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Author Topic: *raises hand awkwardly*  (Read 521 times)

Ryszard R. B. Diederich

    (10/08/2014 at 08:50)
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1)Is it still possible to claim the Gringotts Points from the previous term?
2)Does the half-blood creation thing still stand? <:3

And may I have the following characters added to my account? :,D
~Caspian Koenig
~Corentine Thorne
~Cordelia Heidenrich
~Aethelreld Cadwallader
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Gabrielle A Renard

    (10/08/2014 at 11:13)
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Well, the announcement says ...

To promote a wider variety of characters at the castle, Gringotts is offering the following special:

50 Gringotts Points

for applying a Muggleborn or Halfblood student, OOC April 1 - 30

So I don't believe that offer still stands. It was offered until April 30th.

(Plus the thread in question is in 'Gringotts Archives' forum. ;) )

Of course, someone more in the know can correct me. <3
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* B. Foster

    (10/08/2014 at 16:14)
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Your question has been asked before, and here is the answer from one of our Admins:

Unfortunately, we do not offer points for past terms so you'll have to start fresh, but there's plenty of opportunities to earn points!