leonard Noble | 17 | Halfblood | TAKEN 
FC: Colton Haynes
Rebel, fighter, and a seducer.

Cecily Noble | 17 | Halfblood | TAKEN
FC: Emilia Clark
Posh, primp, and witty.   

Gregory Noble | 15 | Halfblood | TAKEN
FC: Taron Egerton
Sharp, suave, and a heart of gold.

Abigail Noble | 14 | Halfblood | OPEN 
FC: Sarah Bolger
Dainty, kind, and smarter than she lets on.

Cormac Noble | 10 | Halfblood | OPEN 
FC: Chandler Canterbury
Goofy, spoiled, and pushing boundaries.

Marjorie Noble | 3 | Halfblood | TAKEN 
FC: Duda Bundchen
Sweet, delicate, darling

Margaret Noble | 3 | Halfblood | TAKEN 
FC: Duda Bundchen
Sweet, delicate, darling

Richard Noble | 74 | Halfblood | OPEN 
FC: Tommy Lee Jones
Strict, protective, rough.

Seconds in Command

These characters are open and are welcome to be completely fleshed out however you please!

Edward Noble [OPEN]
Elizabeth Noble [OPEN]
Camila Noble [TAKEN]
[Son] [OPEN]

Anna Noble, widowed [OPEN]
Phillip [OPEN]
Gary [TAKEN]
[Son] [OPEN]


Please contact Gregory Noble if you are interested in adopting!
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Gregory Noble

    (05/03/2015 at 00:57)

only and forever


Those in the family take our Father’s words as law; it is the blood in which has pumped through our veins. We follow the principles, not as a family of fortune, but rather of dire necessity. Blood purity has been, through the ages, the most desired aspect of a wizard. To have pure blood was to be recognized for achievement. You have not strayed, and the blood that flows has remained untouched by those of nonmagical heritage.
Those of the Noble family saw purity for something entirely different: something stale and tired and fundamentally flawed. All three men knew how flawed a family of pure intention could be, with children born barren of any magical strength.
Blood purity was not only unwise, but could sire the absolute unmagical. That cause, to strive for variety, has kept a family of strength and virtue. It is the hinge on which sets the Noble family so far apart. No child of the Noble family has been born a Squib: few of pure blood can truthfully claim the same.

Born to Nobility

Children of the Noble family are taught from the start, not with a silver spoon, but with lessons of integrity. They are never handed a want on a platter but given a chance at achieving it. After all, a moral compass is not something shown but something learned, and Noble children learn quickly that nothing comes free.
But children are children, and they are quick to react and even quicker to make mistakes. Until the age of sixteen, a child is allowed to act, within reason, as they please. Strict adherence for a child is often frowned upon, for a boy pressed too hard with bend and let too loose will run. Freedom to find oneself is a high value for the Noble family, so long as that freedom is not a compromise of the family as a whole. 

Every child must grow up, and their sixteenth birthday is a choice: to remain within the family or leave. It is not frowned upon to leave, as not everyone shares the views of the Nobleman, in leaving you are: given a new name devoid of history and value, but a start of new life saw the Noble name well, so many still remain in touch with their own family members. No one is forced to live by the code of the Noble family, but once you’ve left, you haven’t a choice of returning. 

Very few decline the offer.

Head of Family & Seconds in Command

No one is born an Heir to the Noble family. In mimicking the three Founding Fathers, the Noble family vote on the next to lead, as well as their seconds of power. This has allowed the family to survive through barren lines and have never let an individual hold absolute power.

Should a Head of Family make ill on their code, or take power to corrupt, the family can bring charges against him. A vote can remove him from the position, though to do so is no minimal undertaking. Evidence need be gathered and to accuse a Head of malintent is near as bad as performing a grievance yourself. There has only been two instances in which the family turned against the Head, and in both instances family spoke true.


Gregory Noble

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Elliot Noble

    (06/03/2015 at 05:22)
Join the family.

We have Colin Firth.
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Camilla Noble

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- Camilla

Gregory Noble

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That was low, cousin.

Here is Camilla, preparing for Quidditch. The helmet is required for all physical activities.

Cecily Noble

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And here is Gregory posing with his father.

The leg thing clearly does it for him.

Gregory Noble

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Leo and Gary are officially taken! Our family is expanding!

Gary Noble

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We're super cool, you guys. And cute. But also cool.

Gregory Noble

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