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Lilla Cadwallader

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Application for Hogwarts School

Lilla Cadwallader

2 August 1931

Monmouthshire, Wales


Magical Strength (pick one):

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Year (pick two):
First, then Second. But FIRST.

"It's here! It's here! It's finally here!" her screams rang through the halls of the Cadwallader home. Lilla had been waiting by the door each and every day for weeks, waiting for her letter to arrive. Today was the day. It finally came.

Her celebratory running ended as she reached the dinning room where her twin brothers, Torin and Tavish were enjoying a late afternoon snack. The pair would be entering their fifth year at Hogwarts, and she was glad that after four years she would finally be able to join them.

As she read over her welcome letter though, several questions filled her brain. She was naturally inquisitive, and as luck would have it her brothers were in her presence to answer them.

"Can I ask you both a few questions about Hogwarts?"

Torin responded by rubbing his chin. As per usual, Tavish looked at her with his normal dumbfounded expression.

"I'll take that as a yes." She knew she wouldn't be bothering them. Where most older brothers look at a younger sister as burdensome and annoying, Torin and Tavish took really good care of her.

"So what house do you think I'll be sorted into?"

Torin was first to respond. "Ravenclaw." It had to be her inqusitive nature that led him to that decision. Tavish agreed with his slightly older twin, but added that she might be sorted into Hufflepuff. "You're kinda Puffy."

Tavish poked her. His normal way of showing affection. She rubbed the spot where his finger had just been playfully, pretending that she had been hurt. "Thanks for that, I think." She was responding more to the Hufflepuff comment than the poke, but either could apply.

"What's Hogwart's like?"

She had heard all sorts of stories about the school from her brothers, and she couldn't wait until she got to experience it all first hand. She knew all about the start of term feast and the sorting ceremony that she would have to take place it. It was all a little nerve racking. She didn't like to be the center of attention, and sitting on a stool at the front of the Great Hall with all eyes on her would definitely be a moment in the spotlight.

Tavish was the first to jump on this question. "Boring. I sleep through it mostly, so ..." He trailed off, but it sounded like him.

Torin responded next. "It's mostly full of idiots but we'll show you the right people to get to know." Lilla hoped that Torin's statement wasn't all that true. She was always the type of person to think good about everybody until they proved her wrong. She appreciated that her brother would attempt to help her get started with the right circle of friends, but she wanted to be able to pick some friends on her own as well.

"What's there to do for fun?" was her next question.

"Sno--um, Quidditch is okay," came Torin's response. Lilla didn't really catch the first part of his answer, though his response was followed by a snort from Tavish. Perhaps she hadn't caught it because she wasn't really sure where Torin was going with it.

Lilla didn't really think she'd make much of a Quidditch player. Nothing about the sport really appealed to her. Of course, she loved to watch it and would attend matches to show support for whatever house she ended up in but she never would picture herself as a player.

Tavish also recommended Duelling with his response. Lilla didn't see herself as much of a dueller either. Firing spells at people you hardly knew, or even worse, your best friend. She couldn't do it. That wasn't her. Perhaps there were some other activities at the school with which she could get involved.

"What classes should I take?"

She should have guessed how the boys would respond, each of them recommending to her their own strength. Lilla knew that every which and wizard started out with a subject that they really excelled at, and early indications were that she shared a strength in Charms with Tavish. She was a little taken aback though that the twins would recommend classes to her that they would be taking. "You'd actually be seen with me at the castle?"

Torin replied first. "Yes, of course. All the girls will find you adorable." Always the hidden agenda with that one. Tavish was quick to add, "But if any boys find you adorable I will personally have to have a talking with them." Lilla was still a bit too young to be looking at boys in that way, and the thought never occurred to her that the boys were now looking at girls in 'that way'.

Torin reached out and messed with her hair. She batted his hand away before attempting to finger-comb the rat's nest her had created in her hair. She pretended to hate when he or Tavish did things like that, but deep down she really liked it, as it showed they cared about her.

A question about professors led to Torin's warning about the Transfiguration professor. Tavish agreed that Crow was pretty scary, that he might turn someone into a bug just for laughs.

"Professor's can't really do that, can they?" At first there was silence, which scared Lilla a little bit. Perhaps she didn't want to take Transiguration with Torin. Torin ooked to Tavish before looking back at Lilla. "No. I mean, they don't usually."

It was the word 'usually' that scared her. Perhaps she had asked enough questions for now.

Note: This section is optional, and is up to you to complete.

House Request: Hufflepuff, or Ravenclaw

Personality: Lilla is a highly energetic 11 year-old girl. She is very inquisitive, which makes her the perfect candidate for a Ravenclaw. However, it is her innocent, outgoing nature that shines through everything else, perhaps making her more suited for Hufflepuff as it seems like the most well-rounded house. She tends to be a little over-emotional, even though that seems a typical trait for a pre-teen girl.

While Lilla was not a huge Quidditch fan, she couldn't turn down going to this year's championships game with her friends. It seemed like the entire school had witnessed what some students were claiming to be 'the biggest upset in Hogwarts history', and it seemed like the entire school had left the Quidditch pitch and headed straight to the Great Hall.

Lilla had been having a conversation with her friends when she saw James, out of the corner of her eye, flop down at the end of her table. She hadn't been at the school long enough to know if this loss really was the worse in Hogwarts history, but she did figure that it had to be pretty embarrassing to have missed the shot the way he had and lose their house the championship. The championship that they had won for the last three years.

Lilla continued her conversation, unrelated to the Quidditch match though it seemed like that all everyone else in the Great Hall was talking about, with her friends. Suddenly, the table next to them - the winning team's table - erupted into a loud chant and Lilla watched as James got up from the table and stormed off.

She didn't know much about the boy, except that he was in her house, but she felt like at this moment in time he needed someone to talk to. Excusing herself from the table, she followed him out of the Great Hall and down the corridor.

"WHAT! Haven't you ever seen a loser before? Why don't you just take a picture!"

She was a little taken aback when he yelled at her. She had only been a few paces behind him, but he stopped her in her tracks and she took a few steps away from him in case he decided to physically lash out.

"I'm not here to take a picture of you, and I don't think of you as a loser. I'm just here if you want to talk, so do you?"


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