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Application for Hogwarts School

Name: Adam Iason Carlisle

Birthday: May 2nd 1931

Hometown: Carlisle, Cumbria


Magical Strength (pick one):
Conjuring & Summoning

Magical Weakness (pick one):

Year (pick two): First (please?), Second

They were ignoring him again.

He did not take it personally. This was something he noticed that adults did, but it did not mean he liked it. It was a form of disrespect, and yes he understood what respect was and that it was earned, but he respected his parents. The least they could do was respect him and involve him in the conversation when they were talking about him. Still, he loved them, and again it was not their fault and lecturing them on the subject just would be too much work (and then he’d have to lecture every adult, and that just got tedious). Whenever this happened though, with his parents or with other adults, he waited for a few seconds to listen about what the subject was about. If it was something boring or did not hold his attention he would do a small test to see just how long his current adult guardian would be occupied. If whenever he spoke up, and was able to slip his fingers out of the hand holding him, that meant he could leave. If he couldn’t, then he’d stay and wait like he was supposed to.

He did follow rules, even if they were boring sometimes.

Most of the time, his nanny found herself holding air, while his parents would usually keep their hold on his hand and tell him to wait.

Yet, this was a rare moment in which the conversation they were having was interesting. Not just because it was about him (he already knew what he had done, no reason to listen to others talk about him), but because they were arguing about if they should send him to Hogwarts.

“I think we should wait until the war is over.”

That was his father, Jonathon Carlisle. A Healer with his own private practice, had gone to Hogwarts, and was a Gryffindor a long time ago.

“And how long will that take? We cannot just sequester him away, hiding him from everything.”

His mother, Ramona Pura-dash-Carlisle, had gone to Hogwarts too with his dad, but was in Ravenclaw when she had gone, and was a few years younger.

“I… I don’t know. But, can you blame me for worrying?”

Adam blinked brown eyes up at his father, watching him for a moment. He noticed he always seemed to have a wild look in his eyes as he contemplated things. His mind always worked quickly, but he was slow to respond to questions or to state his opinions because he always second guessed himself. Never wanted to really agitate anyone or cause more trouble than there was. In Adam’s opinion, his father was always worried about something, or someone. Though he supposed it was because he was a Healer. They were supposed to worry about others right?

“No, but Hogwarts is the safest place to be at this time.”

His mother was right (she generally was). Of what he knew about Hogwarts, there was no chance of there of being any danger. Yet, no danger did not mean he would be bored. He would learn a lot of magic, meet a lot of people, and also he would have plenty of adventures. With so many secret passages in the castle, so many places to explore and the Forbidden Forest (which he knew was forbidden, but he heard classes happened there sometimes), just thinking about it created goose bumps on his skin in glee.

“But… The bombs, and you remember what happened to Beauxbatons.”

What had happened to Beauxbatons he had only heard in passing. Whispered conversations by the adults with the look of horror and shock on their faces. He could assume because of their reaction no one expected whatever to have happened to happen to the school, or any magic school to begin with. Yet, the German muggles knew about Wizards. That was the problem.

The bombs were another matter. He knew why his father would be afraid of those things. He had, and was still afraid of them. It was difficult not to be considering that they did not discriminate when it came to who they killed. They destroyed buildings, homes, and people simply with a whistle and finally one impact. Fire, and shrapnel affecting everyone in a certain radius. He had been scared, but when he had gotten separated from his father he knew he should not panic. Should not cower in a corner simply because that looked safe, because doing that would be giving up. Although he knew this, the mention of the bombs made his eyes widen and mouth open in an attempt to speak, a reflex reaction to reassure his parents he would be fine if that happened. He had been fine then. It had been scary, but it had all worked out. He had found his father, and he had recounted his adventure with an excited naiveté hoping to ease his own father’s distress.

Yet, he had to stop himself. His parents were still talking about him and making their decision. If Adam stopped them now, they would not continue until he was gone, then he would not know the outcome.

Taking a deep breath, he attempted to still himself again. To focus on what they were saying and try to predict how the conversation was going. He needed a plan.

“A better reason why he should go. There is no threat at the castle.”

“But what about what happened to Kristoffer and Quincy? What if…”

The trailing off of his father’s words made Adam furrow his brow. His cousin Quincy, and Cousin Kristoffer were different. They were special because they were not like everyone else. They had both disappeared last summer. Kristoffer had appeared at the end of August, but he was different. He had always been the surly sort to begin with, but he was now angry and his hair did not change colors anymore. He was quieter around Adam also. Quincy was the same, quieter but…

Worse somehow.

His cousin Quincy, had reappeared after Christmas. Adam was not quite certain how describe how he knew Quincy was different, but watching him react with everyone else made him want to cry, even though Adam was really happy that Quincy was back. Perhaps he felt like that because Quincy wanted to cry, he knew what his cousin was. Knew that he was an empath and that he could sense people’s emotions, and also able to manipulate them. He did not think Quincy was doing it on purpose which made him even more concerned. Quincy wanted to cry, but he wasn’t.

He should, because if he didn’t then Adam was going to cry, and in the end he had. His tantrum had caused everyone to leave the room, and his cousin Quincy looking remorseful. He probably should have held in his tears like Quincy had, but he could not do it. Not when he could feel Quincy’s pain and everyone else seemed to be ignoring it.

He would have thought everyone would have respected Quincy, or at least give him as much space as he needed. Everyone in the family had thought he had died, except for his Uncle Aloysius who truly believed his son was alive, and he had been right. Uncle Aloysius was one of those sorts that always seemed to be right also, Adam was not sure if it was because he really was or if everyone in the family thought he was.

All he knew was that he needed a way to be right, or at least get this argument to stop. Uncle Aloysius would know how to do it simply with a look. With the concern on his mother’s face growing as she finally looked at him, acknowledging now he was in the room, he could see she was about to apologize. Right at that moment he could tell she was going to agree with his father and say he should stay home this year. He should stay home, and stay safe.

It was then, Adam made a decision. He knew what he would say and he knew it would break his father’s heart and it was rude, but… He was not going to miss out on Hogwarts. He was not going to miss out on that adventure.

“It’s okay da’... I know you’re embarrassed of me.” He kept his face passive as he looked up, his father looking at him a bit shocked. “I mean, I am a bastard. You probably think people will think badly of me because of that, right?” The wild eyed look appeared on his father’s face and he knew the conversation would not take much longer, “I understand.” A bright innocent smile followed as he took his father’s hand and squeezed it.

That made his father sputter, and attempt to reassure Adam that of course was not the case. Attempting to tell Adam that he was only saying those things because he wanted him to be safe. Again with that wide eyed stare at his father, silently watching and waiting for him to finally come to a conclusion.

In the end, his father had been defeated with one statement.

It was horrible and manipulative what he had done, but he did love his father. He would make it up to him later, but he was not going to miss out on his adventure.

Note: This section is optional, and is up to you to complete.

House Request:

Personality: Precocious, always one to ask questions first, even if there is no need to ask questions. Always looking to experience the next big adventure, along with meeting new people Adam is not shy. Getting him to talk is rather easy, and there are moments in which he'll go quiet but mostly it is when he knows he is not part of the conversation or considered. Sometimes he will listen through the full thing and then jump in to remind people he's still there, other times he will wait until they realize (which is not often). Mostly, he will just walk off to find something else to do. If they do not have time for him, then there is no reason he should be there. At first meeting he may seem rather hyperactive, and naive. That is not always the case, but he does not mind if people see him in such a way. That is their opinion, and when he surprises them, he likes their reaction. It makes him feel like a super hero, whenever he is able to make someone gape like he did something spectacular when it was a simple action or statement. He is not the sort that likes to cause distress towards people, especially  in a highly stressful situation so he would try his best to diffuse what he could, and if not then he'd act like he was a knight or a hero from a story attempting to forget what was scary or frightening.

Hogwarts was great so far! Lots of people, lots of things to do, plenty of classes in which he was learning so many different things, it was fantastic. Even better was that he was not the only eleven year old here at Hogwarts. It was not like he had never played with other kids his age, but he would admit that he never thought he could meet so many new faces in one day. He only hoped he would be able to remember everyone’s name while he was here. He was confident he could though, he never had a problem with memorizing people’s names and faces. Of course it was best of they introduced themselves first.


Adam blinked at the girl that had stopped him. Head tilting slightly to the right and then the left before he smiled broadly at her. It was not often he was approached by an older student. At least he assumed she was older.  His hand extending out towards her in a gesture to shake her hand, “Hi! My name is Adam.” A proper introduction was the best way to make a new friend and this girl was part of the paper. The paper was interesting. They always had new stories, and information in there and well it was there for the people to tell the truth (along with entertain if it could). Her question forgotten as he only seemed to focus on the thought that she wrote for the paper, “The Spellbound paper, right? Is that fun? Why did you choose to do an article on frog legs? Is there something insidious about them? I bet there is. Maybe they don’t get them from actual frogs, or like… actually do you know if frogs can grow their legs back? I know there are lizards that can go limbs back. I think it would be rather cool to grow a limb if it got cut off. Actually… I wonder if a metamorphmagus can grow limbs back… I mean they can do a lot of things that lizards can and change color and like…”

He blinked looking at Astrid before smiling back up at her, realizing that he had not really answered her question, and he was going off on a tangent that was far off topic. Giving a giggle he bit his lip, “Sorry… I got excited. You’re pretty and you’re asking me questions. You want to be friends?”


Please list any characters you have on the site (current and previous): B. Foster, Kristoffer Carlisle, all of those peeps and such...

How did you find us?: Recommendation.

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Mr Carlisle ,

Congratulations, your application to Hogwarts School has been accepted. Term begins 01 September, 2014. Currently, students have gathered at Camp Loki. Your admission is joint for both the school and Camp Loki, and we encourage you to spend your summer there. Should you choose, you may also visit our Elsewhere board via the Floo Network to visit or purchase school supplies. We look forward to seeing you at the School.

Isabelle Valentine,
Head of Ravenclaw
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