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You must have applied as an Elsewhere character before completing this permit.

Shop name: The Royal Flush
Shop Type: Casino, Bar and Restaurant
Location: Diagon Alley
Subforum? Yes please!

Short Description (50 words max): We don’t care who you are, everybody is a winner! We have anything you could possibly want and more, ‘The Royal Flush’ where the winners play.

Long Description (200 words min):

Renovated from an old theatre The Royal Flush looks grand, if not entirely in keeping with the rustic aesthetic of Diagon Alley. The outside of the building shows the brick wall of the structure, similar to most of the building found in Diagon but the over elaborate use of gold finishing on the windows, doors and the crimson awning that lined the entrance made the Casino really stand out from those around it. During the night, the lights flood onto the street and the sign takes to life in the form of five illuminated cards appearing, their suits changing upon every appearance, in descending order from an Ace to a Ten before colliding together to present the sign ‘THE ROYAL FLUSH’.

The double wooden doors with golden handles would lead you into the lobby, cream ceilings and white marble floor and pillars were encased among the plush interior, complimented by crimson curtains and carpet that would lead you to the front desk. To the left was an in built stairwell that would take visitors up the vip and members lounge along with the private offices belonging to those who needed them. To the right was another stairwell that led up to the restaurant and kitchens. Ossir had insisted on White marble, crimson cloth and gold finishing’s wherever possible. The renovations had split the former balcony into two sections, separated by the kitchen for easier service to both ordinary patrons and the elite.

The Gambling Hall

Upon entry, four dark oak stairs take you down onto the gambling floor which had been lined with a thick, crimson carpet throughout. It was a small opening where people could freely move about before becoming entangled within the vast betting scene. To the far left were rows upon rows of benches and stools which held the table top iron slot machines. No two machines were the same, all with different pattern, reels and pay outs. To the far right was the white marble bar which ran all the way down that side of the hall, filled with all sorts of delightful alcohols. Down the centre of the hall you would find white finished oak tables that housed any game you could wish to play, crabs, roulette, pontoon, poker – they were all there and each table had its own croupier for those who dabble in superstition and luck. High above it all is a large four tier chandelier that consumes the air around it in its magnificence.

The Restaurant

Boasting a capacity of 100 people, the restaurant offers little variety from the colour scheme set throughout the Casino with red carpet, white furniture and booths it’s only the black tables that offers a change. Upon entry diners are greeted and taken immediately to their left towards the seating area while the kitchens are located immediate to the right of the stairwell opening. With a see through glass balcony rail running right round, diners get the full view of the action on the floor as well as quite the meal with chefs cooking from a limited but gourmet menu. Vegetarians welcome. A small bar can also be found towards the kitchens though its variety is limited to wines and the odd bottle or four of spirits. The wall remained bare apart from the odd wall mounted lamp to provide a bit more light in the corners of the area.

The Members lounge

Should you find yourself favoured by the proprietor, the members lounge is vastly different to the restaurant area opposite. Finished dark oak flooring ran through the area, paintings and photographs littered the wall, some of exotic and wondrous places, some of famous faces and influential people. There were no stand alone tables in this area, blue and gold booths were installed for more private affairs and unlike the restaurant the edge of the balcony had been walled with charmed glass that let the inhabitants look out at the casino but didn’t allow anyone to look in. Towards the back of the room were the private offices and very small and yet very well stocked bar which held nothing but the best of the best range of alcohol that its patrons could desire.

The Private Offices

Need to know basis and any unauthorised personale may not enjoy what they would find. 

What purpose will this shop serve other than selling things and being the home of your character? Why would people want to RP there just for fun?
The Casino blends together the delicate balance of high culture and the seedy underbelly under one roof, there’s something for every character! It will also serve as a central hub for Ossir’s crime syndicate to which hopefully will make Elsewhere even more active!! As well many new occupations for people to throw their characters into!
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