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Flannery Family

The Flannery family is Halfblood and Irish, Mrs. Flannery being a witch while her husband was born a squib. They aren’t particularly wealthy, in fact, they often pass down school supplies rather then buying new things. They’re a humble family who’d rather give then receive. Mrs. Flannery was born to a pureblood family in Ireland and married her husband despite the wishes of her family. Her parents weren’t exactly welcoming to the idea of having halfblood children in their family, however, the pureblood side of the family are often there to help fund the children’s school supply fee’s without much complaint. They tend to avoid the conflicts in the wizarding word, preferring to remain neutral in the war between pure and tainted blood. All children born into the family tend to have light hair and are often sorted into Hufflepuff, however there have been a few exceptions.

The Siblings

Murtagh Alaric Flannery
Murtagh graduated from Hogwarts with high N.E.W.Ts and soon became an Unspeakable in the ministry. He’s rather laid back and quite secretive. He isn’t particularly fond of making strong bonds with others and rarely visits his family. He was quite the rebel during his days in Hogwarts and had been know to cast nasty spells on his classmates. He’s isn’t a bad person, however struggles to fit in well as he really isn’t social. He grew closer to his sisters over the years, often sending them owls and gifts from his travels.

| Aaron Paul | 25| Ravenclaw

Lorcan Blaise Flannery
Lorcan graduated and was soon researching magical creatures in Bulgaria. He married a half veela woman during his travels and is now expecting his first child. Lorcan is pleasant to be around and quick to make jokes. He’s extremely talkative, however rivals his older brother in brains. He is quite close to his family, eager to spend time with them and visiting home as often as possible. He was a fantastic Quidditch player in his days, close to playing for Ireland’s national team, however his love for animals led him on a different path.

| Tom Felton | 22| Hufflepuff

Aiden Francis Flannery
Aiden had his eyes set on prefect position since he first received his Hogwarts letter. The boy is extremely bright, however rather lazy and has tendencies to sleep over the alarm clock. He’s the oldest boy currently living in Ireland with his siblings and considers himself their role model. He can be a huge pain to be around, often bragging and boasting about his victories to his younger siblings. He’s rather awkward and isn’t exactly a ladies man either. Outside of his household, he’s shy and stutters a bit. During his fifth year, he was late for the train and missed it, which forced him to send a terribly embarrassing letter to the headmaster over acquiring new transportation.

| Hunter Parrish | 17| Hufflepuff

Padraic Connor Flannery
Pad grew quite popular with the ladies during his years in Hogwarts. He is constantly teased by his sisters for having three girlfriends at one time, and he paid dearly for it. He’s arrogant and vain, thinking highly of himself. He isn’t as bright as he’s siblings and tends to lean towards having a social life over high O.W.Ls. He lives to prank others and bullies his older brother, Aiden for being a fancy git. He’s easy going and has a decent sense of humor. He doesn’t take things seriously and disregards rules. Pad is often seen with cigarettes and hanging around with shady people.

| Xavier Samuel | 16| Gryffindor

Kyra Gineva Flannery
Kyra and Jude are inseparable. Kyra was born three minutes after her sister and tends to be the more girly one out of the two. She’s boy obsessed and pays quite a lot of attention on her looks, spending hours getting ready. She’s the more responsible twin and isn’t fond of breaking many rules, leaving her sister to that. She is quite the gossiper and rather catty, making friends with those who she deems worthy of her company. Jude tends to smack her sister rather often when Kyra starts acting a bit too arrogant. The twins hardly fight, even though they seem to be the complete opposite to each other. Jude and Kyra balance each other out, both influencing each other differently.

| Kristina Bazan | 15| Hufflepuff

Phineas Tate Flannery
Finn is the family baby, adored by most of his siblings and friends. He’s friendly and acts kindly towards other. He tends to look up to his brother, Pad with regards to rule breaking. He’s a daredevil and gets into tons of trouble, however almost never getting into trouble. He’s particularly good at talking his way out of things with a silver tongue and learning from his siblings. He’s relatively bright, doing well in his classes.

| Ansel Elgort | 12| Gryffindor

Character development is most welcome and FC's are open, however please stick to lighter hair colors. I'd love for them to be adopted and played for the upcoming school year! Thank you <3 Reading Jude's app is advisable as her family is discussed in detail there. Message me if you are interested in any of the characters and we can talk.

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