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One cannot begin without a proper genealogy.

Father's line:
Sir Cavin Goodman the Scrivner (1794 - 1909). Irma's pureblood great-grandfather (or Great-great-grandfather on her father's side), an official scribe of the Ministry.  His speed and accuracy with important documents pertaining to Magical/Muggle affairs during the First Anglo-Ashanti War led to him being knighted by King George IV in 1826 and granted a small parcel of land near Fingringhoe, Essex.  This land turned out to be a marsh, almost unliveable even by wizard standards.  He quietly married Tamerina Jarrow, the pure-blood daughter of the mayor of Fingringhoe, giving the land he'd just been granted back to its former caretaker as dowry.  They had two sickly children, Cavin II and Colin.  Sir Cavin returned to Wizarding London and his job with the Ministry with his wife and children in tow.  Later, Sir Cavin had an affair with an intern, a Halfblood witch named Beulah Carlington.  They produced Irma's grandmother, Georgette.  Shortly after Georgette's birth, Beulah died in a horrible Floo accident (back in the days before the Floo Network was regulated by the Ministry).  Georgette was adopted into the Scrivner family.

Colin Scrivner (1830 - ). Younger son of Sir Cavin and half-brother to Georgette.  Attempted a career as a scribe, but his poor penmanship and even poorer health kept him from succeeding.  Married at a young age to (even younger) pureblood witch Devina Lacedonia, and they had eleven children.

Darren Scrivner (1862 - 1911). Grandson of Sir Cavin. Member of the Aurors.  Married pureblood Edna Troideux, and had twin children, Marlestowe and Edelbert, though Edelbert died at birth.  Darren was killed during the IWW.

Marlestowe Scrivner(1899 -). Great-grandson of Sir Cavin.  Chief publicist for the Puddlemere United Quidditch team.  Married Anise Barleycorn in 1930.

Mother's line:
Beulah Carlington (1822 - 1843). Half-blood witch (of a muggleborn and a muggle) who weaseled her way into the Ministry, had an affair with her boss, gave birth to a love-child, and quietly died in a horrific Floo accident.

Georgette Barleycorn (Fitz-scrivner) (1843 - 1909). Illegitimate daughter of Sir Cavin and Beulah Carlington.  Adopted into the Scrivner line.  Showed great promise as an official scribe in the Ministry.  Later married her pureblood boss Reophan Barleycorn, and produced two children- Finella and Anise.

Anise Scrivner (Barleycorn) (1901 -). Granddaughter of Sir Cavin. Novelist.  Married Marlestowe Scrivner in 1930.

Her father is her second cousin on her mother's side, while her mother is her 1st cousin (twice removed) on her father's side.  She is her own 2nd cousin (once removed).

I'm not really looking for adoptions, though if you feel the urge to dig in and do so, I'm happy to oblige.  This is more for the purpose of filling in holes in her family tree, and making connections to other families on the board.  With the exception of Finella Barleycorn, all of the people mentioned are pureblood.

Here are some more distant relations that could be connected to other families.  Remember that if you are connecting a female to the tree by marriage, she will likely lose her family name (to Scrivner), though later generations could change it further.  We have:
    - a wife of Cavin II Scrivner (P), born somewhere in the 1840s.  They may have had children (that you might be related to).
    -ten (10!) siblings of Darren Scrivner (P) (and/or their spouses).  These are intentionally left vague gender-wise to allow maximum compatibility with existing genealogies.  They could be born anywhere from 1863 (a year after Darren) to 1915 (the year their mother died).
    -a husband for Finella Barleycorn (H), Irma's aunt.  I was thinking of leaving her a spinster bachlorette, but if you've got an opening for a connection, I'm all ears.

I spent a little time looking up period attire/faces (so not modern face claims) for the older generations.  Feel free to suggest new ones.
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* Irma Wolffe

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Again, I'm not trying to sell off/give away relatives/babies- I'm trying to establish connections with other families (esp. purebloods).

Here is an updated list of relationships.  Cavin II's branch is too remote to consider at this point.  Finella Barleycorn is going to be a spinster.  I'm focusing on Irma's paternal grandfather's siblings (the children of Colin).

The format is:
Male Name(birth year) m(arried). Female NameUnderlined names are people who have not been claimed as a relation.

Darren(1862) m. Edna Troideaux (potential opening with her relatives)  Irma's Paternal Grandfather and Nan.
Artur(1864) - open.
Guendolen(1866) - open.
Buckley(1871) m. Arlene Turnblatt. Grandparents of Cormac MacKenzie.
Quintus(1876) - open.
Heledd(1877) m. Cadogan Cadwallader.  Parents to an entire branch of Cads, including granddaughter Lamia Cadwallader.
Tegvyan(1878) m. Hubert Detweiler.
Winthrop(1880) - open. The fat twin.
Winslow(1880) - open. The thin twin.
Nesta(1885) m. Norman Lancaster.  Parents of Allen and Charlotte Lancaster, and grandparents of Emerson Vartan.
Milton(1887) - open.

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Here are the IC relations of Irma Scrivner as of 5/26/2016:

Cormac McKenzie (2nd Cousin)
Cadogan Cadwallader (Great great uncle)
Eirian, Iefan, and Lamia Cadwallader (2nd cousins)
Ars Cadwallader (1st Cousin, once removed)
Emerson Vartan (2nd Cousin)
Jamie Duncan (3rd Cousin, once removed) [through Tamarina Jarrow, wife of Cavin Goodman the Scrivner, head of the clan]
Claus Heinrich (3rd Cousin, once removed) [through Cavin II Scrivner, first son of Cavin Goodman the Scrivner]
Byron 'Brick' Dumay (3rd Cousin, once removed) [also 4th cousin, once removed through her paternal Great Great Grandmother's father]

If I missed someone, let me know?
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