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E L S E W H E R E   A D U L T


Character Name: Tsubasa Arai
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Blood Status: Pureblood

Mahoutokoro 1935


In Japan: (Permanent) Uji, Kyoto Prefecture. (Temporary) Sapporo, Ishikari Sub prefecture, Hokkaido prefecture
Currently: Arai residence near Torrin, on the Island of Skye, Scotland.

Independent researcher

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  • Charms: 9
  • Divination: 10
  • Transfiguration: 8
  • Summoning: 5

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Bio Note: Special Request for Lycanthropy approved by Calla Locksley on 1/14/2015

Tsubasa was born in Uji, in the same place Lady Murasaki had composed The Tale of Genji, and where the Buddhist temple Byōdō-in had remained in silent solemnity for over a thousand years, its halls elegantly mirrored in the surrounding lake. As a small girl, and the eldest of the Arai family, she ran freely with her younger brothers across the fire-red bridge spanning the river, and ate rainbow konpeitō in the shadow of the mountains. At the time, she didn’t think she’d ever leave the river-bed, and as she grew, she watched her brothers join the other men as they participated in the Agata festival. As the darkness enveloped the city, time ceased and she knew her sons would come back to this place, and continue the tradition that ran in their blood.

When the time came, Tsubasa entered Mahoutokoro as the rest of her family had, and although her wand wood was not cherry, as was so coveted among her classmates, but rather red maple, everyone said it suited her, as the fall leaves in Kyoto were so famous. During her schooling, she regularly attended classes on the art of tea ceremonies at her mother’s tea house and eventually recruited several of her classmates. With her soft accent and graceful movements, she was quite popular, and she reveled in it. Secretly, during her seventh year she began to date a half-blood boy, who was widely regarded as one of the most attractive people in the school. After graduation, she continued to see him on her way home from the tea house, and they routinely chatted over green tea shave ice.

However, Tsubasa’s parents, ever concerned for her future, arranged a marriage for her, through an omiai at the age of eighteen. Though everyone in her family had been married through this process, some of them more happily than others, Tsubasa broke down in tears after being shown a profile of her proposed husband, and fought with her mother about the idea of assimilating her half-blood boyfriend into the family instead. After the argument accomplished nothing, she ran away into the mountains, and planned to spend the night at a shrine. After a few hours, however, she became disoriented in the darkness, and her sobbing attracted a werewolf, whom attacked her.
In the morning, Tsubasa’s brothers, Taketo and Hikaru, found her in the woods, unconscious and bleeding. After carrying her home, their parents consulted a family friend, who sealed her wound with silver and dittany. Afraid of any word of the event becoming public, and thus destroying their reputation, Tsubasa’s father moved the entire family to Sapporo, a city in Hokkaido, the northernmost island of Japan, under instruction by her mother. This move was incredibly important as Chie Arai, once of the Nakamura family and the wife of Tsubasa’s cousin Yuusuke, through a less than successful marriage, lived in close quarters and had proven herself to be quite troublesome when it came to digging up any information that may allow her to petition for a divorce. Since the move, Tsubasa’s lycanthropy has not been discussed among anyone besides her older brothers and parents, and only using code words.

After the move to Hokkaido, Hikaru and Taketo continued to study at Mahoutokoro, while Tsubasa and her father planned for her monthly transformations. During this time, Tsubasa spoke to her mother less, as any conversation they had devolved into an argument. Because of this, she slowly began to detest her mother’s training in tea ceremonies, cooking, and the other ladylike mannerisms that had made her so popular in school. During her ample free time, Tsubasa wandered around the snowy plains, and came to terms that she no longer had the capability for love or fear.

A few months passed, and eventually Hikaru, who’d taken to slyly searching for any information regarding werewolves in the school’s library (and finding nothing of use) suggested to Tsubasa and Hikaru that they work together to research lycanthropy and develop a cure. Together, the trio studied English and Latin in order to read more literature, and slowly began to carefully explore the field. Tsubasa particularly took a fascination with astronomy, as she could not rationalize why her fate was tied to the moon. Absorbed in her work, she slowly became nocturnal, and wandered in the mountains with her telescope, searching for answers she couldn’t possibly find.

During her transformations, Tsubasa is taken by her father and brothers into a decided upon location, as isolated as they can possibly procure, and confined. As she protests against this treatment, she wears high heels, no matter the terrain.
In 1939, the family received word that Tsubasa’s cousin Yuusuke had been reported MIA after a conflict in the government-controlled nation of Manchukuo, and without reserve, Chie suggested that the family leave, unless they intended for Taketo and Hikaru to enlist upon graduation. Another letter from a cousin in America, Kenji Kanada, also hinted at the possibility of some sort of conflict with the United States.

Unsure what else to do, the family moved to an even more remote location, a settlement called Torrin on the Island of Skye in Scotland. After some pleading, they also brought along two teenage children of Chie and Yuusuke, and intend to send them to Hogwarts.

Despite living in Scotland for nearly five years, the Arais have remained antisocial and none of them have bothered to learn much Gaelic, besides Taketo and Tsubasa’s 3 year old sister, Ruri. Although the children’s’ English is improving, Tsubasa’s parents rarely leave the house, and have taken to raising sheep, sometimes even acquiring tips from muggles. They still speak mainly Japanese within their household.

Tsubasa, after five years of near isolation, has taken to re-claiming her identity, and often visits London on the pretense of research, even though the sort of “research” she often partakes in is not the sort her brothers would support.

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Option Two
Perhaps the moon’s surface wasn’t covered in sand, but rather in snow. No one had ever been there, so who was to say exactly what was up there? Tsubasa could picture it- a landscape completely devoid of sound, where snowflakes fell in straight lines, unperturbed by the wind, indifferentiable from stars. As she’d never experienced snow for much of her life, not until she moved to Hokkaido, it took no great amount of imagination for the woman to imagine the tiny crystals behind handed down to man in the pale, perfect hands of Princess Kaguya, who came from the moon herself and returned there against her will.

Snow always ignited this sort of day dream within Tsubasa’s head, and although she’d never fancied herself as the romantic type, days like these brought with them a sort of serenity she felt no person with a warm heart could ignore. As she wandered the streets aimlessly, unware of time passing by, she ruminated on the possibly of snow on the moon, someone had apparently run into her.

"Coming through! Coming th--- arrrgh!

As most of the words around her were in a cacophony of English, Tsubasa had a habit of tuning them out, but she managed to catch the last words of a man who’d fallen straight to the ground in an explosion of golden tinsel. With a perplexed expression, the woman’s accusing stare shifted from the person on the ground, to the stray decorations that had joined the snow scattered about her hair and coat, to the box, and back again. Soon, he was on his feet, muttering words that were still somewhat beyond her.

 "For Merlin's sake! I am so sorry! This blasted snow!"

Perhaps it had been his fault, but he blamed the snow. It was pretty silly of him, really. At least he seemed to be apologetic, for what it was worth. A real man would have told the truth, or come up with a better lie than that, though.

“No, I’m sorry.” She insisted, the words still foreign on her tongue despite all her efforts to learn English.

 “Let me help.”

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