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Charlene Lexingston

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Name: Charlene Grace Lexingston

Birthday: August 29, 1929

Hometown South London, England

Bloodline: Pureblood

Magical Strength (pick one): Charms

Magical Weakness (pick one): Transfiguration

Year (pick two): 3rd Year or 2nd Year


Up until a year ago, Charlene had been the only daughter of pure-bloods Catherine and David Lexingston. Born in London, she grew up in an upper middle-class household.  Her father worked in the import and export of different magical goods while her mother worked as a healer. Her parents made sure she lived a very comfortable life, and were very supportive of whatever hobby she picked up. Her mother made sure to teach Charlene to be kind to others, to see the goodness in them always. Her parents taught her to be generous, and pushed her to focus on her studies.

Before they could enjoy the life they had now, the Lexingstons were no strangers to hard work. It was through her grandfather and grandmother's labor was Charlene able to have the life she had. Catherine and David Lexingtson hoped that their daughter would one day grow up to be an intelligent and responsible witch.

Having lived near a muggle neighborhood, she did not have many friends growing up. Not that her parents didn't want her to mingle with muggles, but there had been previous incidents when Charlene was too happy playing. They felt that she, and her other playmates, would be safer if she stayed away. Her only real friends were the characters she met in her books, which she spends days reading.

She has a one year old sister named Cornelia who is usually left to the care of their nanny Mrs. Williams.


House Request: Ravenclaw


Everyone who has ever met Charlene would agree that she has a serious mentality. This is quite the opposite of her parents, who were inherently jolly, sometimes too loud for her taste. She rarely smiles, and is too shy to be the first person to say “hi”, which most people misunderstand as being snobbish. But she is actually friendly and kind once people get to know her. She then buries herself in her studies, thinking that her above average grades compensates for what she thinks as her unlikeable ways.

She does not understand when people talk about how graceful and well-mannered she is (though she tries to be) when she thinks she is quite awkward, especially in social situations. She often finds herself saying the wrong things when nervous or scared, which gets her into trouble with her peers.

She fears that she is secretly, fundamentally, not a good person. And that she is only being reminded by her conscience to do the right thing because it had been hard wired into her brain by her mother.

Although her parents taught her not to judge, after meeting all kinds of children her age in Hogwarts, she has made some judgements of her own about people with specific backgrounds, like the muggle-borns, for instance. On her first year at Hogwarts, she found out that most people fit into the stereotypes she found in her books, and was ashamed to see that sometimes she cannot just focus on the good in them.


The first thing that people notice when they meet her  is her bright blue eyes. They scream of her innocence, though some may feel like they are piercing; judging. She has long wavy red hair, a pointy nose, and full lips. She is of average height and has a thin frame.


Option 2:

Charlene decided she was not going to eat any more. Today's selection was good, but there was something in the gravy that made her insides churn. That's what she got from eating in an unladylike manner. She ate too fast, too hungry to patiently chew on her food.

She was up all night trying to finish her fifteen parchment essay on contemporary healers, and slept in until noon. She was so hungry from missing dinner and breakfast that she didn't pay much attention to the suspicious looking saucer filled with mushroom and gravy.

She cupped her right hand over her mouth and tried to let out the most quiet burp she could, suppressing a gag. She glanced around to check if anyone noticed. Nope. Everyone was still buzzing about the Quidditch game. Charlene stood up and gathered her things, delicately putting her books into her bag. She had been planning to spend the afternoon alone in her room, tucked under the sheets, reading Modern Magical History. She really was not in the mood to celebrate with her housemates.

She had been walking in the corridor, heading towards the dorm when she heard someone call out, “Hey!”

Already feeling completely nauseated, she picked up her pace.

"Wait up! It’s for the paper!”

Panic struck her as she tried to ignore the melodic voice. “Not now,” she thought, gagging and coughing as the older student caught up with her.

“What do you think about serving frog legs at lunch? Some say it’s a delicacy, but others think it’s plain gross.”

Frogs. Slime. Eww.

“I d---bleeaaargh”

She held on to the older student's robes and started to gag and heave.
That was how her lunch, thick and creamy, ended up all over Astrid Bixby's robes and parchment. She saw bits of what had once been chicken and mushroom drop from the parchment in Astrid's hand to the floor.

Her once pale face turned red  as she tried to give Astrid an apologetic look. She felt a lot better but did not trust herself to open her mouth again. If only she knew how to do unspoken spells.


Previous Characters (if applicable): None

How did you find us?: I googled Harry Potter RPG
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Ms Lexingston,

Congratulations, your application to Hogwarts School has been accepted. Term begins 01 September 2014. Currently, students have gathered for Summer at Camp Loki. Your admission is joint for both the school and Camp Loki, and we encourage you to spend your summer there. Should you choose, you may also visit our Elsewhere board via the Floo Network to visit or purchase school supplies. We look forward to seeing you at the School.

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