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The Lancasters are a large family who are generally placed in Ravenclaw, though there have been quite a few exceptions over the years. They are also known for their strength in Summoning magic and most have inherited startlingly blue eyes. The main family estate is located just outside of Whitstable, in Kent, on the coast. The Lancasters can trace their line back to the Wars of the Roses, and to this day continue to quarrel with a certain other pureblooded family. Bloody idiots if you ask us.

whitstable branch

sebastian aurelius lancaster
90 • Ravenclaw • Wizengamot
FC: Ian McKellen
The current head of the Lancaster Estate, Bastian is an outwardly severe man with a soft spot for his family. He is currently serving as the family's representative in the Wizengamot.

marcus ambrose lancaster
68 • Ravenclaw • Diplomat
FC: Anthony Stewart Head
The first son of Sebastian, Marcus is next in line to take ownership of the Lancaster Estate.

sarah lillian lancaster
68 • Ravenclaw • Ministry of Magic
Suggested FC: Debra Jo Rupp
Sarah (Parker) Lancaster is the wife of Marcus Lancaster. She works at the Ministry of Magic; other details up to player.

stephen julian lancaster
46 • Squib • Up to Player
Suggested FC: Jesse Tyler Ferguson
The first and only son of Marcus and Sarah Lancaster, Stephen was first in line to inherit the Estate until he did not receive a Hogwarts letter, revealing that he was a squib. As it would be inappropriate and embarrassing for a squib to be in charge of a pureblood family like the Lancasters, the inheritance will pass over Stephen to his younger cousin, William.

amelia rose tibble
46 • Hufflepuff • Ministry of Magic
FC: Elizabeth Banks
Ami is the twin sister to Stephen, but unlike her brother, she is not a squib. She is married to Sedulus Tibble and has two children ages 20 and 17.

london branch

mildred henrietta lancaster
66 • Ravenclaw • Widowed
Suggested FC: Lily Tomlin
Mildred is the widow of the late Arthur Lancaster, younger brother to Marcus, killed while serving as an auror in 1911.

charity mae lancaster
43 • Ravenclaw • Marital status & occupation up to player
Suggested FC: Constance Zimmer
Charity is the eldest of five, daughter of the late Arthur Lancaster and his wife, Mildred.

william clarence lancaster
42 • Ravenclaw • Librarian
FC: Ryan Reynolds
William is the second child and first son of Arthur and Mildred Lancaster. After it was discovered that Marcus' only son, Stephen, was a squib, William became the next in line for the inheritance, something he was wholly unprepared for. Will is under a lot of pressure from the rest of the family to marry a pureblood and have a son.

rose beatrice lancaster
40 • Marital Status, House, & Occupation up to player
Suggested FC: Cobie Smulders
Rose is the third child of Arthur and Mildred Lancaster.

oliver sebastian lancaster
38 • Married • House & Occupation up to player
Suggested FC: Jamie Bamber
Oliver is the fourth child of Arthur and Mildred Lancaster

korbin lucas lancaster
36 • Married • House & Occupation up to player
Suggested FC: Andy Samberg
Korbin is the fifth and youngest child of Arthur and Mildred Lancaster.

Hogwarts age Lancasters coming soon! If you have a name/age in mind, please post here or PM Viola Vane!

Also post here or PM to claim! c:

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