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Denise OSullivan

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Name: Denise Mariela O'Sullivan

Former Character's Name (if you had one):Kaitlyn O'Sullivan

House Request:
Denise desperately wants to continue with the family ‘tradition’ of being in Gryffindor. But due to her thirst to prove herself, her leadership qualities and determination and resourcefulness I think she will do well in Slytherin.  If Denise is not in Slytherin then I think maybe Ravenclaw because she is quite intellegent.

Year:  First (Denise is the younger cousin of Kaitlyn O’Sullivan who is a second year so Denise kind of has to be a first year if possible)

Bloodline: Half-blood

Magical Strength (pick one): Transfiguration

Magical Weakness (pick one): C/S



An eight year old Denise O’Sullivan sauntered into the kitchen. Her mother looked angry, very angry and had a letter scrunched in her long fingers. She knew that her report had been sent home today but she hadn’t expected her mother to take this reaction.

“What does this mean, Denise?”

Denise looked at her mother wide-eyed and then shrugged. It was always better to hear what she had to say before trying to speak. The one person who she didn't want to contradict was her mother.

“It means, young lady, that…”

Her mother broke off. Denise looked up expectantly. What did it mean?

“That, your Professor needs to learn how to control his class more!”

Denise breathed a sigh of relief, thank goodness her mother had taken that point of view. It was true, she wasn’t the only one that didn’t listen to stupid Professor Goulding. It was his fault for being such a pathetic excuse for a man. He was no man, eight year old Denise was more of a man than he was.

“What’s wrong with standing up for yourself? I someone pushes you, damn right push ‘em back”

Denise laughed with her mother for the next hour or so, and ceremoniously threw his letter into the fireplace. Mum was so cool, so much better than all the other boring Mum’s who never listened to their kids.


“Mum, d’you think I’ll be a Gryffindor”

“If you’re anything like your mother you will be!”

“Would you still love me if I were in another house, say Slytherin”

“Of course I’ll still love you, you’re my favourite child”

“I’m your only child, Ma”

“Still counts as a favourite”

“Was that what the family feud was about? Was it because you were in the wrong house”

“Denise, You know I don’t like to talk about that”


“No, Now go to bed it’s far too late for little kids to be up”

“I’m not little though, I’m eleven!”

“Denise, bed, now”

“Okay, Goodnight Ma”

“Good night darling”



Denise is loud, opinionated and is not afraid to speak out. She doesn’t really care for rules and is hot-headed.  Denise always shares her opinion, no matter what anyone thinks and will always stand up for herself and her friends. She is quite a nice girl though and is often seen with a large grin on her face. Occasionally she feels lonely, due to always being by herself as a child.

But Denise’s loud mouth can sometimes get her in to arguments or serious trouble because she doesn’t have a very good judgement of what is rude or not. Her comments can sometimes come off as unintentionally rude.

Denise is kind to those who are kind to her and tries very hard to keep her friends.


Denise is Black Irish and is of Cuban decent. Denise has large brown eyes that often make people believe she is innocent. She has thick shoulder length curly browny-black hair that she usually wears in two bunches either side of her head. Denise is of an average height for her age, at 4”8.

Option II:

“Oh, come now!"

Astrid Bixby’s voice carried down the corridor, the tall blonde girl not far behind. Her interviewee – or victim, depending on perspective – turned a corner and she frowned. They were always soelusive when she needed them. Sure, they would talk as if there was no tomorrow during class, but once she actually needed them to say something, they were nowhere to be found. Gryffindors.

Flustered, Astrid stopped in the middle of the corridor and stared, her parchment hanging limply from her hand. She was a good reporter, really, and she always did her best to make sure that everything she wrote was accurate. She glanced down to the quill, eyeing it with disdain. It wasn’t her fault if her quill misquoted. How was she supposed to know? It made for interesting articles, at least, and if she had misquoted the Head Boy last term as saying he had a love for stuffed animals, then that gave him personality. Astrid sighed.

A pout formed on her lips as she turned away, discouraged. The corridor was mercifully empty, though the doors to The Spellbound – the school newspaper – were ominously closed. Corbridge was a mercifully sweet editor, but Astrid was terrified of disappointing her all the same. She hadto come back with quotes.
Her eyes, blue, trailed her surroundings before choosing a new path, and she turned down a new corridor. A figure was ahead, and her eyes lit up, an impossibly rosy smile blossoming across her lips.

“Hey!” Astrid called, her voice light and singsong. She trotted to catch the person, her shoes clicking on the stone floor. “Wait up! It’s for the paper!” Her legs aided her admittedly poor running, and Astrid gasped as she came closer. “What do you think about serving frog legs at lunch? Some say it’s a delicacy, but others think it’s plain gross.”

Sample Roleplay Response:
Denise was not in the mood for anytime of socialising. After such a long day of classes Denise just wanted to get back to her common room and relax but things never seemed to work out the way she planned.
Denise was not the sort of girl you wanted to see when she was tired and cranky, she often shocked people with how angry she could get on occasion.  Denise wasn’t always full of energy and loud and smiley. After a day full of boring, stupid Professors droning on all day, who could blame her for being a bit out of character.

That’s why when she heard a sing-song voice calling out behind her, Denise didn’t even bother turning around.  She knew it was a bit rude but rudeness was something Denise never really cared about, unless directed at her.

“Wait up! It’s for the paper!”

Denise quickly dragged an almost smile on to her face and turned around to face a tall blonde girl, in a pathetic attempt of running, approaching her.
“What do you think about serving frog legs at lunch? Some say it’s a delicacy, but others think it’s plain gross.”

Denise scrunched her face up in disgust. “Frog legs?” she screamed out, her voice filling the corridor.  “This is Hogwarts not mamsy pamsy Beauxbatons!” Denise was horrified at the fact they would even contemplate this. And being Denise, she was going to let her feelings known.

“Frog legs is more than just gross, it’s absolutely disgusting!”

She smiled at the girl, hoping that her extravagant but honest quotes would be good enough to get in the paper.

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Miss O'Sullivan,

Congratulations, your application to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry has been accepted.

Term begins 01 January. Currently, students have gathered at the Summer Campus. Your admission is joint for both the school and the summer campus, and we encourage you to spend your summer there. Should you choose, you may also visit our Elsewhere board via the Floo Network to visit or purchase school supplies. We look forward to seeing you at the Castle.

Esme Vartan
Keeper of the Keys