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Bonnie Pierson

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Application for Hogwarts School

Name: Bonnie Pierson.

Birthday: 31st December.

Hometown: London, England.


Magical Strength (pick one):

Magical Weakness (pick one):

Year (pick two):
First year and second year.

Bonnie was born into a Muggle family in London. Her mother Angelina, who was a Korean, died birth to Bon. Bonnie is an English/Korean mixed. Her father,Johnathan,  being an explorer and a historian, travelled around the world a lot and was rarely home. So, Bonnie grew up in the hand of her grandmother, Meredith who was a successful pianist. Bonnie rather suffered from a poor health as a child and was rather weak and often fell sick. But her health conditions improved as she grew older but she got tired more easily than most children. Because of the fact of being grown up in her grandmother's hand, she is very close to her.


Bonnie is described to be kind-hearted, sweet, loving, caring and empathetic and patient . She is also quite insecure and unsure of herself and what she stands for. Especially being a muggleborn, she, often, feels like she doesn't belong so she surrounds herself with other muggleborns most of the time as she believe they feel the same way as her. Bonnie is also very sensitive and emotional, she doesn't take criticism at all and is easy to break down and get hurt easily. Even though, it is easy to hurt her feelings, it is also very easy to please her. The little things people does for her means a lot to her and she would feel very happy and pleased at the small gesture of kindness and would appreciate it. After all, she had been taught and told by her grandmother her whole life to appreciate little good things. She is usually energetic and loves having fun. She would do anything to relieve boredom.

Bonnie has a small, heart-shaped face and has a rather fair skin. Her hair is long till the middle of her waist, straight and dark- coloured which she inherited from by her mother's hair. She has a small, button nose and deeply defined dimples on both of her cheeks. Her eyes are known to be large, almond-shaped and brown-coloured. She inherited her eyes from her father. She is very short; standing only at 4'10" . Her body type is petite.

Please reply to one of the Sample Roleplays below.

  Bonnie had been spending the whole afternoon of Saturday, reading the Charms textbook on the Courtyard . She was never a fan of homeworks back when she was in the Muggle world but in the Wizarding World and at Hogwarts, everything just seemed really interesting to her and she was more than willing to learn new things about it.
      She felt the need to use the bathroom so she made her way towards the girls' bathroom. After using, she walked down the corridors with her book in her hands. Hearing a voice of a girl calling, the brunette stopped in her tracks and turned around to see a tall and blonde-haired girl running towards her. Not knowing what to do or say, she just stared at the girl with wide eyes in an awkward way. Hearing the girl's question, Bonnie blinked a couple times, "Oh, um, " she began with her soft voice, slightly unsure of how to answer the question. She never really thought of frog legs but now that she thought about it, the idea sounded rather unpleasant, "Well, um, I'm not a fan of animal legs." She answered the question, slowly. 


Please list any characters you have on the site (current and previous):

How did you find us?:

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Hello Bonnie! Welcome to! Your application is coming along very nicely, but there are just a few things I would like you to address.

I see Bonnie is a muggleborn, and that’s fantastic. I have muggleborn characters myself! However, being a muggleborn also means that she would have experienced the Time Warp. You can get more information about it here: Time Warp

It was an event in our site’s history that send the Wizarding World back in time, but left the Muggelborns ahead. This would have meant that Bonnie would have been left at only 3 years old, and would have likely been picked up by St Mungos Orphanage. I’d like to know how that affected her, with her weak health and being pulled away from her father and grandmother.   

Please copy and paste your entire application, and respond below instead of editing. That way we know to come back and look. Thank you!