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Application for Hogwarts School

Étienne Fiacre [Eh-Tee-En Fee-Ah-Cray]

February 16th

Le Havre, Normandy, France

Muggleborn : Halfblood : Pureblood : Unknown

Magical Strength (pick one):
Divination : Transfiguration : Charms : Conjuring & Summoning

Magical Weakness (pick one):
Divination : Transfiguration : Charms : Conjuring & Summoning

Year (pick two):
4th or 5th year

When Étie popped out into the world, he was greeted with smiles and tears. So naturally, he grew up with his smiles and others' tears.

He didn’t know who his father was. And whenever he asked, his mom just smiled at him and said that he was a good man, great even. But she still dated around. Sometimes her boyfriends would treat her really bad, and Étie grew really protective of her, and in his mind, he would constantly think of ways to make those guys suffer. So when one of those days of watching his mother shrink back at another drunken vagabond attempting to feel up his mother at their café, he naturally didn’t notice when the man’s coat caught fire. He’d imagined it countless times before, and only when the man felt the heat on his arm did he snatch his hand away at begin cursing profusely about someone putting out the fire.

Étie, of course, thought nothing of it until the next time something strange occurred. He was helping his mother get supplies for the café when he dropped a basket of croissants. Imagine his surprise when he saw said basket floating midair just a few inches above the wooden floorboards, croissants in tact. He warily approached the basket veggie it feel those few inches. It was then that Étie felt something might just be going on with him.

These occurrences happened a few more times, though always accidental; a customers' white hair turning brown, a single daisy blooming in their flower patch, the postman having a random wind brush by while Étie was rushing to deliver a stray parcel. Étie became accustomed to them, though still curious as to why they occurred. The most frightening and enlightening experience occurred when he did something in front of his mother. They were painting the shutters on the windows of the café, Étie was up on the ladder to unscrew them when he dropped the screwdriver. His mother was beyond shocked when it did not fall on her,  or fall at all really. She reached out to grab it from its place in the air, amazed, then turned to Étie with a face as confused as Étie's was scared. A letter appeared suddenly then dropping in between them. When Étie looked up, he saw a lone owl on the roof, during the daytime mind you. His mother, already bewildered, picked up the letter and read an acceptance letter to l'académie de magie de Beauxbâtons. That's when Etienne knew there must be others like himself out there.

Things happened in a flash after that. When the academy didn't receive a reply, a representative from the school arrived and explained everything to him and his mother. What was most surprising, besides the hidden palace, the different government and currency, was probably learning that his unknown father was also magical. A wizard as it was called. He questioned whether or not his mother knew, though she insisted she did not. He let it slide for the moment.

Étie left for school, excited for this new experience, though still unsure about leaving his mother. She assured him, however, that this was good for him, being around those like himself. She had always worried about why he didn't want to go and play with the other neighborhood children. It was only after his mother reassured him that she'd be waiting for his return did he leave with less doubts.

Barely a few months in and his world basically disappeared. This whole time warp business left him an orphan and in a much more cruel Wizarding world to half-bloods and muggleborns. Still, Etienne persevered. He let no one see his tears and kept mostly to himself and the occasional muggleborn. He worked harder in his coursework and excelled in school. He wouldn't let others mock his mother's blood flowing through him like it was a curse. Still, with one parent never being able to return, and feeling so alone, Étie began to wonder about this wizard father of his. In his spare time, he began to research about finding blood relations through some sort of charm, hoping beyond hope that maybe he had someone still. Alas, such a spell, if there was one, was not meant to be found. But luckily enough for Étie,  the librarian must have found a fondness for him and stated there might just be some information in his student file.

When Etienne found out his father was English, that he was the bastard child of some Pureblood, he took it as an opportunity to leave France. He no longer felt France was home anyways. Plus with the war looming closer and closer, France was unsafe for him all around. Though England might have been perhaps even worse than France in their segregation of muggleborns and half-bloods, Etienne was determined to make it there. The librarian, such a kind-hearted stepping stone for Étie, helped him apply for a transfer to Hogwarts, and even gave him money for his new expenses.

A fresh start, that's what Étie was really looking for.


House Request:

As a child Etienne never quite felt the need to befriend every person he met. Perhaps this had to do with his mother being extra friendly to strangers in order to get more money for them to have food on the table. In school he kept to himself, though had a few friends he was happy to see and speak with while there. At the café with his mother, he was polite to customers until they got too close to his mother. When he was smaller the "accidental" clumsy spills of coffee and brushing of mops along their feet could be overlooked, but eventually his mother told him to stay behind the register and not step out any longer.

After his mother disappeared, Etienne. Just closed himself off from feeling those good happy feelings he used to have. He would talk to people, but kept conversations short, impersonal, and apathetic. When he did have a reaction, it was usually one of anger, disgust, or scorn. While he was one of the the best in his classes, because he was a half-blood, his skills were judged more. Etienne developed a bit of an ego due to his skills, though he didn't boast with words, just always wanted to one-up anyone who dared to do better. This actually made him work harder to perfect each charm skill he learned. After all, if one cannot back up their ego, one should not have one at all.

Etienne grew up looking quite effeminate, with wide blue eyes and pale alabaster skin. If his hair weren't cut short, he would surely have been mistaken for a girl often. He was quite a pretty child, which made him able to get away with his shenanigans towards the customers.

As he got older though, his face elongated and his hair was cut shaggy and boyish. Étie became quite 'hot' as the girls a pretty hot school said, though they always sighed at his muggle heritage. His pale skin stayed, though with dustings of freckles. His chestnut hair darkened to a mahogany hue which in turn made his blue eyes brighten even more. He stood at 5'7" and growing. His body was still slender with wiry muscles. He ate little at the orphanage and wanted to to remain dignified at school. Étie refused to be seen as a poor boy who lost his mother, though he was. He wasn't much into quidditch or physical activity though he did do manual labor for his her biology class. His mother had loved growing things things and it made him feel close to her.


Etienne turned around at the cry to stop. He saw what he assumed to be a reporter, seeing as she had said something about a newspaper. Once he had heard the question however, Étie looked at the girl with disdain.

"You must be joking." Étie dead-panned with a quirk of his brow. He wasn't quite sure if the girl knew he was from France and was just making fun of him or if she honestly was just plain dumb in asking him without knowing. Given that she was a 'journalist', she should have known of his French origins or at least of Étie's signature intolerance to almost everyone. She really lived up to the term 'dumb blonde'.

While Etie usually chose not to speak with these Englishmen (not because he was still trying to rid his accent when speaking English, but because they weren't worth his time), he decided decided to grace the dumb girl with an retort. If only because the question was so idiotic and the opportunity to provide a scathing comment was presenting itself wrapped well in pretty packaging.

"I shouldn't be surprized. Vat with the English closing their borderz on French refugees, I waz only waiting for a comment like this." Etienne then gestured to her quill and parchment. "Now you are either a very incompetent reporter for not realizing you are speaking to a Frenchman, or you are a very prejudiced English woman. Doezn't matter becauze you have already committed the gravest error, which which is speaking to me, interrupting my valuable time with your useless mockery. Excuse me now as I stop allowing you to disturb my otherwize pleazant day."

As Etienne was walking away, he couldn't help but add, "Also frog legs are delicious. Ignorant Englishmen." That last part was of course spoken in French.


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Felix Oliveroot-Leontine

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Hello Etienne and welcome to HS.net! Any friend of Felix is a friend of ours!

Your app is coming along nicely, however there are two things that need fixing. The first is really simple, and the second is just a bit of a timeline issue.

First, it seems you missed marking how you want us to see Etienne as a Pureblood, Halfblood, Muggleborn, and Unknown. From your app it looks that he is a Halfblood (Muggle mother and Pureblood father), but that's for you to tell us!

Secondly, I am so glad that you picked up on the Time Warp and what it involved. However, your timing is a bit off with our timeline. The warp took place in 1974-1937, so any first years at the time, unless they weren't promoted to the next year, would have just graduated last term with the Class of '43. However, you requested that Etienne be a 4th or 5th year. Perhaps you could request 6th or 7th year (it could be likely he missed a year or two with all the changes going on in his life) OR edit his backstory a bit to reflect that the warp happened prior to his attending school.

If it would help, the Beauxbatons school was destroyed during the 1939-1940 school year. If he was a first year when that happened, then he'd be an incoming 5th year this term (again, likely that he may have missed a year of school if you'd like to keep 4th year as a request).

If you could make just those changes and re-post you app when finished, that would be amazing and we'll take another look!

- Aubrey

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