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Charlotte Winters

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Name: Charlotte Winters

Birthday: September 5th, age fifteen

Hometown: London.

Bloodline: Muggleborn

Magical Strength (pick one): Charms
Magical Weakness (pick one): Divination 

Year (pick two):  4th or 5th

Biography: Charlotte was lived in an upstairs apartment over top of a  bakery.  She has one younger sister and two older brothers. One day, the bakery was set aflame. She had to make a choice then, when the only escape was a window about 12 to 14 feet down. She took her sister and jumped. When they hit, Charlotte was on the bottom and her younger sister on top of her. When she noticed where she was, she instantly bolted up, though breaking her wrist, and three ribs, she walked as quickly as she could to the entry of the shop. The flames were too high and covered most the entire shop. But still, she tried to walk in, when two, lanky arms stopped her from entering. When she demanded she had to help her family, the graying man refused to let her enter and had to keep others restraining her as help arrived. She blacked out and when woke, she was told her parents were alright, but both of her brothers were dead.
      After that day she always assumed and anything bad would happen. it was ultimately her fault. She tried as hard as she could to keep others alright, and safe, and would put herself in front of the danger instead. Her parents from that day on started to ignore her and her sister, only focusing on work and making sure to spend the least amount of time they could with the family. Charlotte very quickly off noticed that her parents weren't going to help her sister, so she wasn't exactly sure what to do. 
When she got the letter, she was nervous for her little sister, but promised, she would make her proud anyway she could. She remained calm, and always put her wants and needs lastly, before anyone else's.

House Request: Gryffindor 

Personality: Charlotte is quiet, selfless, brave, and intelligent. She's got a strong personality but, it takes a lot for her to break.  She's got a little anger issues, but can control her anger well. She usually stays quiet, out of people's way, but when something goes wrong she's there in an instant. She likes to help, write and read, and enjoys learning. She dislikes insects, people who are obnoxious  and talk constantly. 
Appearance: Charlotte has medium brown hair that at its ends, are a light blonde she is embarrassed by her thick hair, which ends mid-back, but she feels the need to keep it down. She has light amber-yellow eyes, rosy cheeks and full lips, and is also mildly tan because she enjoys to be outside. She has a thin face, which is shaped like an oval. She's slightly embarrassed by her features, so she likes to keep her hair covering it. Overall, she's actually pretty.
   She is pretty short, only about 5'2, and average strength, maybe a little weaker, but agile and flexible.

Option 2:  Charlotte finished eating and stood, leaving, and walking down the halls. She started to turn when she heard someone calling to her, watching the two figures. Listening to what she asked, she nodded, speaking. "I'm not sure, I suppose it's up to people's tastes, and opinions and if they've grown up on it." She scratched her head, adding on. "I guess if you haven't tried it you can't declare it anything,"  Charlotte thought for a moment, "it seems to be all up for opinions... but, I suppose, for me personally, I'd try it, I mean, why not?" she smiled, shaking her hand, and leaving.
Please list any characters you have  on the site (current and previous): Charlotte Winters, and that's all. I'm new here!

How did you find us?: Google!

* Anneka Ivanova

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Hi Charlotte!

Welcome to our site! Your application is looking good. There's just a couple of things that need to be addressed.

I noticed Charlotte is a muggleborn. That's great. We can always use more of those. However, there was an event that we call the Time Warp that would've effected her. People with muggle family members lost them. You can read more about the Time Warp here and here.

The next thing is very minor. In your RP sample, you had Charlotte walking away at the end. If this were a real thread, you would want to give Astrid a chance to reply again, so it continues for more than two posts.

Please make these changes and post them below. Once you do, we'll be happy to take another look!
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