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Asher Nicolosi-Cadwallader

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Shop name: The Silver Phoenix
Shop Type: Pawn Shop and Occasional Casino
Location: Diagon Alley
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Short Description (50 words max): Come to sell your rags and bones? Or perhaps just looking for that item you never knew you needed? Endless opportunity awaits you, fortune seeker, in the place where wares of all walks are given new life. Step right in, and welcome to The Silver Phoenix pawn shop.

Long Description (200 words min):
Opened in the summer of 1942, The Silver Phoenix is a stone, two-story building that occupies a street corner and a decent portion of the block. The exterior of the lower story is finished with shiny red brick, while the upper story is a simpler light brown stone. The door to the shop, which faces the corner instead of either street, is made of the same warm wood that accents and frames the large windows on either exterior wall. The glass of the windows on either side of the door each display two large, transparent silver phoenixes that move and fly about the crystal clear surfaces gracefully. The door to the shop also boasts the shop's logo - the mirrored silhouettes of two phoenixes in flight, done in silver over the shop's name - on the large window. A wrap-around sign in black glass shows the shop's street number over the door and the name of the shop in a formal script on either side, all of which are in embossed in silver and lit through lights just above the sign. To the right of the shop is an alleyway that features a private back door which seems to be locked.

Walking into the shop, one finds themselves in a very large, open room with polished wooden floors and plastered white walls that fade into a beautiful silvery grey as they stretch up to an embossed silver ceiling. The lighting in the shop is mostly natural, though the phoenixes in the windows often create ripples in the light that add something cozy to it. In the evenings, little orbs of light dance around near the silver ceiling, reflecting light across the shop playfully. Asher has what appears to be a large radio near one of the windows, which always seems to be running just fine despite the magic around it. There are never commercials or news reports, and instead soft jazz from the most popular musicians and singers of the day plays constantly. It has been enchanted to tune in to the performances that take place at Tchaikovsky, allowing patrons and staff to listen to them in real-time (with permission from his cousins, of course).

A beautiful display counter lines the far wall to the right, with enough space behind it for staff to move about freely and assist customers. These counters contain a variety of jewelry, small magical items, shelf-stable ingredients, and a few extremely rare or dangerous books. The wall behind the counter displays broomsticks for sale of all brands and qualities (i.e., used, new), the shop's permits, and a few signs, including one which shows the current rates for popular items and updates daily. Next to the counter is a closed door which leads to the back room, adorned with a sign which reads:
Staff Only. Do Not Enter.

This doorway leads to a long hallway with the office, the staff room, a restroom, and a stairwell.

The wall to the left features two large, heavy bookshelves that extend to the ceiling and a ladder so that the upper shelves may be reached. As expected, these shelves hold a number of used books of all varieties, as well as serving as displays for knick-knacks, toys, and cauldrons. One of the middle shelves displays a large number of clearly-labeled potions, though the shelf is spelled with a barrier so that they may not be touched. The wall next to these shelves feature artwork of both Wizarding and Muggle influences, as well as autographs from a variety of famous Wizards and Witches (such as Quidditch players) for sale. There is also a large fireplace in the corner where the two walls meet, which is connected to the Floo Network for daily access by commuting Witches and Wizards.

The middle of this room has a few aisles formed by long platforms that keep their wares just a few inches from the ground, and display furniture, cages, musical instruments, and even a few racks of clothing. Cages with animals that have been sold to him are also featured in the middle aisles, though they are few and far between (because really, who in their right mind would trust Asher with animals?). Taller platforms display some of the better quality furniture items in the windows. These items vary depending on what has been sold to the shop - one might find a dollhouse one day, or an excess of spinning wheels, or even a number of Muggle television sets.

Due to the variety of items inside, the shop is enchanted with several security spells, including what Asher has referred to as a "patented anti-theft spell", which may or may not actually be any different from any other anti-theft measures. However, if anyone does attempt to shoplift, they would find their stolen goods unable to pass over the threshold of any exit. For those wearing flimsy fabrics, they will notice holes where the stolen items ripped themselves free of their hiding places, while those using stronger means of theft - such as satchels or winter wear - will find themselves in a battle with the enchantments in order to leave without returning the goods. This includes the threshold of the Staff Only door.

On one end of the wood-floored hallway is the rear entrance to the building, which may only be opened from the outside by staff or Asher's tenants (rather than by key, one must tap their wand against the lock to open it), but may be opened from the inside by anyone. Near this entrance is a set of stairs that go up to the upper floor of the building, and a set of stairs that lead down to the basement door. On the upper floor, one is met with a simple hallway with four doors, each adorned with a glittering, silver number. Apartment 1 belongs to Asher, but 2-4 are rented out (most often to those who work for him, though it is rumored that Apartment 4 might be rented at lower rates to those in dire need).

The basement is accessible only to Asher, though he has weekly passwords that allow others access in the dead of the night. The door is heavy steel, much like that of a storage cellar. One might assume that additional oddities are stored below, and they would be half right. Of course, the oddities below are hardly for the shop; one night a week, the basement of The Silver Phoenix becomes home to Asher's very own - very exclusive - underground* Wizarding casino. Every other night of the week, the basement appears to be a storage area with an empty bar. Those special nights, however, when one gains access to the building and provides the password at the door, they will find themselves entering into a world of dimly lit colors of all varieties, the most popular table games waiting for them and their money. There are games for low-rollers and those with a taste for higher stakes, and those that might require a dealer or operator run themselves magically while Asher plies his guests with drinks and smokes. Sometimes, he runs tournaments which are operated by himself, and occasionally if he trusts someone enough, he will allow them to assist him in hosting. For him, it's yet another way to keep away his boredom, but mum's the word on his newest, most exciting project.

* illegal, in that Asher has no permissions/permits to run such an establishment

What purpose will this shop serve other than selling things and being the home of your character? Why would people want to RP there just for fun?
Because of its location in Diagon Alley, Asher's shop provides a lot of fun opportunities for both the Londonite Witch or Wizard and the inquisitive student, be it finding that last collector's item or discovering a rare item (the shop could provide IC opportunities for the obtaining of rare items that have been Specially Requested, serving OOC purposes as well). On top of that, Asher offers employment and internship opportunities for those looking for work or wishing to learn a slightly less 'traditional' job, as well as housing opportunities for those wanting to rent a flat.
There is also totally not an underground casino in the basement. Nope. Not at all. Absolutely not. This is not the illegal gambling joint you're looking for... CHEESE IT, IT'S THE AURORS.
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