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Raasiel Albear

    (30/07/2014 at 07:47)
Hello! So, I just signed up a couple of days ago. Some of you saw me in the chat as Asher Nicolosi; since he'll require a Special thingy application, I'm going to play Ra'asiel as a student for a bit first so that we can all get used to each other. :) 

Anyways, I have been reading up on as much as I could get my hands on, but I have a couple of questions still. Most of them pertain to the Harry Potter genre/world, because I tend to be very detail-oriented with my bios. I apologize in advance, because I have a lot of questions, and there probably aren't canon answers to a lot of them. >.>;

I'll keep some stuff vague so no surprises are ruined, but I can private message additional details if needed. ^_^

1. How do transfer students work? For example, if I wanted Ra'as to come into Hogwarts at a 3rd or 4th year level, after having begun schooling elsewhere, how would this be handled? Do they participate in the Sorting ceremony that 1st years do, or are they sorted separately? Are they introduced to the House dormitories with the other students their age (since the rooms seem to be divided by year)?

2. Is it okay to play a pureblood with a hereditary disease? My thought here is that some families might be as particular about keeping their purebloodedness that they ended up like many royal families that did the same. I know this is sort of touched on in the books with regards to insanity in the Black family, but how would diseases be handled? Are genetic disorders a moot point because of the existence of magic, or are they merely managed because magic doesn't seem to alter genetics?

3. I would like to know more about the boundaries of what themes can be explored on this site as a whole. For example, alternate genders or transgendered individuals, non-hetero. sexualities, etc. While sex is obviously not an appropriate theme for the PG-13ish nature of the site, even children can begin exploring their identities, and anyone can get a crush or even go on dates, making these kind of relevant. I don't know if I will be exploring these themes with this character, but it's good to know for future reference, if nothing else. :)

4. Okay, this one is a big rules-based one. Magic. I don't get the Magical Rules. Are the points that you put into them your effective level in those skills? I.e., 13 points into Divination, for example, would effectively be level 13 and anything higher would require the Special powers application for? Is that correct?
Going off of the theme of Magical Rules - How do you manage Potions, Herbology, etc? Are these purely role-played out?

Whoever ends up dealing with this, let me just thank you now, because I definitely did not intend for this to be complicated. >.>; On that note, though, Rooster/Ciel (who is offline as I write this) told me that I would be assigned a Mentor, but I don't think that's happened yet because no one has messaged me. I know you guys are getting ready for Summer term and all of the applications coming in, so it's no worry, just thought I'd bring it up just in case I fell through the cracks. lol


    (30/07/2014 at 18:19)
Since you’re mine, I’ll take this.

1. As an older student, you will not participate in the Sorting. That is for the babies, let them have their day. If you’re transferring a student from another school, or even homeschooling, they’d have met with the Headmistress prior to the Opening Feast ceremony. Think of it like switching schools in real life, you’d need to get everything done before the start of school. This meeting is where you’ll be Sorted, by the hat and all. 

For the dormitories, it’s probably be left until the day he came to school. Surprise and all, but that’s how it works for most students. They put their trunks on the train, and they end up in their dorm.

2. You’d be correct to think that there is a lot of inbreeding within the Pureblood world. That’s also true within the canon verse. I think, with the case of many Pureblood families, muggle disorders are not very prevalent. I believe there are some magical ailments that might touch on this issue, but it might require more research and perhaps another mod’s opinion.  I do, however, think that issues being passed down through the years is valid in Pureblood families, like you said, in the case with the Blacks.

3. We have a very vast range of characters with differencing sexualities and genders. I believe, we’ve had it all, and I myself play a few of them. We are an open and accepting community, at the first and forefront. That said, our world is set in the 1940s. Transgendered was not a word at this point, sexuality was not explored, at least not in the public eye. To be gay was considered a crime, and pursing could have consequences in character.  Check out this thread to give you a better idea of what it might have been like for these characters.

4. You are correct. What you are missing is the key point, however, that Magical Levels can be earned. If you brought in a student as a first year, their levels might look like C1, D2, T1, S0. You can’t do much, but you can always make the attempt. Take Charms for example. As a rule, we say you might be able to perform a spell magic a level above your own, but can perform all the spells at your levels range. (So, all the levels at 1.) As you take classes, participate in extra activities, you gain more levels. You can even continue earning levels into adult hood. However, if you are seeking levels above and beyond the realm of normal, such anything 15+ than yes, a Special Request is required.

Anything other classes, like Potions and Herbology, are just played out. You can be as good as you want, so long as you’re not making Potions no one else can make. It’s all within reason, and we give our players space to explore that.

5. Baby, you will get a mentor once you’re profile gets approved, no worries. We don’t let new babies fall through the cracks.
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Raasiel Albear

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Ahahaha! Thank you for that. XD And thank you for putting up with me. <3